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Trudeau Exposed for Sabotaging Access to Information


Lack of Transparency

Canada’s top watchdog for government transparency just called out Trudeau and the Liberals for outright deception and incompetence.

Information Commissioner Caroline Maynard brought the heat in a startling address to Parliament.

She exposed how the Trudeau government has sabotaged her office’s ability to pry open government secrecy. Her office is facing a crippling $700,000 budget shortfall under Trudeau’s watch.

This is no accident. It’s a carefully calculated move by the Liberals to escape scrutiny.

Thanks to Trudeau’s opaque budgeting gimmicks, Maynard can’t fulfil her duty to enforce transparency. With depleted funds, she’s powerless to hold Trudeau accountable or unlock his government’s hidden activities.

So much for Trudeau’s lofty 2015 promises of openness. Turns out it was all smoke and mirrors. Just like everything else.

Canadians should be outraged. A free society requires transparency from elected leaders. Trudeau’s information iron curtain erodes accountability.

With Maynard sounding the alarm, no longer can Trudeau pretend to champion open government. His conniving budget scheme exposes his true priority – self-preservation through secrecy.

Trudeau Accused of Incompetence

There are many different ways you could be a sleazy corrupt politician playing with people’s livelihoods on a day to day basis. Trudeau seems to be unique in choosing each and every option, when it comes to being the most corrupt prime minister to ever curse Canada and Canadians. And now it seems that he has advanced further beyond drastic misdeed and is now trying to cover up his tracks, and breaking 8 year long promises.

What am I talking about? I am talking about information commissioner Caroline Maynard talking bluntly to an ethics committee and exposing Justin Trudeau for his lies regarding government data and information access.

Caroline Maynard started the hearing by reporting on the state of her office and the duties that have befallen it. Her office has seen a dramatic increase in information requests, specifically pertaining to “Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada”.

Maynard conducted an investigation into the manner, and the results were as clear as day; Trudeau and the liberal government are as incompetent as they are corrupt.

The root cause was a lack of progress to create a medium or an appropriate border for clients seeking this type of information and data. And the end result was a backlog of requests that may never be completely and timely fulfilled, and other institutions housing some of the data getting flooded and pressured.

So why is this an issue that Trudeau is responsible and accountable for? Why couldn’t the information commission do their job and do it right? Well, Caroline Maynard tried her hardest but she faced a huge funding crisis, so she urged everyone in parliament to help fix the drastic budget deficit her independant office has suffered from.

She explains how her budget has been cut, alongside not receiving any extra funding from Trudeau and the liberals even when they tabled the new 2024 budget.

Maynard goes on to explain that the issue is due to the sheer incompetence of Trudeau and his government; where the treasury board secretariat used a rigid and complicated system he may not have even understood in order to calculate government salary increases. Funny how the salary increases never touch anyone of importance or integrity, but I guess Trudeau is incompetent in everything except sheer ignorance and his favourite pastime of causing a governmental mess.

And what a mess he caused, because this seemingly small governmental error has caused a $700,000 shortfall in the budget for the information commissioner’s office.

This is money that will be taken out of important watchdog operations directed at government institutions. This is money that will not be used to finish the backlog of information access requests and thus will cause a great delay to any client that requests important government information to prove a case or hold the people in power accountable.

Trudeau Breaks Promises

A properly functioning access to information system is vital for democracy. Canadians deserve to know how their government operates and how decisions are made on their behalf. Government transparency should be law, not an afterthought.
When Trudeau utilises his power to take away freedom and convenience from the people under the guise of spending more thoughtfully in the future for a fairer and more prosperous Canada, know that he is talking about making life much worse and freedoms means much less than it has 8 years ago before he and the liberals took office.

Maynard is one of the few individuals in a position of power that is trying to actually do their job in a rightful and honest manner, but Trudeau’s corruption is hindering any of her progress. So she called him out during the hearing and urged the liberals to stop penny pensioning only when it matters greatly.

But you know what is really infuriating? The fact that Trudeau and the liberals promised transparency and freedom of information as a right to every Canadian all the way back in 2015 to garner much needed support. And now fast forward to 2024 and the only thing we can say to Trudeau not fulfilling his promise – and acting like every run of the mill corrupt and sleazy liberal – is that it was very much expected from him and his ilk.

Maynard thinks Trudeau is not allowing the sufficient resources because information access as a right and a freedom for every Canadian is not considered a priority anymore.

Liberals Hiding Behind Power

So what changed huh? Apart from the obvious fact that he was probably just lying to appear righteous and unique to his voters, why is Trudeau blatant in his disregard for what is supposed to be law and a right for every Canadian?

Isn’t it obvious though? Trudeau and the liberals are hindering the only institution that can call them out on their lies and missteps. It is how we know about the “ArriveCan” scandal, and the Chinese interference scandal, and every other Trudeau disaster.

But you can kind of see the pattern here, all the scandals are liberal ones so what does the governing liberal establishment do to cover their tracks better, slow down the process of information transparency to a halt.

We have already seen that recently with Trudeau using everything in his power to slow down the conservatives from getting the necessary documents and data to go against him and expose his incompetence in regards to the winnipeg lab leaks and chinese infiltration.

It seems that Trudeau will do absolutely anything to stop the flow of information from opening up the eyes of Canadians further and further to the true and dire state of Canada and the people governing it.

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