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Trudeau Fumbles After Reporters Grill Him on Chinese Interference


Trudeau is Cornered by Journalists on the Interference

As disturbing evidence of Beijing’s election manipulation emerges, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in full panic and damage control mode.

Rather than take the findings seriously, Trudeau is downplaying and dismissing the allegations as Conservative griping.

But the facts paint a chilling picture of China’s attempts to intimidate and propagandise its way to a Liberal victory in 2019 and 2021.

Former Conservative MPs describe feeling under relentless attack. Riding-level results show unexplainable deviations from polls. Liberal nomination contests raise alarming questions about foreign influence.

Yet Trudeau stubbornly pretends all is well, while his government drags its feet on investigating complaints.

With our sovereignty under siege by China’s aggression, we need our leaders to take election interference seriously.

Trudeau is not that leader and after the investigation concludes he should never be a leader again.

Trudeau Can’t Answer A Simple Question

In another recent news conference about housing and affordability in Canada, Trudeau pledged even more money for vain projects that will not benefit Canadians. All in a desperate attempt to gain back the young voters who now see Pierre Poilievre and common sense conservatism as their saving grace.

However, one thing Trudeau was desperate to change and deflect from that will not give him back the advantage with young voters is the ongoing inquiry about Chinese interference in Canadian elections.

Trudeau was so happy doing what he does best and announcing billions of taxpayer money funnelled into failing and useless pet projects, that he was stunned to find that all journalists wanted to ask him about the recent news and revelation coming out of the election interference inquiry.

Trudeau was asked a simple question; what does he think of the liberal MP Han Dong’s actions now that the inquiry has tabled an extensive document detailing all of the suspicious actions he has committed, and ultimately concluded that there was in fact clear evidence and pointers to Chinese interference in the Canadian elections and how it benefited Dong and negatively affected innocent conservative MP Kenny Chiu.

However, Trudeau was not born corrupt and slimy yesterday and as such he took this very simple question and contorted it to what he deemed fi to answer, and gave a virtue signalling speech about how fair the elections were and how there definitely was no interference but the liberals are hard at work trying to figure out what’s wrong.

He completely avoided the question regarding Han Dong and what he thinks of his actions and fitness to run for office now that it is confirmed that a liberal MP accepted foreign money and worked in the interest of the Chinese government and its ambitious plans to control Canada.

It was such a dumbfounding display that the interviewer had to ask the question again and highlight the part about Dong and him running as a liberal MP, only for Trudeau to condescendingly answer the same way and dodge saying anything incriminating as if he thinks it is the smartest thing to do when you are being accused of treason against Canada in favour of another global superpower in China.

He went on to act as a caring and strong Canadian leader, talking about acknowledging that foreign actors might be middling in Canadian elections just like they do with every other nation. Except we are not talking about every other nation; we are talking about Canada and we need the Canadian prime minister to answer and explain how this level of interference took place and how it will be avoided in the future.

But Trudeau is too busy talking about how much hard work his personally appointed independent panel and the RCMP and all other Canadian intelligence institutions did to get to the bottom of the issue at hand. Completely forgetting to mention or comment about the result of said probe investigations and inquiries, again.

Trudeau likes to talk a big game about how his corrupt liberal government made sure to take extreme measures all the way back in 2015, when they unfortunately first came to power, to defend against election and political interference from foreign actors looking to exploit Canada.

What goes right over his head while giving all of us his fake and goofy “confidence” smile is the irony of praising his leadership and its hard work dating all the way back to 2015 when we are talking about an interference that happened in 2019 and 2021, while Trudeau and his liberal goons were firmly in power and winning a rigged election. He didn’t do anything back then and he will do absolutely nothing right now but slow down the process to a halt, because we all knew he had his dirty hands deep into the sauce and is willing to go again for more control. If only honest Canadians weren’t so keen and determined to hold him and his crooked liberal gang accountable.

Trudeau Cries “Partisan”

A question was then asked to Trudeau regarding his feelings about the interference that he is dismissing right now, negatively affecting other politicians, namely conservative ones, and leading them to lose because of said rigged elections.

Trudeau then took it upon himself to respond in the most condescending way possible with remarks against the affected politicians and officials as he states how he understands their anger and frustration “trying to blame everything but themselves for failing to secure the votes needed”. And then he postured some more about how his liberal government is doing and has done its very best to stop an interference that already happened and affected many innocent people.

What a nice and sympathetic leader that truly understands the grave dangers of treason. The joke here is he understands it better than anyone because he himself is the biggest traitor of all, and every day of his corrupt rule solidifies the statement further and further.

Nevertheless, Trudeau just kept hammering home his saviour complex during the absolute grilling he had at the hands of journalists seeking answers.

