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Trudeau Crackdown on Freedom Convoy Costs $90 Million


Trudeau ‘s Authoritarian Attack on FC Costs Exposed

If you thought the prime minister’s heavy-handed crackdown on peaceful protesters was bad enough, wait until you see the price tag. New documents reveal Trudeau ‘s authoritarian use of emergency powers to crush the Freedom Convoy has cost Canadian taxpayers an astonishing $90 million and counting.

Ottawa turned into an armed police state to subdue some hot tub owners singing Kumbaya. Was it really worth $90 million of your hard-earned cash to salve Trudeau’s fragile ego?  

This stunning figure includes over $73 million just to invoke the Emergencies Act. Plus another $17.5 million and rising for the judicial inquiry afterwards. And the meter’s still running. 

You’ll be paying off Trudeau’s grudge against truckers for decades. So much for fiscal responsibility!

When a self-declared “champion of democracy” spends like a dictator to crush dissent, that should concern taxpayers. 

$90 Million and Counting for Trudeau’s Convoy Crackdown – How Much to Buy Off Our Civil Liberties?

$90 Million Crackdown on Freedom Convoy

A startling new report reveals that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on the 2022 Freedom Convoy came at an astronomical cost to Canadian taxpayers. 

According to documents tabled in Parliament, Trudeau’s controversial use of the Emergencies Act to subdue peaceful protesters cost over $73 million. When combined with the subsequent $17.5 million judicial inquiry, the total price tag so far has topped $91 million

This recent info exposing how Trudeau’s heavy-handed response to the Freedom Convoy costing Canadian taxpayers over $90 million should raise alarm bells for all those concerned about government overreach. 

This insane price tag highlights the dangers of allowing those in power to arbitrarily restrict civil liberties under the guise of “emergency” measures.  

It’s important to remember how the Freedom Convoy came about in the first place. These were ordinary, law-abiding Canadians who felt their voices were not being heard. Vaccine mandates had cost many of them their jobs and livelihoods. And yet no amount of petitioning changed the unjust policies tearing families apart. 

This passionate brave man was among many brave patriotic Canadians who took to the streets roaring for a better standard of living. He was fighting for his family’s right to earn a living, fighting against Government overreach.

Out of desperation, the truckers decided to bring their protest to Ottawa. This wasn’t a gathering of extremists, but regular people using civil disobedience as a last resort. And despite how the media portrayed it, the mood was more like a carnival than a crisis. But Trudeau saw the protest as a political threat, not free speech.

The prime minister’s response was to use the Emergencies Act for the first time ever during peacetime. This gave the government broad power to shut down the protesters. It allowed banks to freeze accounts without a court order. It banned public gatherings and travel to protest sites.

And for what? As the giant price tag shows, Trudeau assembled a massive show of force. Thousands of officers from across Canada got sent to Ottawa. The gear pouring in included helicopters, riot suits, and heavy-duty tow trucks. You’d think Canada was on the brink of civil war, not just hosting unarmed citizens speaking out against Trudeau’s authoritarian mandates.

But maybe the most galling part is the government covered up the insane costs until now. Ministers refused to reveal expenses for months, only coughing up the figure when forced to by the Conservatives. So much for transparency when it comes to holding power accountable.

The government’s claims about violence and weapons among the protesters have also proven to be mere fearmongering. Despite Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino warning reporters that the convoy “could have been deadly”, no firearms or explosives were ever found.

Yet Liberal politicians and sympathetic media outlets seemed intent on painting the protesters as dangerous extremists. A Toronto Star story falsely claimed loaded shotguns were found in trucks, quoting an anonymous police source. Mendicino touted this bogus report as proof of averted disaster.

Even Immigration Minister Marc Miller shared the article, asking “Was the Freedom Convoy really about vaccine mandates or something darker?” But police testimony has since confirmed it contained misinformation. No loaded shotguns were ever discovered.

Once again, the Liberals exaggerated fake threats to justify their authoritarian crackdown. Peaceful citizens got labeled as violent agitators. And Liberal MPs helped spread dangerous lies to turn people against the demonstrators.

This should tick off citizens across the political spectrum. Because when the government can just cry “emergency” to muzzle opposition whenever they want, nobody’s rights are safe. And burning crazy taxpayer cash while doing it makes the power trip even more wack.

Maybe the saddest part is that the whole mess was so unnecessary. The protesters were already packing up when Trudeau lowered the boom. Some patience and talking it out could’ve got a peaceful ending. But that was never the PM’s goal. He saw a chance to punish an opposing view – no matter what it cost.

That $90 million and counting could’ve gone to tons of programs Canadians care about. But it got wasted attacking the civil rights that define this country.

The Freedom Convoy crackdown will be remembered as one of Trudeau’s most shameful episodes ever. Nobody should trust Justin Trudeau with emergency powers or anything again.

Trudeau Wastes $1.5B in Expired Vaccines

And this is not even the only disturbing and nonchalant spending under Trudeau’s watch. As another info came out exposing that the Trudeau government has thrown away nearly $1.6 billion worth of expired COVID vaccines.  

