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Trudeau Faces A New Unethical Scandal


A New Day, A New Corruptive Scandal With Trudeau

Another day, another alarming report of sole-sourced government contracts being steered to a well-connected firm by the Trudeau Liberals. 

Canada’s procurement watchdog has turned up troubling findings about how one major consulting company secured lucrative federal deals worth $117 million, mostly without competition.

The report raises familiar questions about backroom favoritism and cronyism within Liberal circles, this time involving a firm entangled in past international scandals.

Though light on specifics for now, the watchdog’s review seems poised to spur fresh scrutiny of the government’s cozy ties and flawed oversight enabling corporate windfalls at taxpayer expense. For critics, it underscores the need for greater transparency and accountability in government contracting.

On a new corruptive day for Justin Trudeau and his government, a report by Canada’s procurement ombudsman Alexander Jeglic provided insights into the concerning rise in sole-sourced government contracts awarded to consulting firm McKinsey between 2011 to 2022. 

The report reveals McKinsey was awarded $117 million in federal contracts, with most being sole-sourced without proper justification. This sets a troubling precedent of favoritism in the procurement process.

As the report indicates, the number of lucrative contracts awarded to McKinsey began increasing significantly in 2018 under the Liberal government, rising dramatically in 2019 through 2022. This growth in uncompleted contracts to one firm, This suggests the cozy Liberal-McKinsey relationship is driving procurement, not fair process.

The primary conduit for McKinsey’s government cash grab is a Liberal-approved national standing offer that allowed McKinsey to be handed contracts without bidding against competitors. However, as Jeglic discovered, even this standing offer failed to follow proper sole-source justification requirements. Sole-sourcing at its worst.

Furthermore, the report notes that most call-up contracts under the standing offer lacked details on McKinsey’s specific work, hampering oversight. The combination of a potentially improper non-competitive standing offer.

Allowing McKinsey to take taxpayer money with minimal accountability. This is the epitome of government waste and mismanagement under Trudeau’s watch. But it gets worse. Jeglic also identified competitively bid contracts potentially rigged to benefit McKinsey.

In some cases, bidding terms were suspiciously altered so McKinsey qualified. In another case, McKinsey was awarded the contract after the original winner was ousted under odd circumstances. 

Taken together, these findings create an undeniable perception that the Trudeau Liberals steer contracts to their well-connected friends at McKinsey through a variety of shady means. So much for Trudeau’s promised sunny ways and ethical government cloth.

This comes as no surprise, given the litany of contracting scandals under Trudeau’s government. The auditor general’s scorching report on the over-budget, privatized ArriveCan app is one of many examples of Liberal mismanagement. Yet Trudeau remains unrepentant.

“Collectively, these observations create a strong perception of favoritism towards McKinsey,” Jeglic wrote of some of the competitive contracting processes.

The McKinsey report confirms alarming problems in Liberal oversight of procurement and contracting. They claim to support transparency but their actions enable opaque and unethical practices that serve corporate cronies over the taxpayer.

Trudeau Uses Favoritism Over Logic

As reported last year with valid concerns around Mckinsey & Company, Public services and procurement Canada have raised a flag around liberals awarding 23 contracts worth $100 million since 2015, including 3 competitive processes and 20 single sourced.

Moreover, it was reported that the company has been in scandals in South Africa, China and the US. Justin Trudeau and his government clearly turned a blind eye on such an alarming reputation, defending the use of consultants claiming they do things the best way to serve the Canadians in the best way. Clearly not if you’re using taxpayers money with no outcome.

Trudeau’s lackadaisical approach to procurement has bred a culture of waste and favoritism toward firms like McKinsey. Stronger sole-source justification rules could help but real change requires voting out the Liberals and their habit of playing fast and loose with public funds.

With the Trudeau government’s cozy relationship with consulting firm Mckinsey & Company, On January 11, 2023. Reports revealed $66 million in untendered contracts awarded to the firm under Trudeau’s watch, and the Prime Minister has been forced to launch a review. But Trudeau’s promise rings hollow given his government’s track record of putting corporate cronies first.

According to Trudeau, the contracts were supposedly to “modernize and improve public service delivery.” However, the massive 30-fold increase in deals awarded to McKinsey since Trudeau took power suggests otherwise. This looks more like backroom favoritism than efficient use of taxpayer dollars. Conservatives have long warned against such opaque sole-sourcing.

