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Trudeau Faces the Ire of Premiers over Immigration


Temporary Immigration Troubles

Chaos reigns as Justin Trudeau’s immigration policies and subsequent funding spark outrage across Canada. The stage is set for an epic showdown between an aloof Prime Minister and irate provincial premiers.

Trudeau’s half-hearted attempts to manage the swelling tide of migrants have achieved little beyond infuriating leaders from coast to coast.

His gargantuan funding to provinces like Quebec has premiers like David Eby of British Columbia expressing his frustration alongside other western premiers.

Eby revealed that Western leaders are fuming over Trudeau lavishing money on Quebec to offset immigration costs. He argued B.C. deserves an equal share to cope with the 10,000 migrants arriving every month.

With Premiers uniting against him, Trudeau faces his ultimate test. Will he rise to the challenge or will his policies be his undoing?

Trudeau on the Receiving End of Frustration

Every step Trudeau tries to take forward in a weak and almost afterthought effort to further better Canada for everyday hard working Canadians, he somehow finds a way to take three massive steps back.

And now his contentious solutions to the increasing surge of temporary immigrants across Canada’s provinces has almost all the premiers either in a state of concern, disappointment, or absolutely frustrated.

This shockingly culminated with one unexpected individual voicing their anger and frustration on behalf of the other Canadian premiers. I am talking about none other than British Columbia’s very own corrupt NDP premier, David Eby.

Yeah, it is the same man that keeps fumbling his duties as a representation of the needs of the people in British Columbia. It is the same man that facilitated a massive drug crisis in the province – that is still not even remotely close to being over, and then backpedalled on his arguments when innocent Canadians were dropping around him like flies and he couldn’t do a goddamn thing about it.

Now, the incompetent and corrupt NDP goon is having issues with the way Trudeau is burning the taxpayers money away and focusing on solving the immigration crisis for eastern provinces and neglecting all the other western provinces.

Eby expressed his deep rooted frustration with the arrangement that Trudeau had with Ontario and Quebec at the tail end of the annual Western Premiers’ Conference.

During the conference, Eby talked about Trudeau giving away over 750 million dollars to a province like Quebec in an effort to combat the surge of temporary residents within the province, and how this is unacceptable considering British Columbia receives up to 10,000 immigrants every 37 days according to his calculation, but they are not even getting a quarter of the same funding.

Trudeau Faces A Revolt

But he didn’t just leave it there, oh no. Eby hinted at a meeting with other western premiers where frustrations were all around the table in regards to Trudeau ignorantly neglecting their own immigration troubles and avoiding to fund any plans to facilitate their concerns.

Eby was adamant to not name names but he felt it was important to announce that other premiers are fuming with anger at Trudeau for starting the immigration crisis and then leaving them off to fend for themselves and beg for any sort of federal aid.

Since Trudeau can easily fund one province with a gargantuan amount of taxpayer money to fix the mess that he and his crooked liberals started in the first place, he could fund other provinces’ needs and demands when it comes to immigration just as easily. Eby echoes these remarks and explains how Trudeau can offer a per capita share.

Not Even Allies Are Satisfied

But you know what is really funny about this whole situation with the western premiers revolting? It is the fact that the eastern premiers – that were on the receiving end of Trudeau’s unexplainable favouritism, are not completely happy with the funding either.

Quebec’s premier François Legault, talked at a conference lately and opened up about being disappointed with the sum of money that Trudeau is throwing their way to help ease the temporary immigration crisis in the province.

Legault revealed that he asked Trudeau for over 1 billion dollars – and that is a sum that was toned down greatly as well. But Trudeau responded to the premier’s pleas by simply giving him 750 million dollars and hoping he makes immense use out of it.

Legault stated that he will accept this sum of money but he will continue pestering the prime minister for more, because it is simply not enough to accommodate all the temporary migrants seeking refuge in Quebec.

So we have western premiers frustrated about not getting the necessary funding to help against immigration problems, and we have eastern premiers wanting more money and not being satisfied with Trudeau’s handouts. How did we get here exactly? How did Trudeau manage to piss off two sides with one action? The answer is to simply look around you and realise that Trudeau dug a hole so deep for himself and the liberals with all their “woke” policies, that they can never hope to fill it back up and backpedal.

What we are seeing right now is the results of incompetence and liberal ignorance, when so many Canadians have been warning Trudeau of the immigration path that he has taken for so long.

And he still plays the game by the liberal playbook and avoids any and all accountability on the subject.

Take his most recent press conference for example, where he talks about the great meeting with premier Legault like the man did not just talk about his disappointment with Trudeau’s assessment and what he deems as necessary level of help.

Trudeau talks about helping and aiding Quebec with their plans, but somehow he will not fund any of those plans fully for some reason.

He then lays the groundwork for the argument of Quebec being responsible for most of the migrants in the province, before talking about the importance of the measure that he is taking to grow the economy.

And when confronted about Legault’s comments, Trudeau uses the groundwork he laid earlier and avoids any amount of responsibility by claiming the premier is talking about targets and figures without a plan in mind and that is why they should aim to work with the liberals more and use Trudeau’s plans to facilitate the process. He then proceeds to lay the full blame of temporary immigrants on Quebec.

Imagine being this much of a smug asshole about a crisis that you advocated for since the first day you undeservedly held power over the Canadian people. And imagine having the audacity to claim right wing ideologies are the reason for the division and corruption we are seeing today.

No shame and no self awareness; that’s the Trudeau way everyone.

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