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Trudeau Enrages Canadians With Another PR Video


Out of Touch PR Videos Seem To be All the Rage

The world will change, civilizations will rise and crumble, animals and plants will evolve to be different than what we know today, humans will probably live on mars colonies in the future, maybe self driving cars will actually function, but the one constant is that Trudeau will always be embarrassing and out of touch with the average Canadian.

Justin Trudeau’s clueless housing advice has young Canadians seeing red. His cringeworthy new video claims better credit scores will help renters buy homes sooner. But his vacuous claims only highlight the prime minister’s disconnect from the housing affordability crisis.

His video is justifiably met with scathing criticisms but Trudeau is not one to listen to the opposition as this same exact video was published last month and was met with the same level of outrage.

After 8 years of misery, Trudeau’s brand is toxic to young Canadians facing a bleak future. Even the budget’s pathetic housing measures fell flat, with only 8% saying it made them more likely to vote Liberal. Among all respondents, 63% in Alberta and 55% in Saskatchewan panned the budget altogether.

While Trudeau virtue signals, Poilievre’s Conservatives offer real solutions. Redirecting immigration, banning foreign buyers, and tightening mortgage rules can restore sanity. Trudeau’s platitudes insult the intelligence of a generation locked out of the Canadian Dream. But his free ride fooling young voters is over.

Trudeau is Still Out of Touch

Justin Trudeau’s latest social media video aimed at young renters is being widely panned as woefully inadequate. The out-of-touch pronouncements have become a lightning rod for criticism of the government’s failed housing policies.

In the cringe-worthy video, Trudeau cheerfully explains that upcoming changes will allow rent payments to count towards credit scores. This will supposedly help young people qualify for mortgages and “get a place of their own, sooner” he claims.

The comments exhibit a startling disconnect from the housing affordability crisis confronting millions of Canadians.

In reality, tweaking credit score formulas will do little to help aspiring homebuyers actually afford astronomical down payments. With average home prices now over $720,000 in Canada, buyers must fork over $140,000 or more upfront just to get their foot in the door.

No credit score improvement can conjure up that kind of cash, especially for renters already stretched thin by housing costs that have skyrocketed under Trudeau.

Unsurprisingly, the prime minister’s vacuous advice was met with widespread ridicule and anger. Young Canadians facing a bleak housing future thanks to Liberal policies had some harsh truths for Trudeau.

Comments flooded social media blasting the government for ignoring the real barriers to home ownership.

Down payments, not credit scores, were identified as the main obstacle. Critics pointed out that even well-paid professionals struggle to scrape together enough savings while paying outrageous rents that have more than doubled under Trudeau.

The video was slammed as patronising and out of touch. One commenter wrote that “this policy will absolutely screw vulnerable people.” Another asked how two working professionals making $170,000 a year can afford a $750,000 two-bedroom unit while also paying for childcare.

Trudeau Doubles Down on Housing

The frustration of young Canadians bursting Trudeau’s bubble reveals how far removed his government is from the real housing crisis.

The prime minister’s sanguine advice also risked damaging some renters’ financial prospects. Commenters worried that any late rent payments would now damage their credit scores and mortgage eligibility.

Tenants who fall behind due to job loss or other hardships could suffer long-term consequences. Once again, Trudeau’s supposedly feel-good plan could seriously hurt the very people it claims to help.

This tone-deaf housing announcement encapsulates the government’s ineffectual response as costs spiral out of control. Rather than tackle runaway prices driven by surging immigration and cheap debt, Trudeau keeps trying to mask symptoms of his own failed policies. He is steering elusively away from the main issues and trying to appease young Canadians with half baked solutions and hollow promises.

Band-aid solutions like rent-to-own credit will not redeem his abysmal record on housing affordability. Prices have skyrocketed 40% nationally and up to 75% in cities under the government’s watch.

Trudeau has added more debt and borrowing power while incomes and supply lag far behind. He continues doubling down despite the social wreckage caused by unaffordability.

I mean do we even have to explain this again when conservative leader Pierre Poilievre condensed the massive issue into a digestible info piece on twitter?

