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Trudeau Declines to Ban IRGC After Alleged Iran Plot in America


This just in – our greatest fears realized. Iran has audaciously recruited Canadian hitmen to assassinate regime opponents in America. Ottawa remained silent as Tehran’s tentacles stretched into Canada to corrupt our citizens into becoming their violent pawns abroad. The bombshell revelation from US authorities shows two Canadian gangsters were contracted by Iran to murder a dissident on US soil. Iran’s brazenness in recruiting Canadian assassins to do their dirty work shows Trudeau’s weakness has opened our door to Tehran’s covert operations. By refusing to ban the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Trudeau has emboldened Iran’s terror masters.

With Canadian hitmen now doing Iran’s bidding abroad, it’s only a matter of time before violence and intimidation arrive here. Trudeau’s government has become Tehran’s enabler and protector as they undermine our democracy and endanger our families.

How many more Iranian sleeper agents are embedded in our communities awaiting orders? What further sinister schemes is Tehran planning on Canadian soil? Are activists, journalists and politicians now in the crosshairs of Iran’s covert war on our freedoms?

The Iranian regime has brazenly recruited Canadian hitmen to carry out assassinations of dissidents on American soil.

Canadians’ safety and security are under threat. Our very lives are at risk due to Justin Trudeau’s weak leadership and secretive dealings with nefarious foreign powers.

The latest disturbing revelations from the US Department of Justice show that two Canadian men were recruited by Iran to carry out assassinations on American soil.

Court documents reveal these hired guns were conspiring to murder a man and woman who had defected from Iran – planning to shoot them execution style with repeated shots to the head. The hired guns were offered $350,000.

Even more alarming – these alleged Iranian sleeper cell assassins are linked to the notorious Hell’s Angels biker gang. The involvement of violent gang members reveals the shocking depths Iran will go to recruit professional hitmen for their plots.

One suspect, B.C. Hells Angel member Damion Ryan, is already facing international murder conspiracy charges for an unrelated plot to kill targets in the US. Ryan is a high-ranking and notoriously violent member of the outlaw bikers with extensive criminal connections.

The other suspect, Adam Pearson, also has a long rap sheet including firearms offenses. The fact that Iranian intelligence would conspire with Canadian gang assassins like Ryan and Pearson shows they seek out violent criminals already versed in murder, intimidation and gun-running.

If the Iranian regime is bold enough to recruit violent Canadian gang members as covert assassins to commit murders in the US, what would stop them from doing the same here in Canada? Our polite stereotype will not shield us. This Iran-sponsored terror plot proves the regime views Canada as fertile ground to establish intelligence operations and neutralize dissidents.

By hiring Canadian hitmen well-versed in gangland-style hits, Iran likely believes local assassins can more easily fly under the radar. Their methods show they will utilize existing criminal networks and radicalized assets in our country to further their agenda.

There are certainly enough vulnerable and corruptible individuals in Canada that Iranian agents could recruit as new assets. With Trudeau refusing to get tough on Iran, what will stop the IRGC from building up an entire infrastructure of Canadian informants, spies and assassins – especially in cities like Vancouver where gang violence is rampant?

Now no Iranian dissident, journalist or activist living in Canada is safe – we all have targets on our backs. Their lives have been put in mortal danger because our government failed to act decisively against Iranian subversion on our soil. Blood could easily be spilled right here at home, collateral damage in Trudeau’s dangerous games of appeasement with Iran’s terror masters.

Trudeau’s pandering to Iran has opened the door to increased Iranian subversion and violence in Canada. Despite endless evidence of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ terrorist activities, Trudeau refuses to officially designate them as a terrorist entity or ban them from Canada.

Even as Iran brazenly recruits Canadian gang members to become their spies and assassins, Trudeau continues to coddle the regime. He is handing them free rein to infiltrate Canada and threaten national security.

Canadians have already suffered deadly consequences from Trudeau’s Iran appeasement strategy. When the IRGC shot down Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 in January 2020, 176 innocent lives were lost – including 57 Canadian citizens and 29 permanent residents.

Trudeau’s response to this mass murder perpetrated by the IRGC regime? More silence, more pandering. He has taken no real action to hold Iran accountable or curb their influence in Canada.

Now Canada faces an even graver peril – Iranian agents and local recruits plotting murders potentially right here at home.

Still, Iran is conspicuously excluded from the government’s foreign interference inquiry examining meddling in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections. Even with evidence of Iranian espionage and intimidation campaigns targeting Canadian citizens, Trudeau does not have the courage to publicly investigate Iran’s actions.

After Canadian lives have already been lost to IRGC aggression, why is Trudeau waiting for them to carry out assassinations on Canadian soil before taking action? Is he delaying until Iranian intelligence recruits Canadian hitmen to murder or intimidate opposition figures, dissidents and journalists right here in our country? Whose side is Trudeau really on – Canada’s or Iran’s?

Trudeau’s foreign interference inquiry is a farce, excluding the regimes that most aggressively threaten Canada’s democracy and sovereignty.

The government now admits the inquiry will look into election meddling by China, Russia and India – but still no mention of investigating Iran. Is this a deliberate whitewash? Is the IRGC paying off Trudeau to keep Canada’s doors open for their spies and assassins? Are secret backroom deals being made that compromise our national security?

Canadians deserve the truth. We need to know why Trudeau is protecting the IRGC terrorists while leaving us vulnerable. All evidence suggests Iran’s regime is escalating aggressive and deadly acts overseas – how can we trust they are not doing the same here under Trudeau’s watch? Our Prime Minister is asleep at the wheel, oblivious to the danger growing under his nose from Iran and other foreign threats.

Trudeau has left Canada’s back door wide open for not only Iranian but also Chinese, Russian and Indian infiltration. He is letting foreign powers meddle in our democracy and society virtually unchecked while doing nothing to protect Canadian sovereignty. Under his leadership, Canada is rapidly becoming a puppet state – our policies and politics manipulated by Beijing, Moscow, Tehran and New Delhi. Trudeau is selling us out to the highest foreign bidder.

While Trudeau wines and dines with dictators and genocidal regimes, everyday Canadians are left to fend for themselves.

The cost of living has become unbearable for so many under Trudeau’s economy-destroying policies.

Working Canadians have been abandoned so Trudeau and his cronies can virtue signal on the world stage. Now we face rising crime, violence, threats from abroad, and an absence of justice as Trudeau coddles China and Iran. How much more will Canadians tolerate before saying enough is enough?

Trudeau has canoed our country down a dangerous river straight towards disaster, handing control over Canada to outside forces. He is a man with no core beliefs or values beyond his own narcissism and self-interest.

His continued obedience to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda demonstrates that his loyalties lie with the globalist oligarchs, not the Canadian people. We are merely pawns to be manipulated, spied on, intimidated, and sold out to the highest foreign bidder.

For Canada to regain sovereignty and freedom, we need a dramatic change in direction.

Continuing down Trudeau’s corrupted path of dependence on foreign regimes like China and Iran means national suicide. His policies are leading us towards a future of servitude under global tyranny. Canadians deserve so much better than this weak, traitorous leadership. If Justin Trudeau will not fulfill his duty to protect all citizens, uphold the rule of law, and put Canada first, then he must resign immediately. The safety and destiny of our great country hangs in the balance.

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