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Trudeau Heckled During Housing Crisis Speech



Justin Trudeau was humiliated by Canadians again as he was heckled by angry Canadians while giving a speech about the housing crisis.

Trudeau offered no real solutions. Instead he pledged limitless spending to throw at the problem, as is the liberal way. The victims? Taxpayers, who will foot the bill for Trudeau’s fiscal recklessness.

Righteous citizens fought back. They heckled and attacked Trudeau’s speech, seeing through his empty rhetoric. All While he grandstands about provincial issues, and his government fails on federal responsibilities like runaway immigration.

But Trudeau won’t take responsibility for the disaster his immigration policies have caused.

He will however claim to be “fiscally responsible” while announcing $6 billion more in new and useless government spending.

Throwing immense amounts of money hoping to fix a housing problem so big that the RBC is now reporting how the crisis is tearing Canada and Candians apart in shocking new detail.

Trudeau’s days of dodging accountability are numbered. The seething rage of Canadians denied their dreams will sweep away his enablers. Justice is coming.

Trudeau is Heckled

Justin Trudeau could not possibly help himself and wait even a few days before getting absolutely humiliated once again at the hands of everyday Canadians.

Trudeau held a press conference recently to babble endlessly about the housing crisis without offering any real solutions that would nib the problem at the buds. Instead he happily did the only thing he knew how to do and vowed to spend endlessly on the issue without a second thought.

The victim in this scenario? Every tax paying Canadian and their wallet, that will be opened with no consent to satisfy the vain and overt spending of Trudeau and the liberals.

Trudeau thinks he can just throw money at an issue and it will be magically solved while everyone cheers and claps for the saviour of all of Canada.

Except this is real life and not one of Trudeau’s daydreams; Trudeau is no saint and Canadians know it all too well.

Canadians understand the fiscal disaster of funding a failing initiative only to keep the tap open until it somehow fixes itself. This is utter insanity, but it is the liberal way of thinking and planning.

And how exactly do we fight fire? Righteous Canadians answered “with fire” when they took their sweet time to embarrass Trudeau and heckle his stupid housing speech and his acknowledgment that immigration is maybe a tad too high in Canada, all while he is trying his hardest to absolve himself of any and all responsibility, denying that his corrupt immigration and housing policies were what got us here in the first place.

If you have not heard a single word or were too immersed with the sounds of fed up Candians clouding Trudeau’s very likely useless words, then there is no shame on you or anyone enjoying this for that matter.

While Trudeau grandstands about provincial matters like rent control and school lunches, and while he talks a big game about investing in housing affordability every single year then nothing changes except for the worse, his government has utterly failed to manage issues under federal responsibility. So, it is completely understandable that some people would like to heckle him and his liberal goons, even during speeches.

Runaway immigration, is one of the starkest examples in the housing scenario and one that Trudeau will always run away from, denying that exacerbates housing unaffordability.

Trudeau Ignores Immigration

Trudeau seems oblivious to the immigration crisis of his own making, or he is perhaps feigning ignorance to escape accountability. But who is he really trying to fool here when we have predicted for years how his irresponsible immigration policies will lead to Canada’s decline and demise as Canadians start scrapping-by just to survive?

Canada’s population just crossed 41 million, merely 9 months after hitting 40 million.

This unprecedented growth occurred amidst a severe housing crunch, and declining real wages.

Trudeau himself acknowledged that rapid population growth was suppressing wages, driving up demand for social supports like food banks. Yet when questioned about immigration’s impact on housing costs, he pretended he was hearing the news about the astronomical numbers facilitated by his government for the first time.

Trudeau noted that permanent immigration remains around 500,000 per year. However, “temporary” immigration categories have skyrocketed, now comprising an incredible 7.5% of Canada’s population.

He then admitted these unsustainable immigration levels are “something that we need to get back under control.” If only Trudeau knew someone in charge of immigration policy, with the power to address this crisis.

Scratch that, Imagine Trudeau catching the one person responsible for this crisis in the first place, and had defended it countless times against the concerns and objections of Canadians and experts alike. Trudeau should probably fire this person; It might finally fix Canada for good.

