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Trudeau Delays The Federal Elections



Justin Trudeau has introduced legislation to delay the next federal election. While the Liberals claim this electoral reform bill will “strengthen democracy,” its convenient timing reveals their real motive—rigging the system to maintain power.

This Trojan Horse legislation cynically rigs the system to benefit Trudeau’s political interests. The empty bill contains only token gestures to appear democratic while its real aim is preserving Liberal power.

This is peak Trudeau pretense. He passionately promised electoral reform but abandoned it when no longer advantageous. Now he pushes toothless changes to satiate his NDP backers. Behind the idealistic veneer lies a calculated ploy to tighten Liberal control.

Trudeau’s pattern of hollow promises and self-interest has become impossible to ignore. This democracy charade tears away his facade, revealing the partisan political operative underneath. How much longer can Trudeau talk a good game while transparently rigging it behind the scenes?

Trudeau Announces New Bill

The latest move by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government reveals their true priorities – looking out for themselves while deceiving Canadians. 

The Liberals have introduced an electoral reform bill that conveniently delays the next federal election by just one week. This delay ensures Liberal MPs elected in 2019 will reach the six year service requirement to qualify for their cushy MP pensions.


Let’s break this down. The next election is currently scheduled for October 20, 2025. But with this new bill, the Liberals propose moving it to October 27, 2025. MPs need six years of service to get a pension. 

For the Liberals elected in 2019, their six year mark hits on October 21, 2025. So the one week delay lets those Liberal MPs lock in their rich pensions before facing re-election.

How self-serving can you get? The Liberals know they are headed for defeat in 2025. So as a parting gift, Trudeau wants to make sure his MPs who would lose their seats still get a lifetime pension. He is purposely changing the fixed election date to accommodate pension payouts for his team. 

This rotten move encapsulates everything wrong with today’s Liberal party. They feel entitled to lavish taxpayer-funded benefits while struggling Canadians have to work longer just to survive. 

Six years as an MP and you get a cushy pension most Canadians could never dream of. Meanwhile, the cost of living skyrockets thanks to Trudeau’s failed policies.

Before risking defeat, Trudeau wants to make sure his MPs who would lose their seats can still get taxpayer-funded retirement packages. This cynical election timing ploy reveals where the PM’s priorities truly lie – maximizing benefits for the Liberal Party and its politicians.

Positive Changed Shadowed By Corruption

The bill does contain some positive changes, like added advance voting days and easier mail-in ballots, that could increase voter turnout. However, most provisions in C-65 represent only token gestures to satisfy the Liberals’ NDP backers.

While claiming lofty goals of “trust” and “protecting democracy,” much of C-65 appears focused on cementing Liberal power. Measures to curb foreign interference seem deliberately vague and open to partisan application. Clarifying rules around “deepfakes” could allow allegations of disinformation to be politically weaponized.

Even reforms like studying potential 3-day voting seem purposefully watered down. Trudeau prefers glacial incrementalism to genuine democratic revitalization that could threaten Liberal control.

The liberals claimed the bill will “strengthen trust in Canada’s democracy.” Yet conveniently delaying an election solely so Liberal MPs achieve pension eligibility can hardly be called trust-building.

C-65 reflects Trudeau’s pattern of paying lip service to lofty ideals while doing as little as possible to enact serious improvement, unless it favors continued Liberal dominance. This disappointingly hollow democracy bill will bolster neither voter faith nor government integrity.

Trudeau’s empty electoral reform bill is typical of how his government prioritizes its own interests over Canadians. A more egregious example is the Liberals burdening citizens with tax hikes on April 1 while rewarding themselves with a pay increase. 

Trudeau Gives MPs Another Raise

On the very same day carbon taxes, alcohol taxes and MP salaries will rise, the hollow promises of C-65 show Trudeau’s insincerity on democratic reform. This stark hypocrisy reveals where the PM’s true priorities lie – taking more money from struggling Canadians to enrich Liberal politicians.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has sharply criticized the bloated Trudeau government for driving up the cost of living while greedily rewarding itself. As Poilievre rightly stated, “The cost of government is driving up the cost of living. Half-a-trillion dollars of Trudeau’s reckless inflationary deficits have sent more dollars bidding up the price of fewer goods. His punishing inflationary taxes have made it more expensive for businesses to produce those goods.”

Since 2020, MPs have taken four salary increases under Trudeau, with a backbench MP now making $194,600 annually on the taxpayer’s dime. Trudeau’s own pay has ballooned to $389,200 thanks to a $31,400 raise over that period. Yet on April 1st, these MPs will take another undeserved pay hike while simultaneously jacking up oppressive carbon taxes and alcohol taxes on suffering Canadians.

Clearly Trudeau and his Liberals are taking care of themselves and their friends first. Canadians struggling with inflation and housing costs don’t even enter their minds. Delaying an election solely to capture pensions proves they are all about self-interest, not public service. Just follow the money and their true motivations are obvious.

Canadians are getting shafted by this move in more ways than one. The election delay means citizens in districts held by 2019 Liberal MPs will be denied democratic choice for an extra week. Why should they be subject to a longer term just so their MP can achieve pension eligibility? More Liberal disregard for the concerns of constituents.

This is par for the course from Trudeau, who has a long track record of broken promises, unethical conduct, and self-dealing with public money. His history of wearing blackface was an appalling display of racial mockery. He vacationed at the Aga Khan’s private island and got away with breaking ethics laws. And he bungled Canada’s finances so badly that inflation is now raging at a 30-year high.

Trudeau clearly perceives no issue delaying democracy and manipulating laws to benefit his inner circle. He rules to advantage Liberal cronies, not for the national interest. This pensions-before-public outrage should be the last straw. It’s more proof the Prime Minister and his government are driven by greed and entitlement at the expense of Canadians.

Eight Years Of Corruption

After eight years of scandals and absent leadership, Canadians are catching on to Trudeau’s disingenuous persona. Behind the feel-good photo-ops and lofty rhetoric lies a calculating politician focused on self-preservation. Delaying an election to capture MP pensions demonstrates warped priorities.

The bill itself contains other electoral reforms whose merit is lost under the odious pensions grab ploy. Expanding voter access through added advance voting days and easier mail-in ballots are positive changes. However, an election date change makes the Liberals’ motives entirely suspect.

Canadians facing a cost-of-living crisis need relief, not more debt caused by Liberal overspending. Inflation must be reined in, not made worse by environmental schemes like the carbon tax. Housing costs should be lowered by increasing supply, not choked off by red tape. And taxes on essentials like gas and groceries need to come down immediately.

Hard-working citizens deserved more after enduring years of losses, restrictions, rising prices and mental strife. Instead, Trudeau repays their perseverance by selfishly delaying an election solely to capture MP pensions. His disconnection from real people could not be more complete.

After eight long years, Canadians have grown exhausted with scandals, unaffordability, and broken promises from their virtue-signaling prime minister. The Liberal pension power play is the final sign this government’s true concern is its own political survival, not citizens’ hardship.

Trudeau long ago abandoned any pretense of financial responsibility or ethical leadership. Now he flaunts his self-interest for all to see with this election postponement scheme. On October 27, 2025, voters must retire Trudeau and his pension-protecting Liberals. Canadians desperately need a government focused on bettering their lives, not ensuring a cushy retirement for itself.

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