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Trudeau Doesn’t Want Responsibility for B.C Drug Policy


B.C Struggles to Be Drug Free

Chaos reigns in British Columbia. Illicit drugs flow freely as addicts shoot up in broad daylight. Petty crime explodes as junkies fund their habits. This is drug decriminalisation run amok.

When the reckless B.C. NDP government decided to decriminalise hard drugs, they promised a progressive utopia.

In the real world, their lofty dreams have devolved into a nightmare dystopia. And now Trudeau is removing all responsibility from himself.

Trudeau’s government gleefully rubber-stamped decriminalisation despite warnings from experts. Now the same man who unleashed this calamity refuses to lift a finger as communities implode and the police are unable to do anything productive under the legal framework.

There are no silver linings or bright sides to be found here. Only shattered lives and communities brought to their knees by reckless ideologues. The ugly fruits of decriminalisation may be finally piercing their progressive bubble, but for countless victims, the damage is already done.

Trudeau thinks No one Will Question Him

The catastrophic failure of British Columbia’s drug decriminalisation experiment lays squarely at the feet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. His government enabled the reckless provincial policy and now refuses to take any responsibility as communities descend into chaos.

When Premier John Horgan first proposed decriminalising possession of dangerous narcotics in 2017, Trudeau’s Liberals welcomed the idea with open arms. They eagerly granted the necessary exemptions to federal drug laws to allow the three-year pilot project to proceed.

At the time, Trudeau spoke glowingly of the “ambitious” plan to tackle the overdose crisis through radical harm reduction measures and other hilarious jokes the Liberals would like Canadians to accept.

Fast forward to today, and the results have been nothing short of a complete disaster. Par for the course when it comes to the Trudeau leadership.

Overdose deaths hit an all-time high last year. Open drug use, crime and disorder plague cities across B.C. Businesses are shutting down and families are fleeing areas overrun with addicts. The policy has been an abject failure by any objective measure.

Yet now that the mess he helped create and has always been an advocate for has blown up politically, Trudeau refuses to lift a finger to help clean it up and support the B.C NDP and the premier David Eby.

During a recent visit to Victoria, the prime minister callously brushed off the catastrophic consequences of decriminalisation and sometimes outright ignored mentioning it and showing any support for the B.C NDP party. Talk about throwing your allies under the bus.

Even in a recent interview and when questioned point blank about the negative effects of the decriminalisation program in B.C, Trudeau can’t help but defend the idea and the concept itself as a bastion of hope and help for all addicts and people suffering in Canada.

Helping people? The only ones being “helped” are the drug dealers and drug addicts profiting off this disaster and making use of the loophole in the corrupt policy.

Pressed by reporters about the chaos unfolding on the ground, Trudeau continued to defend the fundamentally flawed policy.

But notice how he put the onus entirely on B.C. to deal with the fallout. Notice how he is throwing his hands in the air and taking no responsibility for the state of B.C under the NDP rule and after this farce drug program.

In other words, the prime minister is washing his hands of the crisis he enabled. By refusing to admit failure and shut down decriminalisation, he is prolonging the suffering of British Columbians.

Trudeau also dismissed concerns that these experimental harm reduction policies have gone too far too fast for the public to accept.

“I think the fact is we needed to be ambitious in trying to solve this,” he claimed.

The only thing “ambitious” about decriminalisation was how fast it managed to destroy communities. Mr. Trudeau’s hubris has produced devastating real-world consequences for Canadians.

With an election looming, the BC NDP desperately wants Ottawa to put this failed experiment out of its misery. But the prime minister has left the province hanging out to dry. He seems content to watch from the sidelines as the NDP burns politically. Which may be the only redeeming thing he ever did all week, at least to every common sense conservative.

However, this does not save him from clear lambasting because Trudeau’s abdication of responsibility is absolutely shameful in any other context.

Plus the fact that he is not stepping in right now to shut this sham of a program means more British columbians will unfortunately suffer.

The federal government has a duty to protect all Canadians from policies that threaten public safety and health. When those policies originate from their own reckless decisions, the duty to make things right is even greater.

