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Trudeau Government Announces Yet Another Spending Plan


The Trudeau government has once again opted to throw money at a problem of their own creation – announcing over $360 million of your hard-earned tax dollars to deal with the growing asylum seeker crisis.

A crisis of their own making, by the way.

This endless cycle of wasteful spending by the Liberals only exacerbates the massive deficits they have already accumulated.

When will Trudeau and his team learn that carelessly spending tax dollars solves nothing in the long run?

This is just the latest chapter in the bloated book of Liberal fiscal mismanagement. And the question here is; With more taxpayer dollars down the drain – will Trudeau’s inflationary spending spree ever end?

The Trudeau government has just announced new spending to address the refugee housing crisis. 

On Wednesday, Immigration Minister Marc Miller declared that over $362 million in new funding will go towards housing asylum seekers, with $100 million allotted specifically for Quebec. 

Now this is just another case of Trudeau’s habit of inflationary spending, giving no regard whatsoever to the hard-working Canadians and their money which is currently being dumped down the drain.

This massive amount comes from the federal Interim Housing Assistance Program meant to help provinces and cities struggling with the ballooning influx of refugee claimants. 

Despite the hefty price tag, Minister Miller admits this is only a temporary “stop-gap” and that the whole system is “far from perfect.”

Miller got one thing right when he said that this program is “more costly than it really should be.” 

Essentially, the Trudeau government is once again throwing money at a problem caused by their own weak immigration  policies without implementing any meaningful long-term solutions.

This crisis has been steadily growing over the past several years as a direct result of the Liberal’s weak border policies. 

Tens of thousands of asylum seekers have been flooding our country. The provinces and cities tasked with housing these individuals are screaming for federal assistance. And Trudeau’s solution? Throw more money at the problem and hope it goes away.

This short-sighted, irresponsible approach of excessive spending without tackling the root issues epitomizes the fiscal irresponsibility of this government.

Immigration Minister Marc Miller happily stated that $100 million of this new money will go directly to Quebec. 

One can only imagine the glee with which the Quebec government will spend this influx of federal cash. But what happens when this band-aid money runs out in a year or two, as it surely will? Cue the next desperate plea for more federal funding. This cycle of spend and spend is unsustainable and damaging to Canada’s fiscal health.

And the icing on the cake is how Immigration Minister Mark Miller openly admitted that this program is a “stopgap measure” and that the system needs reform. 

Rather than instituting meaningful reform, the Liberals are content with kicking the can down the road by recklessly throwing tax dollars at the escalating crisis. 

Even officials in Quebec criticized the announcement, saying it was only a “first step” and calling for changes to Canada’s immigration system. The Ontario government also blasted the insufficient funds.

Clearly, Trudeau’s plan has satisfied nobody and solved nothing, even famously Liberal-leaning provinces who usually have Trudeau’s back.

Trudeau’s plans are merely a temporary bandage on a growing wound. The flow of asylum seekers will continue unaffected, and the housing crisis will keep ballooning. 

More frantic calls for federal money will surely follow. 

How much will it take before the Liberals acknowledge that their immigration policies are the real issue? Throwing money around with no plan is not leadership.

The Trudeau government seems unwilling to accept that their own policies are directly responsible for this refugee crisis. 

Trudeau and Minister Miller have no solutions. 

This is the best the Liberal government can offer – empty platitudes. 

If Trudeau is serious about resolving this refugee crisis, he must start enforcing our immigration laws and secure the borders, to ensure the safety of both Canadians and the asylum seekers entering Canada. But politically correct liberals are terrified of appearing intolerant, so they refuse to fix the very problems they created.

Instead, the government spends extraordinary amounts of taxpayer money dealing with the consequences of their own reckless policies. 

Why should hard-working Canadians have their money squandered because of Liberal incompetence? Already forecasted budget deficits are exploding due to Liberal mishandling of the economy and uncontrolled spending. 

And now they’re pouring billions more down the drain on the refugee crisis they manufactured. This level of fiscal mismanagement is staggering.

All this wasteful spending is pouring fuel on the inflation fire already burning red-hot in Canada. 

The Bank of Canada reports inflation is at a 30-year high, hitting almost 5% this year. Economists warn Trudeau’s free-spending ways will drive inflation even higher. Canada is on track for $100 billion deficits for the foreseeable future.

Even with the pandemic winding down, the Liberals show no restraint in spending.

Piling another $360 million on the deficit to house asylum seekers will drive inflation higher still. 

All Canadians will end up paying the cost through a lower standard of living and decreased purchasing power. 

And not to mention the carbon tax, which targets farmers which in turn drives up food prices in an already unbearable affordability crisis. 

Runaway spending must be reined in before living costs escalate out of control. The Prime Minister needs to acknowledge his government’s role in fueling inflation before it’s too late.

Perhaps the most concerning part of this latest announcement is that Minister Miller admits it offers no long-term solution. 

He conceded the system is imperfect and these measures are temporary stopgaps. So the government has no actual plan to resolve this crisis? Or any other crisis that they’ve also created? 

They are just spending billions to tread water, without addressing the source of the problem. 

Canadians should be outraged at this incompetent mismanagement of public funds. 

Even amidst out of control inflation, the Liberals choose to worsen it with reckless spending. Throwing more money at the escalating asylum seeker crisis will not make it go away.

Canadians deserve better than a Prime Minister who creates problems then grossly overpays to mitigate the consequences.

The Trudeau government’s announcement of $360 million for the refugee housing crisis is too little, too late. 

This problem was created by their own feeble border policies, yet the Liberals refuse to acknowledge that fact. With no plan to curb this runaway influx, this new spending will be a drop in the bucket. The asylum seeker crisis will continue ballooning out of control.

With no resources to support them, why let them in? There are barely enough resources to support Canadians – let alone people who could be fleeing war and conflict and seek a better life somewhere else.

The Trudeau Liberals have made it abundantly clear where their true priorities lie – and it’s not with struggling Canadians. There has been no similar urgency to help the thousands of Canadians living on the streets, deprived of even the most basic shelter.

It seems Justin Trudeau cares more about appearing compassionate to asylum seekers than he does about the homelessness epidemic and housing crisis right here at home. 

This inversion of priorities is wrong. The primary responsibility of our government should be improving the lives of Canadians citizens and permanent residents first and foremost. 

The government’s thoughtless spending spree amidst crippling inflation is a slap in the face to all those Canadians struggling to survive. 

With so many here deprived of basic needs, is this truly the best use of our depleted public funds? Mr. Trudeau needs to remember who he serves – the people of Canada. It’s time he focuses on their interests first.

Already staggering from inflation and record deficits, Canada cannot afford Justin Trudeau’s reckless fiscal incompetence. 

It is time for sober, sensible leadership to rein in spending and secure the borders before this country drowns in debt. Canadians deserve a government that puts their interest first, not wastes billions placating special interest groups. Enough is enough.

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