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Trudeau Gets Backstabbed by RCMP Deputy Commissioner


The Police Expose the Crime

A storm of violent crime is headed our way if Justin Trudeau continues his reckless catch-and-release bail policies.

New bombshell revelations from the RCMP deputy commissioner, and from the Winnipeg police chief and president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police highlight how the men on the ground are handcuffed by Trudeau’s insane policies and are lacking basic equipment and support to ensure public safety.

A full 20% of violent offenders arrested by the police chief’s force are back out on Winnipeg streets in no time due to Trudeau’s directives. Even worse, the true number could be higher without proper data and analysis.

They are trying to ascertain bail to crime severity but evidence all around us point to the exact opposite scenario; where violent repeat offenders are given a second, third, and fourth chance to continue terrorising lives and committing crimes.

The liberals are not here to bring law and order to the land. They are agents of chaos that need to be voted out as soon as possible.

Trudeau Corruption on Full Display

The Trudeau catch and release scheme and experiment has absolutely and unequivocally run its course with everyday Canadians. No longer will people accept any form of threat to their safety and the safety of their families.

But revelations from the current Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police president and Winnipeg police chief Danny Smyth alongside RCMP Deputy Commissioner Jodie Boudreau leaves many of us fearing even more for the future of security in Canada under the corrupt Trudeau and Liberal regime.

During an interview with “Global News” regarding the bail reforms discussion and the endless criticism and lambasting that comes Trudeau’s way for allowing a “catch and release” tactic with violent offenders, president and police chief Danny Smyth tries to play a neutral game by highlighting non-existent efforts from the Trudeau government to apply pressure and reform the bail system against repeat offenders.

However, his unintentional honesty betrays his sense of commitment to the Trudeau government as he reveals that he sees from his perspective how 20% of violent offenders that were caught to his knowledge ultimately ended up being released to the public with bail.

Trudeau is Exposed

And if that wasn’t concerning enough on its own, Smyth tries to follow that up with another bombshell reiterating his opinion about needing more data to study this phenomena. So to put it in simpler and less twisty terms; this already abhorrent 20% figure could actually be way higher and we would be none the wiser to it.

The Global News anchor then proceeds to ask police chief Smyth about the catch and release scheme and how the police on the ground go about with such a procedure in regards to assessing a criminal’s right to bail or outright community release. Police chief Smyth couldn’t help himself without exposing the true dire situation under Trudeau’s policies, as he explains how it all depends on the severity of the crime and some criminals can actually be released on bail just hours after their arrest.

The police chief’s talk about the conditions depending on the severity of the crime seem to be all talk to cover his back and the back of his colleagues, because we all know this is just some liberal bullshit with no solid basis to stand on. If it really depended on the actual crime and the context through which the criminal had been caught, then we would have seen far less repeat offenders out on bail.

I mean did we all forget how the liberals paraded as the righteous saviours – that they definitely are not – in front of everyone when they finally realised they should be punishing criminals that have a repeated history of crime theft and not release them instantly on bail just for them to do the thing they got caught for? This is certainly not the behaviour of an aware government that is looking for the safety of its people and punishing criminals accordingly.

And it doesn’t help that when any one in power is questioned about what we should be doing next, their answer is to respect the criminal’s freedom and right to bail while waiting for more information and data to justly assess the situation at hand that is plaguing all Canadians.

What kind of delusion do you have to suffer from to say such a statement nonchalantly and without a second thought? How is it fair that Canadians have to wait forever while these so-called experts gather data and numbers to realise what everyone is already waking up to in the real world. Will this gathering of data stop the criminals that are wreaking havoc right now? It certainly seems like Trudeu and the liberals blatantly think so, even if reality is far harsher than their made up fiction.

The Data Doesn’t Back Up

And exactly what kind of useful data are they actually gathering here? Because as far as we are concerned and according to the Deputy Commissioner for the RCMP, there is no solid or easy two way communication and cooperation systems between the different police departments anyway.

So the science and logic is all messed up under Trudeau, but how can they justify not bringing the criminals back to jail after repeating the offence? Obviously because police departments lose track of the criminals after they are out on bail, and find it very hard to find them and catch them again.

Whatever you expected as the worst kind of answer possible to use for this question is unfortunately the one answer that the Deputy Commissioner resorts to, and the one answer that simultaneously explains a lot about the Trudeua regime and enrages every Canadian to no end.

It is like these people have no sense of self awareness and foresight. They don’t see it as a problem to lose track of a criminal with a violent history that is prone to be repeated according to all trends.

But if you are one of these people that are genuinely asking what will be the immediate consequences of such drastic negligence, then I would have to point you to the most recent tragedy that took place at the hands of a criminal out on bail, taking the life of an infant and both of their grandparents.

This is the result of a society governed by liberal buffoons that care about nothing else but themselves. They will hide these tragedies behind the fakest of sweet words, and proceed to use them for their advantage attacking other concerned individuals.

Chaos and corruption runs rampant under Trudeau, and the only way out is to boot the rotten liberal infestation out of office.

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