Trudeau Failed His Basic Duty

Last year, 2,511 British Columbians lost their lives to toxic street drugs, the highest number since this crisis began. The 5% increase over 2021 represents an utter failure to curve overdoses through decriminalisation.

As Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe warned when the pilot began, reducing deaths requires much more than simply removing criminal penalties. Lives can only be saved through expanded access to supervised consumption, treatment, and regulated pharmaceutical alternatives. The NDP has failed on all these fronts.

While fatal overdoses rise, public disorder runs rampant across BC under decriminalisation. Open drug use, once confined to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, now occurs in family parks, bus shelters, hospital grounds, and other public spaces. Crime has predictably followed suit. Petty theft in Vancouver jumped by over 40% in 2022 as addicts fund their habits.

Businesses have been forced to close after being overwhelmed by hordes of intoxicated people harassing customers.

Rather than take responsibility for the turmoil caused by their reckless social experiment, the BC NDP continues to make excuses. They pathetically claim decriminalisation was never meant to reduce overdoses.

But that directly contradicts their own lofty rhetoric when the policy was first announced. “We are committed to stopping this tragic epidemic,” Minister Bennett stated unambiguously. Their revisionist history fools no one.

British Columbians have a right to safe communities for their families. Citizens deserve to use public spaces without fear of harassment from intoxicated individuals.

Businesses should be able to operate without rampant shoplifting and vandalism. The NDP has utterly failed to protect these basic rights and interests.

Other jurisdictions that were considering decriminalisation are now wisely backing away as B.C. descends into chaos.

Oregon has recently started looking into changing the law once again to recriminalize drugs after experiencing the same surge in overdoses and public disorder as seen here. Rather than repeat B.C.’s mistakes, policymakers abroad are realising that reducing penalties enables destructive addictions.

But in Vancouver, chaos reigns supreme and the police can’t do anything about it according to the corrupt law.

The Police Are Powerless

Vancouver Police Deputy Chief Fiona Wilson told a parliamentary health committee that widespread drug consumption has become unavoidable under the current legal framework.

Her comments echoed those of RCMP Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald. When asked by MPs if B.C. was better off after decriminalisation, both senior officers bluntly said no.

Their candid criticism reveals how severely the NDP government has handcuffed police while enabling brazen criminality. Officers have been reduced to helpless bystanders as addiction and disorder run rampant across the province.

Premier David Eby continues trying to defend the indefensible, making vague promises to restrict where drugs can be used. But his claims ring hollow after courts rejected the province’s last attempt on constitutional grounds. The legal quagmire created by decriminalisation simply cannot be fixed by tweaking municipal bylaws.

Eby also trots out specious talking points that decriminalisation is “keeping people alive.” I guess he has not been up to the latest information about the amount of death that still took place even after this failed drug policy of his.

B.C.’s law enforcement leaders have been sounding the alarm about the drug decriminalisation’s catastrophic consequences for years alongside conservatives.

One of those conservatives was none other than the leader of the party himself Pierre Poilievre, who fought tooth and nail criticising the drug policy ever since its inception.

And now with the shameful and awful results laid bare for all to see he has once again made sure to criticise David Eby and Trudeau while urging the people in power to throw away the failed plan that is hurting Canadians further and further.

The expert advice has been ignored by an arrogant NDP government obsessed with pandering to radical activists rather than protecting everyday British Columbians. Our communities are now paying the price.

This is Canada under the watchful eye of Trudeau and the liberals. Where healthcare as a concept is nothing more than giving hard drugs to addicts to them. And even when they have the chance to fix their mistakes with healthcare in general and all the other vanity programs like “safer supply”, they fumble at the finish line once again.

With the latest budget’s lack of focus on healthcare funding and the debt costing as much, Poilievre and even the former conservative leader Rona Ambrose have stated their concern and worry alongside hoping for a more common sense approach.

B.C. opened Pandora’s box on Trudeau’s urging. The consequences now plague the entire country. It is time for common sense conservatism to step up and work with the provinces to end this failed experiment, and begin repairing the damage Trudeau has done.

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