Trudeau also promised the typical routine “follow-up,” Canadians have heard this empty gesture before. After the WE Charity and SNC-Lavalin scandals, Trudeau made similar claims only to be evasive and unaccountable once the headlines faded. His reassurances are not working anymore.

And just when you think the Liberals couldn’t get involved in any more scandals, the latest report from Canada’s procurement watchdog paints a troubling picture of how the federal bureaucracy has bent over backwards to favor consulting firm McKinsey under the Liberal government. Time and again, standard procurement strategies were suspiciously altered to allow McKinsey to secure lucrative contracts worth millions. This reeks of backroom favoritism.

As the report documents, normal competitive bidding processes were changed to accommodate McKinsey’s eligibility. In other cases, McKinsey was made the sole compliant bidder after dubious re-evaluations disqualified competitors. The report rightly concludes these actions create a perception of bias toward McKinsey within procurement branches.

There is no justification for why federal public servants could not perform the tasks that were instead outsourced to McKinsey. Yet, Trudeau decided to favor his friends at McKinsey anyway.

This cronyism is unsurprising given McKinsey’s head Dominic Barton’s close ties to Trudeau and Liberal caucus members. Barton served on the Liberals’ Advisory Council on Economic Growth and Indo-Pacific Advisory Committee. Barton also introduced Trudeau when he spoke at the World Economic Forum. Furthermore, Barton conceived the failed and scandalous Canada Infrastructure Bank. McKinsey under Barton’s leadership paid nearly $600 million over its role in fueling the opioid crisis.

Despite this unethical track record, Trudeau granted McKinsey and Barton over $100 million in contracts. McKinsey’s other transgressions include illegally boosting opioid sales and facing corruption probes in South Africa and France. McKinsey also held a retreat near Uighur detention centers in China. Yet Trudeau rewarded his well-connected friend Barton anyway through preferential contracts.

The Liberals talk a big game about fairness, ethics and transparency. But reports like this expose how their practices enable corporate backroom deals that shortchange taxpayers. Only Conservatives can be trusted to ensure competitive fairness in government contracting.

Canadians deserve to know contracts are awarded based on merit, not cozy connections. This report gives ample reason to believe the system is stacked to benefit Liberal-friendly consultants like McKinsey at the expense of taxpayers.

While Liberals line the pockets of insiders, Conservatives would ensure an open, competitive bidding process that serves the public interest rather than political cronies. Real accountability in procurement is needed.

The McKinsey case highlights systemic failures in federal procurement that let well-connected firms feed at the taxpayer trough. Conservatives will institute reforms to safeguard competitive, ethical contracting practices that respect the Canadian taxpayer.

Misconduct Of Canadian’s Money At It’s Finest

Going back in time to the ArriveCan allegations of misconduct that began in November 2022,  The unfolding ArriveCan scandal provided a sobering case study in Liberal mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. Despite repeated government assurances, investigations by the auditor general, procurement watchdog, and now the CBSA itself revealed serious misconduct in how this unnecessary app was procured.

Of course, the Prime Minister insists he has “full confidence” in the bureaucrats involved despite clear reasons for concern. This tired routine of refusing accountability has become signature Trudeau. He maintains the ArriveCan fiasco is simply public servants not following “rigorous” Liberal protocols.

But the buck stops with the PM and cabinet for fostering a culture enabling mismanagement. The exaggerated need for ArriveCan allowed Liberals to funnel tens of millions to consultants and irresponsibly outsource vital border security roles. Conservatives warned against this from the outset.

Of course, average hard working Canadians follow every reporting rule and regulation or face consequences. But Liberal-connected firms like GC Strategies faced no repercussions for dubious deals handing them millions in ArriveCan contracts. There is a clear double-standard.

The ArriveCan mess joins a growing list of Liberal misadventures with public funds. When will Liberals be held accountable for repeatedly failing Canadians?

Trudeau has been a Prime Minister for 8 years, 8 years full of hollow promises, empty pledges and wasting Canadians Money, Canada is now ranked at number 4 among countries that have the highest debt at 102%. 

