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Trudeau Gun Buy Back’s Agenda Faces A Set Back


Trudeau Blinded by Ideology as Concerns Stall Buyback

Trudeau government’s ever-evolving gun control agenda is a case study in empty Liberal virtue-signaling. Grandiose plans to confiscate firearms run into practical realities, forcing the government to quietly extend amnesty deadlines and delay buyback programs. 

Lawful gun owners suffer under indefinite bans as the government’s haphazard strategy exposes the vast gap between the Liberals’ lofty rhetoric and their ability to deliver meaningful policies. 

For all of Trudeau’s posturing as a champion of public safety and progressivism, his misguided crusade against responsible Canadian gun owners has achieved little beyond disingenuous political theater. 

The only consistent aspect of the Liberals’ approach seems to be an endless appetite for scoring points with urban voters through divisive wedge issues, no matter the policy incoherence or social damage left in their wake.

The longer the Liberals’ haphazard crusade flounders, the clearer it becomes that this is political theater, not principled policymaking. Trudeau’s government excels at lofty rhetoric but stumbles on executing complex plans. 

Meanwhile, the grave costs of trampling property rights and social cohesion keep mounting while real safety gains remain negligible. Only the Liberals’ political posturing continues unabated.

Trudeau’s Gun Buyback Falters As Virtue Signaling Meets Reality

Trudeau’s grand gun buyback scheme is already hitting roadblocks. Canada Post wisely refuses to participate, knowing confiscating firearms from law-abiding owners jeopardizes their staff. Of course, the government fails to comprehend such obvious concerns. Their naïve rush to appease activists blinds them to pragmatic realities.

Ottawa is puzzled by Canada Post’s reluctance, despite the corporation already safely delivering legal firearms. But grabbing guns from unwilling owners is far more volatile. Unlike liberals, Canada Post grasps the distinction between controlled transactions and government overreach.

Desperate to salvage their buyback before the next election, the government scrambles for workarounds. But no amount of compromises can disguise the flawed premise underlying their plan. Lawful gun owners should not face punishment for horrendous crimes they didn’t commit.

Trudeau announced the buyback after Nova Scotia’s tragic mass shooting. Yet the shooter obtained his guns illegally from the US. As usual, facts don’t deter Liberal virtue signaling. They’d rather score political points by harassing legitimate owners than confront the true problem – smuggled guns and criminals.

The government claims they’re removing dangerous “military-style” weapons from circulation. In truth, these firearms were already strictly regulated. The ban simply further punishes law-abiding shooters without impacting criminals. As expected, the policy completely misses its stated goal.

Provinces warned Ottawa against wasting police resources on confiscating legal guns. But the paternalistic Liberals believe they know best – laws must be followed, even when absurd and ineffective! At least provinces recognize the folly. Hopefully their citizens do too.

An endless amnesty allows banned gun owners time to comply. But they remain in frustrating limbo, unable to use or transfer their property. Lawful owners bear all the burdens while Ottawa grandstands. The government should focus on smuggled guns, not those already under control.

Despite promises, the buyback is delayed indefinitely. Priorities lie with disarming business and the law-abiding, not criminal gangs using illegal guns. At this rate, by the time the government confiscates guns from legitimate owners, election posturing will have replaced any remnants of public safety concerns.

The government claims they’re enhancing safety, but their policies enable the opposite by ignoring reality. While lawful gun enthusiasts are harassed, prohibited guns flow freely over the border. No wonder shootings continue unabated – Liberals attack legal owners and neglect the true problem.

Trudeau Postures on Public Safety While Lawful Owners Suffer

Ottawa looks to New Zealand’s model without admitting key differences. New Zealand compensated owners for guns already illegal, unlike Canada targeting legal owners. And New Zealand isn’t awash with smuggled American guns like we are. Our government simply wants the accolades without doing the work.

Depending on the flawed approach, taxpayers could be gouged billions for this folly. That money would be far better directed toward border security to stop criminal gun smuggling. Instead, the Liberals plan to lavishly reward gun owners for the privilege of having their lawful property confiscated.

Trudeau’s feel-good gun policies largely penalize responsible firearm owners instead of illicit gun use. As always, his government is all virtue-signaling style over substance. But Canadians concerned about public safety should see through this blatant charade.

