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Trudeau Exposed as Big Pharma Puppet By His Own Brother


Kemper Exposes Trudeau as Big Pharma Puppet

Bombshell insights from inside Trudeau ‘s own family confirm our prime minister is not who he claims to be. In an explosive interview with Tucker Carlson, Trudeau’s brother Kyle Kemper lifts the veil on the dark totalitarian agenda hiding behind his brother’s phony progressive facade.

Kemper exposes how Trudeau crushed basic freedoms and imposed a deranged dictatorship on Canada, revealing a dangerous medical tyrant drunk on control instead of acting in the name of public health.

Now we know Trudeau forced experimental medications on citizens to serve Big Pharma profits, not protect the people. His unhinged overreach follows marching orders from the globalist cabal pulling his strings.

Trudeau is no strong leader, but a weak puppet of the WEF, obediently trading away our sovereignty to appease his dark puppet masters.

Trudeau’s own brother has courageously blown the whistle – now it’s time for Canadians to stand up before this traitor hands our country over to the globalists for good.

Kemper’s shocking interview ignites a revolt against the false prophets incrementally stripping away liberty in the shadows. Trudeau’s sinister deception comes crashing down thanks to his brother’s revelations.

Trudeau Nothing But WEF Puppet Says Brother

In a stunning interview with Tucker carslon, Kyle Kemper exposed shocking truths about Trudeau and the corrupt forces controlling his brother and the Liberal government.

His revelations confirm what many Canadians have long suspected – the Liberals’ noble facade hides a dangerous authoritarian agenda advanced through deception and coercion.

First he came out swinging against his tyrannical brother’s insane authoritarian pandemic power grab. Justin Trudeau imposed his delusional dictatorship on Canada, crushing basic freedom and bodily autonomy without evidence.

His unhinged overreach stripped citizens of medical choice and parental rights, forcing dangerous jabs and muzzles on an unwilling population at gunpoint.

Now Trudeau’s own brother exposes this dangerous medical despot for what he is – a “salesman for the pharmaceutical industry,” in other words, an arrogant fascist puppet of Big Pharma profits.

Kemper’s not holding back – he’s straight-up calling out Trudeau for trampling all over our freedom with his crazy biosecurity rules.

We are now hearing horrific stories about the deadly repercussions and side effects of the vax, as AstraZeneca has pulled its shots off the European market just one month after admitting in court for the first time that the jabs can cause rare but devastating side effects like blood clots and bleeds.

With whistleblowers at Pfizer speaking out and Big Pharma companies paying out settlements over cancer risks, it’s clear these rushed experimental drugs have had disastrous consequences that are only beginning to come to light.

Even Kemper’s own wife ended up having a miscarriage after getting hassled for not wearing a mask. But did Trudeau ease up on the fear-mongering? Nope. He just kept at it, scaring everyone into compliance. It’s like he’s more interested in stirring up drama than actually looking out for citizens.

Kemper pointed out how his brother has totally changed. He used to be all about hearing different perspectives, but now? He’s all about flexing his power and fame.

Trudeau lives in this bubble where he can’t handle anyone disagreeing with him, so he just shuts them down or talks trash about them.

And When Kemper dared to speak the truth on X, saying that the shots don’t really stop the virus from spreading, he got slapped with a ban for a whole month.

All because Trudeau was out there bragging about sticking needles in millions of Canadians. Seems like questioning the official story isn’t welcome in Trudeau’s world.

Kemper has been hinting throughout the interview that Trudeau is just a puppet on strings, dancing to the tune of the evil globalist cabal.

All those scandals? They just prove he’s been bought and paid for by the likes of the World Economic Forum and WHO, selling out his own people for their totalitarian agenda.

Trudeau didn’t think twice about trampling on our rights to force his medical dictatorship on us, all while he obediently follows orders from his Davos overlords like a well-trained dog.

And now? Canadians are stuck under his crazy bio-security regime while he happily signs away our sovereignty. He’s all about chipping people, keeping tabs on us, and making us rely on big government for everything, all for that sweet, sweet control and depopulation.

Trudeau’s not just deranged – he’s a traitor, a willing pawn for the New World Order.

According to Kemper, when those brave truckers rolled into Ottawa, the media painted them as some kind of threat based on a bunch of bogus lies.

But guess what? Kemper saw a whole different scene – the convoy was all about community and coming together against the government’s messed-up rules.

But Trudeau wasn’t having any of it. Instead of actually listening to what people had to say, he just shut the whole thing down. Talk about not wanting to hear the truth!

To Kemper, this whole thing shines a light on the shady side of Liberal rule – they act all nice on the surface, but behind closed doors, it’s all about corruption and bossing people around.

Anyone who speaks out gets painted as the bad guy, giving them an excuse to crack down even harder while pretending they’re still the good guys.

Kemper is not just blaming Trudeau though – he’s saying Trudeau’s just a pawn for these even sketchier globalist types who’ve wormed their way into Canadian politics.

Big pharma calls the shots on health policy, and the media? Well, they’re just puppets too, pushing the agenda of the rich and powerful. Trudeau? He’s just the pretty face on TV, selling their ideas like it’s his own.

It really gets to Kemper, seeing his own brother turned into this empty shell for the big shots instead of actually doing right by the people. Power has gone to Trudeau’s head, and now Canadians are paying the price as he follows orders from his puppet masters.

Trudeau’s Brother Says He No Longer Cares About Canadians

According to Kemper, Trudeau’s pretty much terrified of losing his spot as Canada’s poster boy. That’s why he’s all about cozying up to loud minority groups, making it look like he’s got everything under control, while slamming down hard on anyone who dares to question him.

Kemper said the Trudeau he used to know had a bit of heart and a mind of his own. But after spending too long in that Liberal bubble, he’s lost touch with what really matters.

Instead of standing up for what’s right, he just nods along with whatever his handlers say, even if it means trampling all over Canadians’ rights.

And that’s why Kemper’s speaking out – because he sees Canada going downhill fast under Trudeau’s watch.

Trudeau is blaming Canadians for stuff they didn’t even do, all to distract from the mess his own policies have made. Meanwhile, life’s getting more expensive, and our communities are falling apart.

Trudeau talks a big game, but in reality, he’s just letting the big dogs walk all over us.

Being part of Trudeau’s family, Kemper felt like it was his duty to call out the phony leadership that’s slowly strangling Canadians’ freedoms.

We all deserve leaders who actually care about our rights and dignity. But instead, Trudeau’s inner circle’s been taken over by globalist bigwigs and corporate cronies who care more about their own pockets than regular folks.

Kemper urged Trudeau to look inward and ask if crushing dissent and serving globalist agendas reflects his true values. Or whether he has compromised principles for power’s sake. Kemper knows that people are angry with Trudeau and will not vote for him again.

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