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Trudeau Forced to Flee As Protesters Mob Him


It’s no secret that people are tired of Justin Trudeau. So much so that the Prime Minister was literally bombarded with protesters while having dinner at a restaurant in Vancouver. 

For Trudeau, this angry mob was yet another sign that his popularity is quickly dwindling.

After 8 years of his reign, Trudeau’s policies have left many Canadians feeling the squeeze. Between the costly carbon tax, a severe housing crisis, and inflation soaring to levels not seen in decades, the financial stress on ordinary people is at an all-time high. Before discontent with Trudeau and his Liberal government was simmering just below the surface, but now it’s boiling over.

Is Justin Trudeau’s empire finally coming to an end?

On November 14th, Trudeau was bombarded with protesters while he was cozying up at a Vancouver restaurant, with protestors outside chanting: “Justin Trudeau, you can’t hide.”

From his lofty perch in Ottawa, Trudeau seemed distant from the daily struggles of citizens. But being hounded by protesters in his own city drove home the fact that after 8 years of the Liberal government, support is waning fast. 

As Trudeau hurriedly wrapped up his meal under a din of shouts and jeers, it was clear his leadership is facing a perfect storm. His vision for the country no longer aligns with the realities ordinary Canadians are facing.

Some Canadians might look back at when he was first elected and remember his popularity and hopeful vision for the future which inspired political change. But a lot has changed since 2015, something Trudeau is gradually realizing. 

What happened in these 8 years that Canadians are so disappointed with Trudeau that he is mobbed outside of a restaurant?  

With skyrocketing prices, and an escalating housing crisis, Canadians can barely afford basic necessities. So much so that under Trudeau Canada hit a new record – but not a good one. Thanks to the financial strain many are experiencing – 2 million Canadians are turning to food banks for resources.

Another report from Food Banks Canada found that this year, food bank usage rose to its highest level since the survey started in 1989.

When people are struggling to buy food, that is usually the time to find ways to support Canadians and reduce costs, but instead Trudeau has pushed through his notorious carbon tax. 

This tax not only affects families trying to heat their homes, but it also hurts farmers who create the food those families buy at the grocery store. The tax on farmers and the tax on transportation effectively raises the cost of food as well – something Trudeaus has defended by saying his climate action incentive will mitigate the damage done by his policy.  

It doesn’t seem like Trudeau has effectively prioritized relief for Canadians anywhere in his policy. 

And while the Liberals under Trudeau have made a big show of caring about climate change and portraying the Conservatives as climate change deniers – the truth is, they haven’t accomplished much themselves.

They are set to miss their own 2030 targets, and they didn’t meet targets under the Kyoto Protocol or the Paris Agreement either. 

But in all fairness, eventually Trudeau did listen (PAUSE)  to the polls that is. 

Trudeau hoped his 3 year exemption on home heating oil would be enough to win over voters once again. Boy was he wrong about that.  

This move just exposed how big a scam his carbon tax really is. After all, if Trudeau can just reverse policies whenever his polling is down then it doesn’t seem like his climate agenda is as important as he likes to pretend. 

Not to mention that this reversal offended hard-core environmentalists and Liberal MPs in other ridings who aren’t getting the same treatment as those in the Atlantic. 

And most importantly, Canadians who heat with natural gas or other fuels are furious that heating oil is getting a tax break but their’s isn’t. Where is the fairness in taxing cleaner natural gas but not high-polluting oil?

Basically Trudeau tried to appease one group but ended up upsetting Canadians across the political spectrum. Now he’s in a no-win situation on the carbon tax issue. 

It shows the Liberals’ climate strategy has major flaws they ignored for years because they could just point fingers at the Conservatives. But now their hypocrisy on the issue is coming back to bite them.

Even the NDP is unhappy with Trudeau, since they initially sided with Conservatives on their motion to get rid of the carbon tax.

Not just that, but it sounds like Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are at odds with the Liberals’ plan for a new national pharmacare program. They’ve been pushing the Liberals to meet the end-of-year deadline according to their deal to pass legislation, but it doesn’t look like the two parties see eye-to-eye yet. 

Singh has attacked the Liberals for being too focused on keeping the big pharmaceutical companies happy instead of making sure Canadians can actually afford their meds. Speaking with reporters outside a cooperative housing unit in Toronto, Singh made it clear where he stands on Justin Trudeau’s policies.

According to a recent report by the parliamentary budget officer their plan would cost the government about $11.2 billion in the first year alone, but lead to long-term savings down the line. Even with only a few weeks left, Singh thinks they can still get something done by the deadline if the Liberals are willing to compromise more.

Pharmacare legislation is just the latest sticking point in the NDP and Liberals relationship. But one thing is for sure, the NDP, the Conservatives, and Canadians everywhere are all collectively sick and tired of Trudeau.

It seems this exasperation extends to the world stage as well since Trudeau faced another uphill battle at the APEC summit in California. 

Unfortunately, Trudeau is not as charming or as persuasive as he thinks he is which has only contributed to Canada’s deteriorating relationship with India and China. 

While Prime Minister Modi was not present for the APEC summit, it’s difficult to forget how Trudeau’s visit to India for the GOP summit ended in shambles last time. Now Canada-India ties are at their lowest point in years after Trudeau fanned anti-Indian sentiment by embracing separatist Khalistani extremists and paused discussions for a trade deal with India. 

It must have come as a surprise to Trudeau when he looked around for allies in his fight with India, and found no one there. It’s almost as if other world leaders know better than to get in a fight with India right now. 

Setting aside the tumultuous relationship with India, Trudeau’s relationship with China is also turbulent. 

Many Canadians are rightly concerned with Chinese election interference and intimidation. With the mutual expulsion of diplomats over leaked CSIS reports, the relationship has sunk to an all-time low

Now China has accused Canada of carrying out “malicious and provocative” actions in the South China Sea which signals what will likely be an escalation in tensions. 

With this geopolitical backdrop, its a little puzzling that Trudeau’s key talking point at the summit was promoting Canadian efforts to foster more efficient food production and healthier supply chains.

So if you’re wondering why Trudeau was mobbed outside the restaurant in Vancouver or booed at a concert in Toronto, just pick a reason. There seems to be so many reasons to be dissatisfied with Trudeau these days and so few reasons to be pleased.

Polling clearly shows how Canadians feel about the Prime Minister with over half viewing him negatively. Even Liberals are wondering if it’s time for a change in their party leadership. 

After all, Trudeau has been Prime Minister for 8 years now. That’s a lot of time to get to know a person, and after all of his out of touch policies it’s easy to see how Canada got to its current state.

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