On Trudeau’s watch, the average income needed to own a home has skyrocketed from 39% to 63.5%. Uncontrolled immigration and insufficient housing construction have left young Canadians struggling to enter the market. Yet Liberals pretend helplessly shocked by a crisis of their own making.

Trudeau once promised affordable housing in 2015. Eight budgets later, the dream of ownership is still receding for many Canadians. Rather than take responsibility, Liberals offer more talk, slogans and half-baked ideas. Canadians have seen this film before.

Just as with out-of-control inflation, the Liberal response to housing unaffordability has been lethargic at best. They ignored warning signs, choosing woke virtue-signaling over responsible policy. Regular Canadians pay the price while Liberals delay action.

Liberals pledge access to the middle class as if this crisis emerged overnight, not on their watch. In reality, a generation has grown up knowing only skyrocketing costs and declining hope of home ownership under Trudeau’s leadership.

When Trudeau suggests he has suddenly discovered the gravity of this housing crisis, Canadians rightly scoff. It rings hollow after 8 years of ignoring Conservative calls for concrete measures to expand supply.

Canadians deserve a government that respects taxpayers and stewards public dollars with accountability. But Trudeau and his cabinet of spendthrift corporatists have failed miserably on this front.

Conservatives understand that fair competition, not backroom Liberal connections, should drive government contracting. This report gives ample reason to believe the system is rigged under Trudeau’s watch. Canadians deserve better.

With a government full of Corruption, Favoritism and spending taxpayers money liberal insiders become richer every day. Only Conservatives will use every measure possible to bring home accountability for Canadians and cut corruption.

Trudeau Beating World’s Record Of Hypocrisy

Last Thursday, Larry Brock stated that the prime minister is not worth the cost of the corruption that Canadians are dealing with as he and his government has spent over $21 billion on outside consultants.

Being a hypocrite is definitely Justin Trudeau’s unique characteristic, spending billions in a span of two weeks since the beginning of April, 2024 announcing new programs everyday, pretending he cares about the Canadians and how this will be beneficial in the future.

Instead of helping struggling Canadians with the unaffordable cost of living as a result of every and each decision Justin Trudeau has made over the past 8 years, making the liberals even richer with every step.

As a continuous act of hypocrisy, Trudeau has claimed he is going to fight corruption in the upcoming budget which will be discussed today.

FILE PHOTO: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a press conference following a cabinet shuffle, at Rideau Hall, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, July 26, 2023. REUTERS/Blair Gable/File Photo

The latest McKinsey contracting controversy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ethical lapses and mismanagement under Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government. Despite repeated scandals and reports confirming corruption, the Prime Minister continues governing as if his hands are clean. But Canadians see through the hypocrisy, and we will never forget all of Trudeau’s failures, we will always remember the corruption, the greed, the theft, and MP Larry Brock has proved resilient in staying on top of the ArriveCan scandal, he won’t let Trudeau and his Liberals get away with it, and neither will we.

After nearly a decade of Liberal rule, the examples of cronyism and misspent tax dollars continue piling up at an alarming rate. The McKinsey affair, like the WE Charity and SNC Lavalin scandals before it, reveals a government that talks about lofty values while enabling unethical backroom deals. The ArriveCan boondoggle showcases stunning incompetence regarding basic contracting practices.

And let’s not forget, this entire legacy of waste has left Canadians struggling with a skyrocketing cost of living and fading dreams of home ownership. Unaffordable housing and inflation are the direct result of years of misguided Liberal policies, not some newfound crisis.

At every turn, Trudeau tries to dodge accountability by claiming he’s unaware of problems or just learned of some scandal through media reports. But the buck stops with the Prime Minister and his cabinet. It is their culture of arrogance, secrecy and reckless spending that enabled corruption to take root.

After eight years of ethical breaches and billion-dollar blunders, how can Canadians possibly trust Liberals to get spending under control? The evidence shows Conservatives remain the only party willing to safeguard taxpayer dollars and ensure a fair, competitive procurement process.

Enough is enough. The time has come to clean house in Ottawa and elect a government that takes integrity and transparency seriously. One that will drain the swamp of Liberal waste rather than funneling ever more public funds to connected insiders. Only the Conservatives have shown they will enact the real reforms Canadians deserve.

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