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Trudeau Embarrasses Himself During Italian PM’s Visit


Trudeau is the clumsy and incompetent prime minister of Canada that has again embarrassed himself during another major diplomatic visit.

This time, humiliating Canada in front of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, as protestors shut down Meloni’s Toronto reception.

Trudeau was exposed, yet again, as a feckless leader unable to maintain basic control of his own country and people.

This fresh embarrassment follows a long list of controversies and actions that put Canadians to shame.

With a history of meek leadership, righteous Premiers are now defying his actions that are frowned upon by every Canadian citizen. Canada’s reputation sinks lower thanks to a very hardworking prime minister who values important things like posturing and virtue signaling over effective governance.

Does Trudeau secretly love embarrassing himself and Canadians on the world stage?

Another day, another week of absolute embarrassment for our dear prime minister, Justin Trudeau and thus all of Canada on the international diplomacy front.

For the second time, a major state visit that was meant to strengthen ties with a key international ally instead ended in a complete diplomatic disaster, and the core reason? Incompetence leading to flawed planning mixed in with the prime minister’s increasingly activist-driven agenda. What a lovely, and totally not expected, combo from our Liberal leader.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni came to Toronto over the weekend as this year’s chair of the G7 summit.

Her government in Italy has taken a more traditional and conservative approach to issues like security and the economy compared to Justin Trudeau’s liberal and corrupt ideological bent.

Trudeau has personally clashed with Meloni in the past over divisive social issues, perhaps contributing to the lack of foresight in planning her visit.

His priorities often seem focused more on posturing and virtue signalling about progressive values rather than forging any kind of substantive partnership.

However, the prime minister is not exactly known for his intelligence or resourcefulness.

So, instead of seizing an opportunity to mend long broken fences after past disagreements, Trudeau’s office bungled Meloni’s visit from the very start.

Protesters were able to shut down the evening reception planned for Meloni at the Art Gallery of Ontario due to the surprising ability that the protestors possessed to somehow, and without much pressure or pushback, blockade all of the entrances to the venue.

Neither Meloni nor Trudeau were able to make their way into the venue as scheduled due to what was decried as “security concerns” over the volatile crowd.

This embarrassment strikes at the heart of what truly matters – effective, pragmatic governance grounded in the needs of citizens rather than radical politics.

Nations typically rely on each other as allies to foster shared prosperity and confront threats together. But why would partners trust Canada to have their backs after this debacle?

The truth is that this whole embarrassing ordeal was just the inevitably unfortunate result of Trudeau’s feckless leadership and continued failure to assert control over disruptive activist groups.

It was just the latest sign of how far Canadian diplomacy has fallen under the corrupt and crooked Liberal regime.

The inability to plan proper security for a major international event involving an allied G7 leader shows just how far standards have slipped.

Other nations understand the logistics required, but in Canada disruptive protests now dictate the agenda.

Where other nations like Italy are gaining respect on the world stage, Canada is sacrificing credibility with allies through botched visits and a shocking inability to accomplish even basic logistical tasks.

And this begs an important question – what exactly was Trudeau thinking in scheduling this high-level reception without a robust security plan?

More concerning is that these debacles seem to also point out the failure of decisions made within Trudeau’s own inner circle.

His advisors clearly failed to anticipate access issues that should have been obvious, given the polarized political climate.

And the Prime Minister remains as oblivious as ever to critics who have long pointed to the crystal clear risks of allowing unvetted activist demonstrations.

So, did he fail to consult police on the near-guaranteed protest response? Did he just expect no one to hold a protest in a nation that is greatly discontent with his leadership? Is he even attempting to uphold any of his responsibilities?

Maybe we are wrong to try to hold Trudeau to the very same standards he chooses to preach non-stop.

Standards that cost him greatly and did nothing but tarnish his partnership and cooperation with Meloni in the first place.

This is not the first time Trudeau has shown complete leadership failure when it comes to Italy’s prime minister.
In May of last year, Meloni had appeared visibly annoyed by Trudeau’s public woke remarks that were made in the G7 summit prior to their private talks.

Trudeau expressed concern over some policies enacted by Meloni’s recently elected conservative government in Italy.

However, Meloni rejected the characterization that Italy has adopted a discriminatory stance.

Trudeau saw fit to lecture Meloni and threaten to politicize their meeting over a sensitive matter of no concern to him.

Observers at the time felt Trudeau deliberately chose a public venue to scold Meloni, rather than having a respectful policy discussion behind closed doors.

His actions seemed aimed more at virtue signaling than constructive diplomacy. You sense a pattern here?

As the leader of a sovereign nation, Meloni deserved to be engaged with respect, not scolded like a misbehaving schoolchild.

And if you think it is not embarrassing enough that Justin Trudeau and his band of liberal cronies are damaging Canada’s image and the Canadian people on the international stage, don’t worry, Trudeau has got us covered within our sovereign borders.

As the liberals do everything in their power to grow the already huge divide between Ottawa and the other provinces over the infamous and very much controversial federal carbon tax.

A matter that had equally concerning and damning escalations in the recent weeks with Premiere Scott Moe of Sasketchwan valiantly defying the carbon tax hikes and vowing to not cooperate with the corrupt government on such procedures, only for the environment minister Steven Guilbeault accusing him of being “immoral” and “irresponsible” alongside casually remarking and threatening that “measures will need to be taken” against Sasketchwan.

The Liberals’ threats of legal action and other consequences, unsurprisingly, ring hollow.

Ottawa derives its power from the consent of the governed, and that consent is clearly lacking for the carbon tax in Saskatchewan.

The Liberals would be wise to reform the carbon pricing regime to address Saskatchewan’s legitimate concerns. Otherwise, resistance from Western provinces will only spread further.

Saskatchewan is justified in refusing to enable Trudeau’s unfair and ineffective carbon pricing regime any longer.

No province should be forced to serve as tax collector for such a flawed and unfair policy.

And the embarrassment for Trudeau steadily grows when the Canadian people loudly and righteously voice their displeasure about the carbon tax.

A new poll released this week confirms what conservatives have been warning us about for years – Canadians overwhelmingly reject further increases to the already ineffective and burdensome federal carbon tax.

The Leger poll by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation shows nearly 70% of Canadians oppose the Trudeau government’s planned hike to the carbon tax slated for April 1st.

The widespread opposition spans all regions and age groups, with well over 60% rejecting the tax increase even in liberal urban strongholds.
Do you still sense the pattern here? Do you see how ineffective Trudeau is at even the most basic aspects of governing? Do you see how much of an embarrassment Canada has become internationally under his regime? Do you see how embarrassingly inept Trudeau and his cronies are when it comes to basic things like communication between his provinces?

But will the consequences, if there ever is any, finally drive meaningful change?

Previous embarrassments like blackface scandals and loose fiscal management failed to weaken Trudeau’s grip, with the establishment media seemingly more focused on scandalizing his opponents than scrutinizing the prime minister’s actions.

For now, all that can be said is that Canada’s stature on the global stage will keep diminishing as Trudeau and the Liberals continue to hold power they have no right of wielding.

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