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Trudeau gifted WEF $500,000 to produce carbon tax propaganda


Introduction To The Propaganda Report 

Disturbing leaked information from within the WEF has just confirmed beyond doubt that Justin Trudeau ‘s government has been working with the globalist World Economic Forum behind closed doors.

According to this explosive leaked info, Trudeau’s group of climate alarmists secretly paid the sketchy WEF to make up a report justifying their unfair carbon tax. This propaganda report, conveniently titled to match the government’s messaging, was essentially bought and paid for by Trudeau to push his anti-Canadian plans.

The leaks are clear proof that the globalist puppet prime minister has been making shady backroom deals and spending untold piles of public money to serve the WEF’s interests, not regular Canadian folks.

It’s obvious why Trudeau wanted to hide this shocking carbon tax scandal from Canadians – it totally exposes his lies and corruption. He told Canadians the tax was needed to help the planet, but these leaks make it clear it was pure political theater the whole time. Even worse, it confirms to the public that the WEF has always had its hands on Canada’s steering wheel.

Trudeau Is A WEF Puppet

In a shocking revelation that confirms Trudeau is a puppet of globalist institutions, it has come to light that his government gave over nearly half a million taxpayer dollars to the sinister World Economic Forum to put together propaganda promoting his ridiculous carbon tax.

This latest disgraceful scandal provides undeniable evidence that Trudeau and his cabal of climate alarmists are making backroom deals with these dangerous anti-Canadian forces plotting world domination.

According to Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis, Trudeau’s climate cronies secretly commissioned the diabolical WEF to fabricate a report justifying their economy-destroying carbon tax in August 2019. This report, naturally titled “New Nature Economy Report,” was conveniently published in 2020 and specifically promoted carbon pricing as the only solution to so-called climate change.

As Lewis revealed on X, “Trudeau paid the WEF nearly $500K of Canadian taxpayer money for the New Nature Economy Report justifying his carbon tax. This was revealed through a question I submitted to the government. Global interest groups should not be trusted to care about the prosperity of Canadians.”

According to the Order Paper, Trudeau’s ex-Environment Minister Catherine McKenna requested the WEF generate a report to “establish the business and economic case for safeguarding nature” and promote the government’s environmental agenda. Six months later, the WEF published the propaganda piece the Liberals paid for, specifically advocating for carbon pricing.

The report states “Ultimately, to make nature-positive models investable, explicitly pricing in and articulating environmental cost factors to penalize unsustainable practices – such as through carbon taxes, for example – will be a game changer.”

How convenient is this propaganda report for Trudeau?

This bombshell confirms Canadians’ roars that the carbon tax does nothing for the environment. As Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said, “Trudeau commissioned a paid report from the WEF to make a political argument for his carbon tax hike…I wish he would just be honest with Canadians that this is all about politics and not about science.”

Of course Trudeau and his band of eco-extremists have constantly lied that the carbon tax is absolutely necessary, even though it crushes middle class Canadians already struggling to heat their homes and commute to work.

Now it is obvious that these snakes didn’t rely on real science or concern for citizens, but instead paid their globalist buddies at the WEF nearly $500,000 to Fabricate propaganda that matched their own deranged views.

The truth is that the WEF, which meets every year so the world’s most dangerous elites can plot civilization’s downfall, is an anti-freedom organization aiming to control humanity through socialist wealth redistribution schemes like the “Great Reset.” For Trudeau to funnel almost half a million dollars of Canadians money to these insidious foes of Canada proves he serves the global cabal, not law-abiding citizens.

Ever since coming into office in 2015, Trudeau has tragically increased Canada’s enslavement to the satanic WEF, sending them nearly $23.5 million dollars stolen from taxpayers.

He echoes their vile slogans like “build back better,” proving he governs not for us, but for the sinister puppet masters yanking his strings. Canadians are now just forced to empty their pockets to fund the WEF’s anti-Canadian agenda!

Trudeau’s supporters pathetically claim the $500,000 payment was harmless research, but only a fool would believe that. The report appears to have been created to support policies Trudeau’s inner circle of eco-zealots already planned.

This is far from the only case of the Trudeau regime relying on the WEF to dictate their policies either. They’ve implemented numerous recommendations from the WEF like killing oil and gas jobs, reckless green spending, and insane net-zero targets.

Who cares that these measures cause enormous suffering for Canadians? As long as the global elites are satisfied, Trudeau will gladly sacrifice our well-being.

Canadians are feeling the squeeze from out-of-control inflation and money troubles these days.

But Trudeau’s not listening to the very real hardships of regular Canadians. He’s sticking with the World Economic Forum despite the pain their plans are causing. His dead set plans to hike the carbon tax on April 1st show he won’t back off until Canadians are under the thumbs of his globalist friends.

The recent $500,000 payment is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Trudeau’s betraying relationship with the WEF. He clearly can’t be trusted to act in Canada’s interests when taking orders from foreign organizations dedicated to Canada’s downfall. The carbon tax scandal removes any shred of doubt – Trudeau is a dangerous puppet of anti-Canadian forces that must be stopped immediately!

Trudeau Failed Carbon Tax Exposed

Trudeau goes on with his woke agenda and remains fixated on ramming through the April 1st carbon tax increase, even as premiers and millions of Canadians beg him to halt or reverse course. He is tone deaf to the intense economic pain and anxiety gripping households across the country.

On April 1st the carbon tax will surge from $65 per tonne to $80 per tonne. This will drive up the cost of gas by 3 cents to 17 cents per liter. Diesel will jump by 4 cents to 21 cents per liter. The tax on natural gas will also rise substantially.

These increases build on top of the existing burden, which already costs the average Canadian household hundreds of dollars per year through higher prices. Studies estimate the abatement cost could be up to $400 for every tonne of emissions reduced – an absurdly inefficient policy.

Public opinion is staunchly opposed to Trudeau’s planned hike. A recent vote to defeat a Conservative motion against the carbon tax increase passed only because of support from the NDP. With an election looming, surveys show the Conservatives poised for a strong majority victory as Canadians lose faith in Trudeau’s leadership.

Most of the country’s premiers have also called for a pause on carbon tax hikes to provide relief from inflation and cost of living pressures. But Trudeau doesn’t care – he serves globalist institutions like the UN and WEF, not citizens. His government already paid the WEF nearly $500,000 for a supportive carbon tax propaganda report.

Also Trudeau giving almost half a million dollars of taxpayer money to a globalist group like the WEF shouldn’t surprise anyone. He’s admitted before to spending big on media propaganda and political maneuvers to make himself and the Liberal Party look better.

Back in 2020, Trudeau openly said he paid media outlets for positive coverage of his liberal party. It’s clear he believes in using huge sums of cash to control public narratives and perceptions.

The $500,000 payment to the WEF for a conveniently supportive carbon tax report seems to just be the latest case of him throwing money around to buy political PR wins.

Trudeau has shown again and again he cares more about helping himself than responsible governing. He’s willing to pay top dollar to outfits like the media and WEF to push his plans and make himself look good. The WEF payment is disturbing but fits with the approach he’s admitted to using – spending big bucks to get narratives to go his way.

Trudeau’s willingness to give nearly half a million taxpayer dollars to the sinister WEF for a blatantly biased carbon tax propaganda report proves he has lost his grip on reality.

This insane misuse of public funds to engage in backroom plotting with his globalist puppet masters confirms Trudeau is dangerously obsessed with appeasing the WEF rather than serving Canada’s interests.

He continues to tighten the chains of Canada’s enslavement to these anti-Canadian forces bent on destroying Canada’s prosperity and freedom.

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