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Trudeau Fuming After Green Slush Fund was Exposed


The Right is Right Again

Bombshell reports rock Ottawa as the conservatives blast apart Trudeau and his latest green slush fund scandal.

The righteous conservatives successfully passed a house of common motion to fully expose the rot underneath the liberal’s green slush and send all the details for the RCMP to review.

For years, the Conservatives warned that the Liberals’ sustainable technology fund was a hotbed of shady dealings masked under the guise of environmentalism.

Now the AG’s audit confirms it – millions wasted on ineligible projects, brazen conflicts of interest unchecked, and oversight practically non-existent.

Canada needs a government that respects taxpayers, not one that abuses public trust through fiscal mismanagement and shady dealings. The Liberals’ fiscal dumpster fire stops here.

Trudeau has his Day

Every dog has their day, and every corrupt liberal scheme has its end. And the latest liberal scheme disguised under a “woke” green initiative, has been fully exposed to the public by the righteous conservative party.

Trudeau really thought he could prance around and about with yet another environmental scheme without people being suspicious and giving him the stink eye. Trudeau really thought that he would get away with funnelling millions of taxpayer money to line up his pockets without any accountability or punishments being handed out.

Trudeau works hard for his corruption, but too bad the conservative work even harder to oppose his sleazy schemes and pass motions to expose him and his crooked gang of liberals. And that is exactly what they did recently when it came to the “green slush” the liberals were so clingy about.

The conservatives successfully passed a house motion in an attempt to reveal the rot that is hiding underneath the curtain. This comes after they urged for an auditor general report and was met with catastrophic and shocking results.

Trudeau Corruption Runs Deep

Let us break the report down for you in an attempt to jog your memory about the green scheme that Trudeau has been using to steal money from hard working Canadians’ pockets just to put it in the pockets of his elite liberal friends.

The green slush fund or the Sustainable Development Technology Canada, or cleantech fund as the liberals like to call it, was reviewed by auditor general Karen Hogan. And her scathing report on the matter has sent shockwaves through the political scene in Canada.

As Conservatives have warned for years, SDTC handed out millions in improper subsidies and grants. Wanna guess how many millions worth in grants and subsidies for the liberals?

The AG found one out of six projects audited – totalling nearly 60 million – did not meet eligibility criteria. That is 60 million dollars out of hard working Canadian pockets and into the greedy Trudeau government’s fat pockets.

And if that number didn’t shock you enough then prepare to acknowledge how that number isn’t even the tip of the iceberg, because day in and day out with this investigation has uncovered misused and misplaced funds worth over 120 million dollars.

Karen Hogan revealed this drastic and damning information while making sure to point out how the Sustainable Development Technology Canada fund was rife with mismanagement and corruption from the lowest level and all the way to the top.

Reports and data were not sent in an appropriate time if at all. There was a non-existent governing entity with strict policies to oversee this whole mess. The damning thing here – apart from the misused and stolen funds – is that the foundation didn’t even bother to inform any other federal governing body of the hierarchy mess. Or maybe they chose to stay ignorant and reap all the benefits on our behalf.

Conflicts of Interest Up to your Neck

But equally concerning is the amount of conflicts of interest that has been found within this green slush fund. Wanna take a guess how many cases of conflict of interest were found against the corrupt Liberal-NDP coalition? It is not two or seven or even twenty.

The conservatives aided the auditor general Karen Hgan during her scathing report and discovered 186 unique cases of conflict of interest within the green slush fund scheme.

Yeah, you heard it right the first time. 186 cases and all the liberals could do is scramble, kick and scream while trying to ignore the hard evidence against them.

They were so desperate to hide how they stooped so low, that they painted a picture of righteousness and justice when first discussing the case, just to get a better grip on all the details and control the narrative before it gets out of hand. Too bad the narrative is spilled all over the floor for everyone to witness and lambast.

Conservative MP Michael Barret highlights how the auditor general report that exposed this latest scandal and money sink has not been issued by Trudeau or any of his liberal cronies. They actually voted against it time and time again in the house of commons. The people that did all the work to uncover the truth and expose Trudeau for his sick lies and schemes have always been the conservatives.

All that Trudeau and the crooked liberal gang did was use the environment and its safety as a charade to cover their true greedy and manipulative desires. And if this is the extent that they are allowing themselves to go to use the environment and the planet to steal taxpayers money, what makes the corrupt carbon tax any different exactly?

For too long the Liberals have treated public money as their personal political toy fund. The wanton waste at SDTC is just the latest indictment of fiscal mismanagement under Trudeau.

The conservatives however have landed a devastating blow to the liberal armour, and it is
time for us to witness true justice being relayed right in front of our eyes.

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