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Trudeau Hikes Debt Ceiling to $2.1 Trillion, Doubling Burden


Freeland Drops $2.1 Trillion Debt Bomb

Trudeau Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has just dropped a debt bomb on Canadians, blasting the national debt ceiling to a stratospheric $2.1 trillion! 

This historic hike marks the second time in just three years the big-spending Liberals have cranked up Canada’s credit limit instead of reining in their out-of-control budget deficits.  

With this move, Trudeau and his debt-loving government have shown once again they treat public money like it’s free at an open bar. 

They’ve already doubled Canada’s total debt since taking power and have plans to keep the spending party going with no end in sight. 

Meanwhile, hard-working Canadians are left stuck footing the bill, struggling with crazy inflation and rising costs while wages stagnate. 

It’s like we’re on a runaway train to Financial Crisisville, and the Liberal government is punching the accelerator instead of the brakes. 

The only ones who will fare well in this Liberal debt spiral are the political cronies benefitting from the PM’s lavish spending largesse. For the rest of Canada’s present and future, it spells a legacy of diminished prosperity and opportunity.

Trudeau And Freeland Gives Blank Cheque With Debt Increase

The recent announcement by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to raise Canada’s national debt ceiling to a historic $2.1 trillion is yet another damning example of the fiscal irresponsibility and reckless spending by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government. 

This massive 16% increase comes just three years after the previous hike to $1.83 trillion in 2021, showing how quickly the Liberals have driven up Canada’s debt burden since taking power in 2015.

When Trudeau first took office, the debt ceiling stood at $1.17 trillion. In just 8 years, his government has increased it by a staggering $930 billion or nearly 80%. This is an unprecedented debt explosion in such a short timeframe.


Trudeau and his team seem to think they have an unlimited credit card when it comes to spending Canadians’ hard-earned tax dollars. They have consistently run massive budget deficits, with no plan or even intention to balance the budget anytime soon. 

All this overspending has doubled Canada’s debt since Trudeau took office. We now owe over $1.3 trillion and climbing. That’s over $33,000 for every man, woman and child in Canada.

And what do we have to show for it? Groceries, gas, rent and mortgages continue going up while wages stagnate. 

Millions still lack access to a family doctor. Our infrastructure continues crumbling despite promises to rebuild it. Clearly all this debt spending has failed to make life more affordable for average Canadians.

Yet every time they hit the debt ceiling, the Liberals just raise it even higher to enable more spending and debt. When will it end? At this rate, we will owe several trillion dollars by the end of the decade. 

Future generations will be shackled paying interest on all this debt rather than investing in their priorities.

Despite Minister Freeland’s assurances, this is essentially giving the Liberals a blank cheque. Raising the debt ceiling does not control spending – it enables more of it! They can continue their vote-buying spree with our money while avoiding any real fiscal restraint or accountability.

Canadians are rightfully freaking out. Inflation’s running wild, and it’s high time for some financial smarts, not just throwing money around like it’s going out of style. 

The Liberals claim austerity would mean leaving Canadians to “fend for themselves.” This is ridiculous fear-mongering. Getting spending under control and balancing the budget does not require drastic cuts. 

It means setting priorities, showing some discipline, and focusing spending on what matters most rather than wasting billions on pet projects and favors for pals.

The sad reality is, Trudeau and his crew have never been big on watching the pennies or thinking about the big picture when it comes to debt. 

Even before the pandemic hit, they were breaking promises left and right about keeping deficits in check. And now? They’ve thrown caution to the wind completely. Their moves are all about scoring quick wins, even if it means ignoring what’s best for the country down the road.

And the galling hypocrisy of it all! Trudeau claims “generational fairness” is behind their policies, that he wants to help younger Canadians get ahead. 

So, it’s more like generational debt, not “generational fairness,” right, Trudeau?

What a joke! He is saddling the next generation with a mountain of debt that will take decades to pay down. They are the ones who will suffer most from his fiscal mismanagement.

Millennials and Gen Z are dealing with crazy expensive housing, wages that just won’t budge, and jobs that are up in the air. And guess what? The Trudeau government isn’t making things any easier. 

Take their housing moves, for instance. Instead of boosting the supply, they’re only pumping up the demand, making prices shoot through the roof, and making it impossible for a lot of young folks to even think about buying.

Renters are getting the worst of it. Rent prices are going nuts all over Canada. 

But instead of doing something big to get more rental places out there, the Liberals are just throwing out bits and pieces of solutions, like this renters’ rights thing they’re talking about. 

It might sound good for the cameras, but it’s not doing squat to bring down housing costs.

Everything Trudeau does seems aimed at benefiting today’s older generations who own homes already, while leaving young people stuck renting. 

This is shamefully unfair for Canada’s future. A country that leaves its youth struggling to achieve a basic middle-class lifestyle is badly failing them.

No End in Sight for Trudeau Deficits

The Trudeau crew isn’t doing any favors for the younger crowd. They’re making it harder for young people to find jobs, piling on the debt, messing with their retirement plans, and making them fork out tons of taxes to pay for stuff they won’t even benefit from. 

It’s making the gap between generations even wider and it’s not looking good for Canada’s future.

This mounting generational unfairness threatens Canada’s future prosperity. Our long-term wellbeing depends on helping today’s younger generations improve their economic prospects and achieve a better quality of life. 

Instead, Trudeau’s policies are actively undermining generational fairness and opportunity.

Plus, Automakers are pumping the brakes on EVs because not as many people are buying them as expected. But Trudeau? He’s going all out, promising the biggest handout to auto manufacturers ever seen in Canada. His big dream? Getting 100% of light trucks and SUVs to be emissions-free by 2035.

It just goes to show how out of touch Trudeau is with what’s really going on in the economy. As living costs shoot through the roof, fewer and fewer Canadians can even think about splashing out on fancy EVs. But Trudeau? He’s all about throwing our hard-earned tax dollars at huge subsidies so the rich can drive around feeling good about themselves.

Canadians deserve better. Younger generations deserve better. We need competent, fiscally responsible leadership that will rein in reckless spending, balance the budget, reduce the debt burden, and implement policies to truly promote generational fairness.

TheTrudeau Liberals have proven themselves incapable of this. Their limitless spending and soaring debt do nothing to help young Canadians achieve their dreams. 

We urgently need a government that will exercise real financial discipline, curb irresponsible deficits, and enact policies to improve affordability and expand opportunity for the next generation. 

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