The government claims their gun buyback will keep communities safe by removing “assault-style” firearms. In reality, it targets guns already strictly regulated and owned responsibly. Meanwhile, smuggled guns flow freely over the border into criminals’ hands. This misguided buyback penalizes the law-abiding without impacting crime.

Since the 2020 “assault” weapon ban, lawful owners have complied with amnesty rules, safely storing newly prohibited guns. They face mounting burdens despite doing nothing wrong. But the government ignores smuggled guns, instead criminalizing innocent enthusiasts through bans and buybacks.

Ottawa engages “stakeholders” on their buyback but only those who reinforce their misconceptions. Police associations who understand the futility of confiscating regulated guns are dismissed. The echo chamber strategy allows Liberals to pretend non-compliance is dangerous, not principled.

Businesses already safely sold the newly prohibited firearms. Now the government lavishly compensates them again for surrendering inventory they can’t sell anyway. Meanwhile lawful gun owners get no recompense for lost property rights. This underscores the injustice of government overreach.

The government claims businesses must destroy guns already prohibited and useless. In reality, virtue signaling motivates this performative destruction. It serves no public safety purpose beyond boosting Liberal credentials among misguided activists.

The government “will provide information” to let lawful owners surrender guns they once legally acquired. How generous of our masters to educate us on obeying nonsensical edicts! Of course, no information can justify confiscating lawfully owned property.

Ottawa reassures “only licensed” owners will receive buyback money. But licensing schemes enabled this gun grab by creating easy registries of confiscate-able property. Naive shooters created their own victimhood by complying with “reasonable” restrictions.

The government takes pains to ensure “efficient” buyback logistics are in place before targeting law-abiding owners. Confiscating guns from criminals is a lower priority than disarming innocent citizens. This preposterous inversion of priorities exemplifies Liberal delusions.

Trudeau claims securing legal guns prevents violence. In fact, banning and seizing lawfully owned guns does nothing to stop criminals using smuggled weapons. As always, Liberal policies sound superficially noble but ignore root causes and basic logic.

Liberal Incompetence and Sanctimony Fool Few on Gun Control

The government insists safety necessitates their community gun grab. The only threat to public safety is a government trampling property rights and scapegoating innocent enthusiasts to posture for urban voters. Trudeau’s divisive approach undermines trust in police and institutions.

The Liberals quietly extended their amnesty for banned “assault-style” firearms another year till October 2025. Their promised buyback is stalled, leaving lawful owners in limbo. At this rate, confiscation will be an election issue again before any action occurs! The government’s ineptitude would be comical if it didn’t trample people’s rights.

Trudeau banned 1,500 firearm models in 2020 after Nova Scotia’s horrific massacre. He seized the tragedy to punish innocent shooters instead of addressing smuggled guns used by criminals. Now his ineffective posturing drags on endlessly. 

The amnesty was supposed to briefly protect owners until the government purchased banned guns. Nearly 3 years later, they still don’t have a buyback plan. So much for their confiscation promises – another empty Liberal pledge.

Former minister Mendicino claimed progress on the commercial buyback last spring. The lobby group benefiting from this taxpayer-funded windfall celebrated the amnesty extension. Nothing like prolonged government overreach to line certain pockets!

The minister’s spokesman paints this as allowing “law abiding” owners time to surrender banned property. How generous to give us time to comply with their senseless edicts! They act like we should be grateful for this heavy-handed disruption of our lives.

Trudeau keeps vowing to confiscate guns to pander to urban voters. But his timeline keeps slipping as the complexities of demonizing innocent Canadians become apparent. Soon his promises will outlive his tenure if he doesn’t deliver.

The amnesty now extends suspiciously close to the next election. This allows Liberals to keep vowing action in their campaign while doing nothing. Then they can demonize Conservatives for obstructing their imaginary plans when voters ask what happened.

Liberal allies like Poly Souvient blame government inaction, not Conservative opposition, for the buyback delays. Trudeau can’t scapegoat his opponents when even gun control groups see through his phony commitments. But admitting failure would require honesty foreign to him.

Stalling and empty gestures no longer satisfy groups expecting concrete action. It seems the Liberals’ signature combination of sanctimony and incompetence has ceased fooling people.

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