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Trudeau Hands Out Bonuses While Canadians Suffer


Money for everyone Except Those Who Need It

Bombshell reports have exposed a shocking bonus bonanza at a government business bank that epitomizes the culture of excess thriving under Justin Trudeau.

Records reveal the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) handed out over $250 million in lavish bonuses to employees in just the past five years. We’re talking eye-popping payouts as high as $2.9 million for individual bureaucrats.

This self-dealing on the taxpayer dime is an infuriating symbol of the bloated federal bureaucracy gone wild under Trudeau’s watch.

While ordinary Canadians pinch pennies at the grocery store, top BDC executives averaged nearly $2 million each in extra compensation.

Does that sound fair or reasonable when kitchen table issues are more pressing than ever? Who even authorised these windfalls, and what metrics could possibly justify bonuses this high? It’s a slap in the face to hard-working citizens struggling through historic inflation.

But this is Canada under Trudeau and after his costly budget. A nation that rewards biassed and state owned corp[oration like the BDC and CBC, but only gives out empty promises to young Canadians about fairness and prosperity.

Trudeau Hands Out Bonuses

The latest revelations about high and lavish bonuses at a government business bank further confirm that excess and casual corruption has become the norm under the Trudeau Liberal establishment.

Records show the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) handed out over $250 million in extra pay to employees over just the past five years.

This self-rewarding culture on the taxpayers’ dime is emblematic of a bloated federal bureaucracy that has lost touch with economic reality.

Canadians struggling through a cost of living crisis have every right to be outraged at Trudeau and his crony Liberals.

While households are forced to cut back just to afford basic needs after 8 years of Trudeau and the liberals, federal bureaucrats enjoy performance bonuses as high as $2.9 million annually. Even top BDC executives averaged nearly $2 million each in extra compensation.

This money comes from the pockets of hard-working citizens, not out of thin air. The BDC is a taxpayer-funded Crown corporation created to support entrepreneurs. But it seems more focused on enriching its own staff than serving small businesses. The bonuses have nothing to do with organisational performance and everything to do with an entitled culture of rewarding the bare minimum or the completely non-existent.

Laughably so, the BDC claims these generous rewards come “at no cost to taxpayers.”

This is patently false. As a Crown agency, all of the BDC’s capital and operating expenses are provided by taxpayer funds. While it pays dividends back to the Trudeau government, that revenue is only possible because of public money injected into the corporation.

Canadians are effectively paying for bureaucrats to reward themselves with millions in bonuses. How is this honestly acceptable in any way, shape, or form? Especially now that Canada is running historic deficits. We need fiscal restraint, not extravagance. But this is not how Trudeau’s genius money mind plays.

This bonus bonanza exposes the backwards incentives in the bureaucracy. Rather than tightening belts in difficult times, federal agencies ramp up spending on none other than themselves. Absolutely no shame whatsoever.

The BDC increased bonuses while small business clients struggled through the pandemic. It’s clear where the priorities lie.

The major bonus payouts also undermine claims that the government needs more revenue.

If budgets are tight, why is there cash laying around for seven-figure bureaucrat bonuses? Clearly the issue is not inadequate tax dollars but an inability to control costs and set proper priorities. Shoveling more money to entitled agencies will not solve that problem.

Canadians expect prudence and restraint from public servants, especially high-ranking officials. We must demand an end to this cycle of self-reward that comes at the expense of taxpayers.

Performance pay in government should be the rare exception, not the rule. And bonuses should never reach into the seven digits at a time when kitchen table issues are more prevalent and in need of immediate funding.

Trudeau is Familiar with Wasting Valuable Money

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems unwillingly corrupt or incompetently unable to rein in this culture of excess.

The finance minister who oversees Crown agencies is too busy planning her own international travel to provide oversight after tabling one of Canada’s worst budgets to date.

A budget that included an additional $42 million in funding for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) over the next year, in order to support its programming, despite the broadcaster’s own warnings of declining revenues and possibly even more job cuts in the future. What a hilarious joke.

2A5XEFY CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) logo atop of their headquarters in Toronto.

Time and time again, many conservatives have expressed deep concern over continued reliance on taxpayer dollars to fund the corrupt and liberal biassed CBC. If the CBC wants funding then it will need a complete and total overhaul of its structure and content, in order to facilitate a more neutral reporting environment. But as it stands right now, this is a complete waste of money.

Conservatives justifiably point to the CBC’s progressive coverage of social and political issues as evidence it lacks impartiality expected of a public broadcaster.

They rightfully argue CBC programming and online news content caters predominantly to urban Canadian liberals, while overlooking perspectives from rural, western, or conservative parts of the country.

Some of the CBC’s own on-air staff have openly declared their liberal leanings or taken part in public political activism. High-profile CBC personalities have publicly criticised conservative leaders and policies on social media or during rallies, calling into question their ability to cover politics in a nonpartisan manner. So of course these liberal goons are the ones receiving even more support and funding from Trudeau.

These perceived biases have led some conservatives to describe CBC as the “state broadcaster” rather than a nonpartisan public broadcaster.

The CBC opinion journalism in particular has increasingly abandoned objectivity and any different perspectives in favour of advancing a liberal ideological agenda.

With taxpayers funding the CBC to the tune of over $1 billion annually, It should absolutely be argued that stronger oversight is needed to ensure impartial and balanced coverage. The CBC’s embrace of often strident progressive activism on gender, race and social issues has deepened mistrust among taxpayers with differing views.

But unfortunately this is who benefits the most from the costly Trudeau budget, it is not the average middle class Canadian like Trudeau and Freeland would have you believe. It is the liberal elites with all their expenses being paid by you.

What do you expect from the trust fund baby that goes to vacations on the dime of hard working Canadians and after receiving gifts from his wealthy friends.

Trudeau is already trying to syphon and steal as much as he can before getting booted from office. Not even financial experts and former colleagues can get him to recognize his insanity.

Experts Weigh In

Former Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau slammed the budget’s $30 billion spending increase and changes to the capital gains tax. He warned these measures will stifle investment and business growth in Canada.

Morneau is not the only prominent expert figure that is criticising Trudeau and his costly budget but other Liberals are taking their turn blasting the corrupt budget, including former Paul Martin advisor David Dodge. Dodge is the one that predicted how this could be the worst federal budget in decades.

Critics say the budget’s theme of “generational fairness” is hollow political rhetoric. Expert Don Drummond notes the budget piles on debt that young Canadians will ultimately pay. And so far there has been no indication that this fairness will ever be established with all these government officials and corporations rewarding themselves with undeserved taxpayer money.

This year’s budget allocates more for debt interest payments than health care transfers to the provinces. Canadians are paying much more for the government but seeing none of the improvements.

The budget increases Canada’s debt load without making the structural reforms needed to ensure fiscal sustainability. But then you have the liberals crying about making Canada better for all Canadians and especially young Cnaadians, while ballooning the debt and leaving young Canadians alone to foot the bill.

A budget should encourage investment, entrepreneurship and job creation. It should fund core services efficiently without wasteful spending. Canada’s fiscal future appears increasingly precarious under the Liberals’ high-spend, high-debt approach.

Conservatives maintain Canada cannot tax and spend its way to prosperity. And it certainly cannot borrow endlessly without consequences.

Responsible government requires living within our means, not mortgaging the future. Canada needs sober and prudent fiscal management now more than ever.

Unfortunately, this Liberal budget takes Canada in the opposite direction.

And that’s why Conservatives will continue speaking out against fiscal recklessness that ultimately hurts Canadians. Because Canada and Canadians deserve better.

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