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Trudeau Faces Lawsuit Over Convoy Crackdown


Prime Minister Trudeau and his Deputy minister Chrystia Freeland had cracked down hard on peaceful protesters by freezing their bank accounts and unleashing aggressive police tactics. 

Well, it looks like karma has finally caught up with them. On the two year anniversary of Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act, multiple lawsuits were just announced seeking damages for civil rights violations.

These lawsuits allege that the government trampled on citizens’ basic freedoms by going after organisers like Tamara Lich with unlawful asset freezes. And let’s not forget – a court already ruled Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act violated the Charter!

Now the folks who faced rubber bullets and tear gas have fired back – with multi-million dollar lawsuits. Who could blame them? Getting your account frozen and shot at with so-called “war measures” seems like it deserves some accountability.

After years of acting like he’s above public scrutiny, it looks like Trudeau’s questionable decisions are finally catching up to him. These lawsuits could cost Canadian taxpayers big time just because Trudeau couldn’t resist his dramatic overreach. 

Maybe next time the PM will think twice before unleashing the Emergencies Act on people exercising their right to protest. But for now – his government’s turn in the courtroom hot seat has arrived. 

Prime Minister Trudeau’s chickens have finally come home to roost. His heavy-handed crackdown on peaceful protesters is now facing major legal blowback.

On the two-year anniversary of Trudeau deploying the Emergencies Act, multiple lawsuits hit his government seeking damages for egregious civil rights violations. These legal actions allege Trudeau’s administration stripped away basic freedoms by unlawfully targeting protest organisers like Tamara Lich with punitive asset freezes and bank account seizures.

Why? Simply because they dared to demonstrate against his pandemic policies. A court already deemed Trudeau’s emergency powers unlawful and a violation of the Charter. But he arrogantly ignored this and ploughed ahead with his iron-fisted response, unleashing what amounted to war measures against his own citizens.

Canadian protesters faced barrages of rubber bullets and tear gas for merely exercising their constitutional rights. Now Trudeau’s victims are fighting back where it hurts – in the courts. Yet he still acts as though he can do no wrong, refusing to admit mistakes or show remorse.

Tamara Lich marked the dark anniversary with biting sarcasm about the government assaulting dissenters “for their own good.” Trudeau clearly felt entitled to crush opposition by force rather than engage in democratic discourse.

But his days of acting above public accountability seem numbered. These lawsuits could end up costing taxpayers dearly for his intolerance of dissent and dramatic overreach. Trudeau wrongly believed he could silence critics with impunity. Now his abuses of power are catching up to him.

Perhaps next time he’ll think twice before attacking Canadians’ Charter freedoms. For now, his reckoning has arrived. The legal fireworks are just starting as Trudeau finally faces consequences for his authoritarian tactics and disdain for opposition. Call it karma for the prime minister who punished protest while acting as though he alone speaks for Canada.

Freedom of speech – a fundamental Charter right that many Canadians have long taken for granted. Yet disturbing signs have emerged indicating this core freedom faces mounting threats under Justin Trudeau’s government.

Through aggressive crackdowns, legal stonewalling, and intolerance of dissent, the Trudeau administration has cultivated a chilling climate for open expression. Critics argue his heavy-handed measures to silence opposition signal an erosion of democratic principles in Canada.

The warning signs first surfaced during Trudeau’s harsh suppression of the peaceful “Freedom Convoy” protests in early 2022. Citizen truckers demonstrating against pandemic restrictions faced riot police armed with tear gas, rubber bullets and brute force. Protest organisers found their bank accounts frozen without due process simply for speaking out.

Rather than thoughtfully engaging with protesters, Trudeau took the autocratic route – unleashing emergency powers instead of dialogue. Peaceful truckers faced brute police force rather than attempts to address their concerns.

Organisers like Lich were silenced through asset freezes without due process. Trudeau didn’t even try good-faith discussions before attacking dissent.

Now the PM won’t substantively answer for his actions despite extensive questioning. He evades accountability and refuses to justify violating Charter rights.

Emergency powers were the quick fix of a leader unwilling to sincerely engage critics. Thoughtful solutions were ignored in favour of heavy-handedness, damaging civil liberties.

Trudeau keeps dodging scrutiny, offering no credible defence or remorse for his abuses of power. He rules by executive force instead of open-minded leadership. Canadians deserve better than this strongman governance.

Trudeau’s government also stands accused of an opaque culture of secrecy, blocking access to information and silencing scientists who voice concerns. Even bringing a Charter challenge of policies can mean being cut off from government funding, as activist groups like the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms experienced firsthand.

Canadians have seen family doctors censured just for questioning vaccine mandates, and authorities attempt to ban protesting outside abortion clinics through bubble zones. All signs of diminishing space for dissenting speech, even on contentious policy issues.

Trudeau’s vision for Canada seems increasingly less open to opposing views. His government has lavished public funding on media outlets delivering favourable coverage, leaving objective reporting sidelined. Legacy journalists who tow his party’s line are rewarded through grants and bailouts.

With voices of dissent maligned, shouted down or outright silenced, experts worry the range of acceptable speech in Canada continues narrowing. Independent thought itself risks being branded “dangerous” when it clashes with those in power.

Mr. Trudeau maintains the champions free expression, but his intolerance of dissent speaks volumes. How a society treats its critics remains the true test of freedom. As Orwell once warned, “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, persecution abounds for those who dare challenge government overreach and distorted narratives. The shoddy treatment of lawyer Eva Chipiuk makes her a textbook case of the reprisals now facing dissenting voices under Trudeau’s administration.

Despite handling nationally important cases, Chipiuk has faced overt persecution from Ottawa for confronting abuses of power. She represented truckers fighting unconstitutional vaccine mandates and even cross-examined Trudeau himself on his Emergencies Act violations.

Yet the legal community’s high esteem hasn’t protected Chipiuk from vindictive measures by the state. Her bank accounts were frozen just for legally advising Freedom Convoy organisers. The Justice Centre she works for faced defunding after challenging COVID rules in court.

Even Canada’s state-funded media outlets like the Liberal-sponsored CBC deliberately exclude Chipiuk. Despite handling landmark cases, she gets no coverage or profiles celebrating her work holding power to account.

It seems like the sins of Trudeau’s past may have finally come back to haunt him. After years of acting impervious to public scrutiny, the Prime Minister now faces a day of reckoning as lawsuits and unanswered questions pile up.

Between court battles over his Emergencies Act overreach and key figures like Eva Chipiuk questioning his heavy-handed tactics, Trudeau’s tear gas and asset freezes are poised for blowback. And his finance minister Chrystia Freeland isn’t immune either, facing her own accusations of misleading Canadians.

After repeatedly dismissing legitimate dissent as fringe or racist, Trudeau suddenly finds his narrative unravelling. Turns out trampling charter rights and dodging accountability has consequences after all.

Trudeau may discover he can’t keep claiming the moral high ground if his government’s shady decisions keep getting exposed under scrutiny. The cracks in his progressive image are starting to show.

So will the Prime Minister continue governing by suppressing opposition with an iron fist? Or could mounting legal pressure and public awareness finally inspire a change in his arrogant, siloed approach? For the sake of Canada’s democracy, let’s hope it’s the latter.

The truth has a way of coming out eventually, no matter how hard you try to freeze it. Trudeau is now facing a reckoning on multiple fronts. If he wants to regain Canadians’ trust, the time for transparency is long overdue. But don’t hold your breath waiting for apologies.

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