What is funny about Trudeau’s ignorance and incompetence is that it was not the first time he had done such an embarrassing thing with the same subject matter. And it was only a month ago when he made almost the exact same video and was met with the exact same outrage.

But I guess it takes an absolute incompetent and out of touch moron to become a successful liberal.

Even the budget’s proposed renters’ bill of rights was panned as weak. Measures like standardised lease agreements do not address the underlying supply shortage and perverse incentives fueling price appreciation. Only substantive policies targeting runaway demand and investor speculation can remedy the crisis.

Trudeau’s lack of housing policy depth was clearly on full display with the budget, which couldn’t even garner the support that the liberals were desperate for.

The Budget gets a “Meh”

According to exclusive new data from Ipsos, the budget utterly failed to spark a comeback for the slumping Grits. After removing undecided respondents, just 17% gave the budget a positive rating. Meanwhile 40% viewed it negatively, with the remaining 43% expressing a symbolic shrug.

Imagine that, the best that this pitiful budget could hope for was an uncaring shrug.

Among Conservatives the budget was overwhelmingly panned, with 63% of Albertans and 55% of Saskatchewan/Manitoba residents giving it a negative score. This reinforces perceptions of a document aimed at appeasing Liberal constituencies rather than the broader country. Except it failed at even appealing to the liberal bias

Voters also felt the budget would personally hurt rather than help them by a margin of 37% to 10%. The numbers foreshadow taxes ultimately rising on middle class Canadians to pay for the deficit spending. So much for the “fiscally responsible” approach Finance Minister Freeland touted.

Most damning for Liberal prospects, only 8% said the budget made them more likely to vote liberal. In contrast, 34% indicated it reduced their willingness to support the government. Ipsos CEO Darrell Bricker notes this failure to reboot Liberal political fortunes was the biggest setback.

Generational appeals in the budget also flopped, despite a focus on issues like housing costs impacting young adults. Sentiment toward the Liberals remains dismal across all age groups.

Even the TikTok and Twitter theatrics of cabinet ministers including Trudeau could not disguise the growing burden of debt being imposed on future taxpayers.

While the budget paid lip service to generational fairness, its primary beneficiaries are government bureaucrats and Liberal allied special interests.

Spending on existing programs outpaces new money for priorities like housing tenfold, revealing distorted priorities.

Rather than tackling Canada’s declining productivity and competitiveness, the budget doubles down on fiscal gimmicks. Tax increases on investment disincentivize growth while clamping down on the vilified “one percent” provides positive press to deflect from structural challenges.

But ultimately Canada cannot tax itself into prosperity, no matter how enthusiastically the Liberals embrace the politics of resentment and envy. Citizens are catching on that the path charted by the likes of Trudeau leads to stagnation, not revitalization.

And any questioning of the budget or its impact on housing and how Trudeau is still not addressing the core issues is met with silence or is avoided altogether.

It is an ideologically-driven government that refuses to acknowledge facts conflicting with its narrative.

Demographic change from record immigration levels has severely impacted housing, yet questioning its role is taboo. Trudeau seems unable to grasp policy intricacies beyond shallow progressive talking points.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has excoriated the government’s inflationary housing policies and failure to curb foreign capital flows into real estate. Under his leadership, conservatives will enact comprehensive reforms to reverse the crisis and restore the Canadian dream of home ownership.

Poilievre’s proposals include curbing immigration and redirecting who is left to affordable areas, banning foreign buyers, and stopping the flow of cheap credit that enables reckless bidding wars. His solutions grasp the real dynamics that the Trudeau Liberals willfully ignore.

While Trudeau pens out of touch social media videos devoid of substance, a generation of Canadians watch home ownership slip out of reach. His flimsy window dressing insults the intelligence of people facing a dire situation.

After eight years at the helm, he remains clueless about the causes behind the crisis.

As the Conservatives pull ahead, the stakes for Canada’s future grow clearer. Will we choose tepid managerial decline beneath an increasingly authoritarian leftist state? Or a dynamic new consensus that empowers citizens while preserving liberty? The contrast has never been starker.

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