But enough sarcasm, because the truth has always been that Trudeau and his government were the ones who enabled the massive immigration spike straining the housing markets, especially in major cities.

With immigration intensifying an existing housing shortage, costs have become prohibitive for many Canadians. As families devote more of their budgets to housing, they have fewer resources for necessities like food.

This is Trudeau’s Canada after 8 years of corruption, lies, ineptitude and chaos.

Canadians are struggling day to day while Trudeau thinks his fickle programs will help uplift even a fifth of the people he has caused immense misery to.

Rather than take responsibility for the disaster his immigration mismanagement has exacerbated, Trudeau is playing provincial politics.

He is wrongly intervening in rent control, school lunches, and other areas belonging to the provinces.

Trudeau is talking a big game with the numbers and everything but he fails yet again to connect the dots back to his own doing.

He talks about temporary immigration and student immigrants but never acknowledges his championing of these causes and initiatives. Now everything is out of control and no one is supposedly asking him why he let it get to this point.

His solution is to keep investing and wasting taxpayers’ money hoping it would fool enough people to vote for him once again. And then he has the audacity to talk about being fiscally responsible as a liberal prime minister.

Trudeau Jokes about “Fiscal Responsibility”

Trudeau was simply asked about paying for all these expensive programs and if it would require extra funding; Only for him to just virtue signal and posture about his liberal’s government “fiscal responsibility” by lying about how good the GDP is and how banks of Canada are rating the establishment’s fund management and planning highly.

Yes of course Trudeau is so fiscally responsible and diligent that he gave himself and all of his liberal goons a pay raise on the same day he increased a useless tax on Canadians.

On April 1st, everyday Canadians awoke to higher costs of living, while political elites lavished in pay raises insulating them from economic pains.

Liberal politicians greedily grabbed bigger paychecks, for absolutely no rhyme or reason, and it was all funded by taxpayers. What a totally fiscally responsible way to manage taxpayers’ funds in the middle of an affordability crisis.

Or what about the time Trudeau was so fiscally responsible that he moved the election date by one week to get his liberal and NDP gang to qualify for pensions on the backs of millions of Canadians’ tax money.

This is nothing more than a clear message to any Canadian who has a keen eye, that the government is willing to steal, mismanage, and ruin, if they can lie about it later and get away with it.

The government is fiscally responsible? That might be the greatest joke Trudeau has ever told, and to say it in the middle of a conference announcing another $6 billion in taxpayer funds being thrown aimlessly at the housing crisis is just too ironic.

The Never-Ending Crisis

The truth is Trudeau, the housing crisis has overstepped its breaking point according to a report by the RBC.

This new sobering report from RBC highlights the deepening housing affordability crisis gripping Canada.

Vancouver’s market is in a “full-blown” catastrophe, while unaffordability reaches a 30-year high nationwide.

Soaring interest rates have outpaced even slight price dips in most markets, reports RBC. In late 2022, median-income households had to spend a staggering 63.5% of earnings on homeownership costs. That’s up from below 40% a decade ago.

In Vancouver however, this ratio hit a crushing 106.4%.

Prices remain so detached from local incomes that homeownership is restricted to the wealthy and privileged few.

Trudeau’s lack of leadership has allowed this disaster to unfold. Despite repeated warnings, his government sat idle as housing costs shot into the stratosphere.

Trudeau never made any strides in curbing immigration or increasing fair wages for hard working Canadians, and now Canadians suffer because Trudeau was too busy following the “woke” agenda without any common sense thinking.

Canada’s unaffordability crisis demands an immigration reset. Intake must be scaled back to zero.

Further immigration increases cannot be justified amidst the housing crisis Trudeau’s policies have created.

And Trudeau’s ineffective and weak programs to help solve the issue offer absolutely no relief to the average Canadian when he can’t be bothered to answer how he is going to use the money responsibly and what will he invest in that will make this millionth time he has tackled the issue any different than the ones before.

A responsible Prime Minister would acknowledge immigration’s challenges under current conditions. He would initiate comprehensive reforms to align immigration with economic and societal absorptive capacities.

Instead we are left with a liberal goon in charge of our economy and our lives.

It is high time Trudeau is held accountable for all his never-ending misdeeds that have affected Canadians in the most negative of ways.

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