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Trudeau Humiliated after Social Media PR Video Backfires



Justin Trudeau was called out by everyone for being “out of touch” with his latest tone deaf PR video.

Trudeau emerged to grace Canadians with a Twitter video chock full of empty promises and sheer obliviousness to the struggles of renters and home buyers alike.

In his sad attempt to seem “relatable,” Trudeau claimed upcoming budget measures will make renting “fairer” – as if previous rental rates and credit score tweaks will magically solve the supply shortage throttling the market.

Canadians saw through the superficial proposals that are not addressing the root causes of the housing crisis like increased immigration and the rising inflation.

And even when Trudeau is being warned ahead of time about his harmful and useless policies, he chooses to ignore any voice of reason to posture about how he is saving Canada. And now the consequences of his corruption are catching up to him in real time.

Maybe one day Canadians will be truly saved from the likes of Trudeau.

Trudeau and his Sad Attempt at PR

In the wake of the disastrous housing crisis Canada is going through; where hard working Canadians cannot afford one of the most basic human necessities in a secure and personal home, Canada’s very serious and obviously very competent prime minister, Justing Trudeau, posted a tone deaf video on twitter to garner cheap support and praise.

In the sad attempt at a video aiming to be received well, Trudeau claimed that upcoming budget measures will make renting “fairer.”

Trudeau’s suggestions to make the renting process much easier for hard working Canadians looking to lead a stable and successful life include allowing inane quirks like renters having the ability and freedom to see previous rental rates and how much previous tenants spent in order to facilitate negotiating much better deals.

Trudeau also proposed allowing rent payments to count towards credit scores. All in a weak attempt by the prime minister to give a “leg up” to renters who are looking into the future and planning to buy a house. As if the credit score is the only possible blockade for young Canadians trying to purchase a place to call home.

Before we start dissecting everything wrong with the “ambitious” word vomit Trudeau has spilt all over hard working and young Canadians, let us take a moment to observe the response that this vain PR stunt has garnered in terms of changing people’s opinions on Trudeau and his policies. Surely everyone hailed him as the saviour of Canada and cried out for him to serve as prime minister forever, right?

Trudeau was not Ready for the Onslaught

Well, as you would have probably expected by now, many Canadians found Trudeau’s proposals to be out of touch with the realities facing renters today, let alone the fact that his silly little “reforms” would impact the housing market in a positive way.

Pierre Poilievre for example simply resorted to taunting Trudeau by using his own words against him and dubbing it “life in Canada according to Trudeau”

Other Canadians, who also happen to be renters and are in the thick of it when it comes to the housing market, unlike Trudeau who only likes to pretend to meet with the common folk and understand them, argued that seeing previous rents is nothing more than what it already is at face value, useless leverage in a time when supply is so constrained.

With bidding wars so common in Canada today, landlords have absolutely no reason to negotiate downwards to accommodate the needs of someone who can’t afford the property as is.

No sensible landlord is going to charge anything less than asking price in a housing crisis. But maybe Trudeau should focus on driving down inflation and not implement stupid and unnecessary taxes like the carbon tax, so that the economy stabilises and landlords don’t have to increase the prices further and further.

Another point that was contested was the credit score one, where Trudeau did as much as he could to convince Canadians that this a net positive when the time comes to purchase a family home.

Canadians contend that credit scores are irrelevant when rental rates make it impossible to even begin to save for a down payment anyway.

How come Trudeau thinks they would easily pass the mortgage stress tests anyway? Did Trudeau just up and forget about everything else needed for a mortgage?

We talked about this before but it never hurts to repeat for incompetent leaders that are either unable to listen or unable to learn.

Banks don’t just check your credit score when you apply for a mortgage payment; banks check you purchasing history, your monthly salary, how much you have saved and how much you have spent; all of this and more just to draw up a fiscal history that will inform them if you are an individual that is capable of consistently paying for the mortgage without missing a single month.

So all of these requirements, including the down payment, and Trudeau still thinks renting payments adding to a credit score will be the saving grace for young Canadians. No policies to address inflation, No policies and reforms to address affordability, No actual helping hand to hard working Canadians.

Who Will Address the Roots?

Trudeau continues to ignore and ignore the desperate pleas of Candians wanting him to just focus on the root causes of issues like the aforementioned housing shortage.

His government imposes excessive regulations that stifle new construction, and his immigration policies fuel demand without ensuring adequate housing gets built.

These are the issues that need to be addressed for the housing crisis to dwindle down and for rent rates to stabilise.

But Trudeau is definitely not looking to stomp out this issue any time soon. The evidence was already public to every Canadian earlier this year when documents obtained through an access to information request reveal that federal public servants warned the Liberal government two years ago about the effects of increased immigration on housing affordability; And in response to those warnings, the liberal government went ahead and accelerated immigration into Canada.

These are not individuals looking out for Canadians and what’s best for them; These are children pickering and being stubborn because they are not being constantly praised.

And would you look at that, just as the IRCC predicted, the Liberals’ aggressive immigration agenda has strained housing affordability to a breaking point.

Canada now has the worst housing bubble among OECD nations. Average home prices have skyrocketed beyond the reach of most first-time buyers. Rents have grown increasingly unaffordable, squeezing lower-income Canadians.

All for Trudeau to wake up and declare that you can now see how much previous tenants have paid. What a great solution for an ongoing epidemic. Let’s not focus on slowing or outright stopping the surge of immigrants coming into Canada and taking every residence available from hard working and tax paying Canadians.

Shamefully, the Liberals with Trudeau on top continue dismissing concerns about immigration’s impact on housing as intolerant or xenophobic.

But how are Canadians racist for pointing out the reality that Canada’s housing capacity is not built to fit endless new arrivals with an increasing number every single day? Trudeau will never have the answer because reality is not befitting woke ideologies and remarks that do not work neither on paper nor in practice.

A new survey from KPMG Canada reveals an overwhelming consensus among business leaders that unaffordable housing poses the single greatest risk to Canada’s economy.

They understand that complex challenges like inflation cannot be overcome while such a basic necessity as shelter remains out of reach for many.

The housing shortage is already forcing companies to boost wages to attract talent. 87% of business leaders reported having to increase salaries to offset employees’ higher living expenses.

These unplanned labour costs are cutting into margins and reducing competitiveness.

Moreover, with households stretched to the limit by housing payments, consumer spending is threatened.

Surging mortgage debt has left little room to absorb higher interest rates. Any economic downturn or recession could lead to massive defaults.

It is like a domino effect, everything Trudeau touches turns to dust and crumbs due to his sheer corruption and malice. It’s as if we’re watching a snake start eating its own tail in confusion and desperation.

The economy is cannibalizing itself – high inflation driven by excessive taxation, lack of productivity and unaffordable housing costs all circling back to further slow growth. The vicious cycle keeps spinning out of control while the government acts lost and aimless.

Canadians long for this snake of mismanagement, corruption and failed liberal policies to fully consume itself. We want fresh leadership to step up, stop this self-destructive madness and guide Canada back to prosperity before it’s too late.

The Liberal party needs to eat itself out of office, out of power, and out of every Canadian’s life.

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