He went on to decry once again how the conservatives are partisan hacks and that they are driving harmful and incorrect misinformation about Trudeau being personally involved in the interference inquiry and how the “independent” panel, that he personally chose by the way, briefed him more than the conservatives in the inquiry. He kept dismissing all the facts and the data right before his eyes, hoping that it would just go away and not be taken seriously like all the mishandled evidence and testimonies that the panel did not take seriously fearing it would damage Trudeau’s reputation and call into question where his true allegiance lies.

His words ring hollow and his whining about how the parties should remove all partisan aspects of the issue aside to focus on getting to the bottom of things is a sad deflection and a clear act of running away from true accountability.

The Canadian people do not trust Trudeau anymore and this Chinese interference has affected conservative MPs and cost them valuable seats in the parliament. So, of course they would act partisan and on the offensive as they try to bring down a treasonous liberal cabal that is driving Canada to the ground.

There is clear evidence that Beijing sought to manipulate the election outcome through intimidation tactics and disinformation campaigns targeting candidates who spoke out against the Chinese regime’s human rights abuses.

Conservative MP Kenny Chiu described feeling like he was “drowning” as the Canadian government stood by and watched during the campaign.

After being elected in 2019, Chiu became a target for supporting democracy in Hong Kong. He lost his seat in the 2021 election after being subjected to a smear campaign by actors linked to the Chinese government.

Chiu is not alone. Former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole credibly argues that his party lost up to nine ridings due to Chinese interference. The Conservatives’ own internal polling projections were vastly outside expected margins in multiple key battleground ridings.

O’Toole believes many right-leaning voters who told canvassers they planned to vote Conservative simply stayed home on election day.

Whether through outright intimidation or more subtle influence campaigns, China seemingly succeeded in discouraging opposition to the Liberals in select ridings.

Even more alarmingly, it appears the Chinese consulate directly interfered in a Liberal nomination contest.

Evidence suggests Chinese foreign students were bused in to vote for former Liberal MP Han Dong, potentially at the direction of Chinese diplomats. Winning the nomination was tantamount to winning the riding itself.

Rather than take these disturbing reports seriously, Trudeau seems content to ignore or downplay them. His government has dragged its feet investigating citizen complaints and refused to analyse riding-level data that could detect foreign manipulation.

A committee of MPs appointed by Trudeau found significant problems, even after all the mishandling of evidence, and yet he pretends all is well.

Trudeau’s Same Old Way

It is a tactic he kept deploying even in the heat of the initial investigation back in early 2023 where he kept defending MP Han Dong without having any evidence or data to back up his frivolous and murky claims.

Trudeau was very anxious and weary, as he responded to journalists grilling him all the way back in early 2023 with contempt and anger, repeating the same notion about his party doing its best to fix the issue and how he was choosing an independent panel with no partisan intentions, completely avoiding the myriad of hard questions about his role, what he knew, who is he protecting, how much money did the liberals make from this farce interference, and with every question the cycle of ignorance and political posturing repeats itself.

He tried to appear like he was in control and on the case, but his actions speak louder than any lousy lies coming from his mouth and when time came for questioning at the hand of conservative leader Pierre Poilievre back in early 2023, Trudeau fumbled harder than he ever could.

Poilievre questioned Trudeau on never starting a “foreign influence registry” so that Canadians may know who is lobbying who in the general elections, and foreign institutions will have to go through official channels if they want to lobby certain individuals.

Critical thinking and brain functions were on vacation that day, with trudeau responding to the question by resorting to childish ad hominem directed at Polievre’s past work and
avoiding anything to do with the subject matter.

Poilievre then tried cornering Trudeau on the fact that his liberal party and a lot of the crooked officials within it have accepted money from China, and as such they should return all the money donated from China now that we know about the nature of the election interference. What an easy question with a clear answer that will get people behind you again. Trudeau definitely used what little brain power he has to declare that he is in fact returning the money that is tarnishing their reputation right?

Wrong, and you know it. Trudeau instead did the unthinkable and went on a tangent regarding election interference happening everywhere else and not Canada alone. What was his goal here exactly you may ask? Just like every time he is cornered like a scared puppy he resorts to tangents, repetition and in extreme cases outright lies.

Pierre Poilievre and other conservative MPs then lambasted Trudeau’s slow due process and tedious methods to conduct important investigations that will take years before anything concrete or damning comes out to the light. They even warned all of us about him choosing the panel personally that will put him in a favourable position regarding the interference.

He is trying to give himself an out by slowly dragging everything around for an increasingly unnecessary amount of time and then he will slink away from accountability scott free. And now we are seeing the results of this ongoing malicious scheme.

The Conservatives were right to sound the alarm about China’s election interference.

The evidence is clear that Beijing attempted to shape the outcome in 2021. Canada’s sovereignty and democratic governance are under threat by the Chinese regime’s aggressive worldwide influence operations.

The future of free and fair elections in Canada is at stake. And it is all thanks to Trudeau and his crooked liberal gang

Only one common sense solution lies at the end of the dark tunnel; Trudeau must go.

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