This staggering waste highlights how the Liberals fail to wisely manage taxpayer dollars or plan effectively for the long term.

According to secret documents, Canada is contractually obligated to keep purchasing vaccine deliveries through 2024, even as demand plummets. This means we keep stockpiling unwanted shots that eventually expire and must be discarded. 

So far, 52.9 million doses have been tossed in the trash, with more on the way before the ill-advised contracts finally expire. Had the Trudeau government shown more prudence in negotiating long-term agreements, this waste could have been avoided.

Initially, the plan was to secure enough supply to provide regular booster shots to all Canadians for years. As Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos lectured, “Fully vaccinated makes no sense now. It is up to date.”

But that approach failed to account for waning public interest. Today, only 14.6% of citizens have gone for the latest Omicron booster. Yet due to rigid contractual obligations, we keep buying more while throwing previous purchases away.

The Liberals keep screwing up how they spend public money. They make way too optimistic guesses and don’t do their homework, so taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

Canadians deserve to know how their cash is being used – or wasted. But Trudeau likes to hide behind secrecy instead of owning his mistakes.

This vaccine debacle could end up costing over $2 billion when all’s said and done.

The Freedom Convoy crackdown and Emergencies Act stuff has already added $90 million more because of the Trudeau gang’s heavy-handed approach. 

Will we ever see sensible, cool-headed crisis management from them? If their track record so far says anything, we shouldn’t hold our breath.

The vaccine waste and other misspending all point to a deeper problem. Trudeau’s “budgets balance itself” attitude and fiscal recklessness is taking a toll on Canadians. 

CTF Blasts 2024 Budget

This is not to forget the massive 2024 budget scam of Freeland and Trudeau’s. This budget crashes the Canadian dream and offers little hope for those concerned about Canada’s ballooning debt and deficits.

Despite claiming “fiscal responsibility,” this government continues its spending spree with no plans to balance the books. Canadians will be paying the price for generations to come. 

As the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has rightly slammed, interest charges on the debt alone will hit $54 billion this year. 

That’s over $1 billion per week borrowed from future taxpayers just to pay borrowing costs. It’s more than Ottawa sends the provinces in health transfers. This staggering sum is blowing a massive hole in the budget, crowding out useful investments.

And still, the Trudeau government cannot curb its addiction to spending. This year’s projected deficit is $40 billion, despite no longer facing pandemic emergencies. There is simply no justification for shortfalls this huge at this stage of the economic recovery.

Even more concerning is the complete lack of any credible plan to return to balance. The best Freeland can offer is a vague commitment to shrink deficits to $20 billion in a few years. That’s not much progress given how rapidly debt charges are mounting.

Since Trudeau took power in 2015, the federal debt has doubled from $600 billion to over $1.2 trillion. This budget will add another $50 billion in 2022-23 alone. We are burdening future generations with massive liabilities to pay for current consumption. That’s not “fairness” no matter how the Liberals spin it.

And Ottawa’s response is simply to demand more revenue. Capital gains taxes are being raised to squeeze an extra $6.9 billion from taxpayers this year. But at the rate this government blows through cash, that’s less than a week’s worth of funding. The cupboard will be quickly bare once again.  

Because at its core, the Trudeau government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Just look at the numbers. Freeland once promised $15 billion in savings over several years. Yet this budget increases spending by $30 billion in just one year. No wonder deficits keep ballooning.

Canadians deserve better management of their hard-earned tax dollars. Canada once had a reputation as a fiscally responsible nation. Now we are fast becoming an international poster child for reckless deficit financing. Our children and grandchildren will pay the price through higher taxes, slower growth, and less prosperity.  

Conservatives have long warned about the dangers of budgetary excess. Those alarms are now coming to fruition. With debt charges consuming massive chunks of revenue, Ottawa’s fiscal room to maneuver has disappeared. 

So after 8 years of PM Trudeau, it’s clear he doesn’t respect taxpayers or care about spending restraint at all. This is a leader who’ll gladly stomp on civil rights while blowing endless millions to soothe his fragile ego.  

Trudeau has shown zero ability to cut reckless spending or balance budgets. He thinks deficits can expand forever with no consequences. And he’s got no problem wasting taxpayer cash to crack down on critics.

With their bloated bureaucracy and culture of waste, the Liberals act like money grows on trees. Hard Working Canadians get stuck with the bill. It’s time to cut up Trudeau’s credit cards before he bankrupts the nation.

After ramming through a budget ballooning the debt to over $1 trillion, it’s obvious this government’s gone fiscal bonkers. Canada’s becoming a global embarrassment. Our kids will pay for Trudeau’s financial incompetence. 

The Freedom Convoy crackdown is just one example of how this liberal government doesn’t care about public funds. Given Trudeau’s authoritarian instincts, we can expect more heavy-handed power trips to silence opposition. 

In the next election, Canadians need to retire Trudeau and his big-spending groupies. We need sane, fiscally responsible leadership before it’s too late. Our future prosperity’s on the line.

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