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Trudeau Faces Revolt As Ex-Liberals Slam Migrant Scheme


Two former Trudeau loyalists Exposes His Scheme

Two former Trudeau loyalists just unleashed a blistering attack on our virtue-signaling PM, exposing the outright disaster his migrant mismanagement has become.

Ex Liberal ministers Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock delivered a brutal smackdown, blasting Trudeau’s outrageous new scheme to toss migrants in federal jail cells. They called out the plan in a bombshell letter that signals an open revolt against clueless Trudeau within his own party.

Their vicious attack on Trudeau’s crap judgment shows even longtime supporters have had it up to here with Mr Dressup bungling critical issues.

This flaming migrant crisis dumpster fire exists purely because of Trudeau’s reckless virtue signaling.

Our PM’s genius solution? Sweep the chaos under the rug by locking migrants up in jails. Out of sight, out of mind, right? It’s government by vanity over facts.

Trudeau created this flaming mess by tweeting feel-good fantasies divorced from reality. Now his prison detention scheme aims to bury the human impacts instead of fixing the actual problems.

It’s time for Trudeau to own the crisis his own boneheaded policies manufactured. But will Canada’s virtue-signaling-in-chief listen to rational voices in his party pleading for a fact-based approach? Or bumble on with his trademark tone-deafness?

Axworthy and Rock Oppose Trudeau Plan

In a stunning betrayal of Justin Trudeau and a major blow to the Liberal government, Former Liberal ministers Lloyd Axworthy and Allan Rock have dealt a major blow to Justin Trudeau by publicly blasting his outrageous new scheme to detain migrants in federal prisons.

Their harsh criticism really lays bare the deepening mess within Trudeau’s own party over his disastrous handling of the migrant crisis.

Axworthy and Rock have joined 85 organizations opposing Trudeau’s proposal to toss “high-risk” migrants in prison after the provinces refused to keep housing them in provincial jails. The former ministers lambasted this appalling plan in an open letter, declaring “Federal prisons are not the answer.”


Their gutsy smackdown of Trudeau’s bad decision-making shows how more and more Liberals are standing up against their leader’s incompetence on important issues.

The fact that these long-time supporters felt the need to openly bash Trudeau’s detainee plan shows his hold over the party he once ruled is slipping.

And let’s not forget, none of this chaos would be happening if Trudeau hadn’t recklessly thrown open Canada’s borders to a crazy number of migrants in the first place.

His tweets trying to look all virtuous and welcoming to migrants were like candy to leftist activists. But they showed a real childish lack of understanding about what was bound to happen next.

Canada was clearly not ready for this sudden massive influx, lacking the housing, healthcare, and community resources to handle it responsibly.

But Trudeau, undeterred, just kept on with his feel-good signaling, brushing off anyone who raised concerns about capacity as “negative” and “un-Canadian.”

And now, after years of problems caused by this short-sighted idea, Trudeau’s latest bright idea is to just chuck migrants into federal prisons.

It’s a perfect example of how Trudeau’s government has totally bungled the migration issue—instead of actually caring or planning ahead, they just sweep problems under the rug after the fact.

Trudeau’s whole “sunny ways” thing might sound nice, but it doesn’t hold up against the real challenges of governing. Justin Trudeau’s more interested in posing for the cameras than in actually fixing the messes his policies create for everyday folks.

Trudeau thought he could just jack up migrant numbers without even talking to the provinces properly. It was totally nuts. There wasn’t a decent plan in place to help these people out. He just strutted around saying nice-sounding stuff while the whole system got swamped.

And now that the provinces have basically said, “No way,” to keeping Trudeau’s migrants in their jails, His Royal Wokeness is left scratching his head.

The only thing he can think of? Shoving them into federal prisons instead. Talk about ego-driven governance gone wild.

Axworthy and Rock are totally fed up with Trudeau’s stubborn refusal to learn from the mess his dumb policies have caused over the years.

In a scathing letter, they implored him “Your government should instead invest in community-based organizations that would provide support to migrants and asylum seekers awaiting clarification of their immigration status, and ultimately end immigration detention altogether.”

But even when ministers try to talk some sense into Trudeau, he just tunes them out. He’s too stubborn to admit when he messes up.

Instead, he barrels ahead with this dumb prison idea, totally clueless about why locking people up is a bad move. Even his own Liberal buddies can see Trudeau is way out of his depth.

Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Marc Miller has chillingly described the migrants to be jailed as “high-risk” and often with “severe mental health problems.” But Conservative MP Arpan Khanna exposed his lies.

If Trudeau was truly concerned about Canadians’ safety and livelihoods, he never would have recklessly allowed policies that endangered society.

But now the government has created dangers they don’t know how to handle. Their solution is to throw problems into our already overrun, under-resourced prisons.

What sense does that make? It is an admission that the government’s own careless choices have overwhelmed the system. But their response is only to double-down on stuffing people into unsuitable facilities.

This wacko logic exposes Trudeau’s government that legislates first and scrambles to manage consequences later. A responsible leader considers a policy’s impacts before acting. But this government ignores experts and reality, then uses unattainable tactics to hide their failures.
Conservatives saw right through Trudeau’s pipe dream of flooding the country with migrants from day one. Now everyone’s seeing the mess his government’s incompetence has created.

Throwing migrants into prisons that aren’t even fit for the job is a new low, but honestly, it’s exactly what you’d expect from Trudeau’s boneheaded policies.

Even Liberals like Axworthy and Rock have had it up to here with Trudeau’s epic lack of judgment. Their party’s getting stained by their leader’s refusal to own up to his mistakes and change course.

Canadians are the ones getting the short end of the stick thanks to Trudeau’s wild idea that he could ramp up immigration without having proper support systems in place.

It was a half-baked plan from the get-go. And now, after years of chaos caused by Trudeau’s clueless optimism, things just keep getting worse.

Trudeau’s Failure Knows No Bounds

Trudeau didn’t see the crisis coming. He didn’t bother with any careful thinking or planning, and now we’re in a real mess.

And to top it off, his bright idea to toss migrants in prison is a total violation of human rights. It’s just a smokescreen to hide his own screw-ups, because he still won’t face the facts on the ground. This never-ending cycle of screw-ups is exactly why Trudeau needs to get the boot.

Even ex-liberal big shots like Axworthy and Rock have kinda given up on Trudeau’s leadership. Trudeau’s like, totally out of touch and lacks common sense, which has messed up Canada pretty bad.

And this isn’t even the first time we hear about ex liberal ministers slamming Trudeau; we’ve been hearing one after the other attacking Trudeau’s lack of leadership.

This is exactly the same situation that retired Lieutenant General and former Liberal MP, Andrew Leslie, found himself in when criticizing Trudeau’s abysmal defense spending that might as well leave Canada defenseless and bare.

“The current prime minister of Canada is not serious about defense. Full stop,” is what the former Liberal MP Andrew Leslie bluntly stated regarding the state of Canada’s armed forces, even after Trudeau’s weak attempt at further investing.

The old-school Liberals can’t believe what they’re seeing as Trudeau stumbles from one mess to another.

They know Canada deserves better than this guy who’s more about showing off his virtues than actually getting things done. Trudeau got handed power on a silver platter because of his name, but he’s proved time and again he’s not up to the job.

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