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Trudeau Caught Rejecting Emergencies Act Reforms


Secret tapes caught Trudeau red-handed telling Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc to ignore suggested changes to the Emergencies Act that would limit the Prime Minister’s dictatorial abilities.

While a public review recommended protections to stop Trudeau’s further misuse, this wanna-be tyrant boldly ordered his underling LeBlanc to delay any fixes so the Emergencies Act stays his personal tool for silencing opposition.

The leaked tapes reveal Trudeau’s disturbing plan to consolidate total power and avoid all accountability. He treats the law with complete disrespect, thinking he is above reforms and charters only meant for regular people. This damning new proof cements that Trudeau is a dangerous fascist set on turning Canada into his own personal dictatorship.

Trudeau’s corruption of Canada’s democracy into his own cult of personality won’t stop until Canadians stand up and take back their institutions from his despotic control. His dictatorial directions make clear Trudeau pictures himself Canada’s supreme ruler for life and will do anything until he has absolute power.

Minister LeBlanc’s Statements

The latest news from Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc that the federal government won’t be making the changes to the Emergencies Act suggested by the public inquiry is just another power grab by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


After facing lots of criticism for his unconstitutional use of the Emergencies Act to shut down the peaceful Freedom Convoy protests, Trudeau is now trying to brush the whole scandal under the carpet. He clearly doesn’t care about protecting civil liberties or upholding Canadians’ Charter rights.

LeBlanc claims they want to focus first on expanding spy powers by overhauling the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act before even looking at reforms to the Emergencies Act. This is an obvious stalling tactic to avoid making any real changes.

Trudeau misused the Emergencies Act in an unprecedented attack on basic freedoms. He brought in powers to freeze bank accounts without a court order and declared protest zones illegal, violating multiple Charter rights. A Federal Court rightly called this unconstitutional.

But now Trudeau wants to double down on unchecked authoritarianism rather than rein in his dictatorial tendencies. He is living in an alternate reality where trampling over Canadians’ rights is justified.

Liberal Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc said the trucker freedom protest was a “dangerous and difficult moment” in Ottawa and other parts of Canada.

LeBlanc wrongfully labeled patriotic, decent protesters as some kind of menace when they were just using their basic Charter rights. The real threat to Canada is Trudeau’s iron-fisted decision to crush any political opposition.

And LeBlanc has the audacity to say the government should “strengthen its partnership with the Ottawa police service” after using the Emergencies Act to override provincial jurisdiction. Trudeau wants his national police to aggressively pursue protesters who disagree with him!

The public inquiry report made 56 recommendations to amend the Emergencies Act and prevent future abuses. This included removing the problematic “threat to the security of Canada” threshold that Trudeau exploited.

But the government is blatantly ignoring all these proposed safeguards. Trudeau clearly wants to keep the Emergencies Act as his personal weapon to wield against dissidents whenever he feels threatened politically.

LeBlanc audaciously said: “My conclusion was, it would be better not to do a one-off and simply remove for example, or change the definition in the Emergencies Act.”

And he added: “Our government did not invoke the emergencies act lightly and we hope that no future government will have to resort to it.”

Rather than consult with impacted groups like the Freedom Convoy, Trudeau will stage sham consultations with friendly stakeholders who enable his power grabs. He has no interest in other perspectives, only unanimity.

This matches Trudeau’s pattern of attacking dissent and consolidating control. He smears all opposition as racist or misogynist and increasingly regulates online speech. Bill C-11, C-18, C-36 and now C-63 all expand state censorship powers.

Trudeau pays lip service to “transparency” and “human rights” while undermining both. He views himself as above accountability and above the law. His endless scandals from SNC-Lavalin to WE Charity to the Aga Khan vacation go unpunished.

Trudeau Bribes His CBC Propagandists

Canada’s institutions have been dangerously eroded under Trudeau’s leadership. He has politicized the public service, stacked courts and tribunals, and bribed the media with nearly $595 million annually.

The overly praising environment Trudeau has created means his abuses don’t get proper scrutiny. Spineless civil servants and obedient journalists just repeat his talking points.

Trudeau’s $595 million media bailout has basically bought him favorable coverage and stopped criticism. Nowhere is this clearer than at the government-run broadcaster CBC, which depends a lot on Liberal handouts.


Even with planned spending cuts across government, Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge says CBC will be completely exempt. She claims Trudeau doesn’t want to “hurt” his propaganda branch that pretends to be news.

Even as profits and viewership tank, CBC will keep pigging out on taxpayer money to keep making pro-Trudeau stories. Trudeau is basically paying CBC to be his personal PR firm and attack his critics.

No wonder CBC repeats Trudeau’s talking points without an ounce of skepticism. Their reporters are spineless Liberal pets who know biting the hand feeding them would threaten their cozy subsidized paychecks.

Canadians fund CBC to the tune of over $1 billion yearly, yet it serves as a mouthpiece for big government politicians, not regular people. Canadians need to defund this biased broadcaster and get it off the Liberal payroll.

Tamara Lich Harsh Punishment

Meanwhile, the unjust persecution of Freedom Convoy organizers reveals Trudeau’s vindictive abuse of power. Peaceful protesters like Tamara Lich face harsher punishments than violent criminals thanks to his politicization of the legal system.

While murderers walk free on bail, Lich was thrown in solitary confinement for challenging COVID mandates. This innocent grandmother posed no public safety risk whatsoever. Yet vengeful Trudeau heaped outrageous charges on her for daring to oppose him.

His motive is obvious – to weaponize the justice system and make an example of nonviolent dissenters. Trudeau portrays himself as a champion of human rights, but he’s a petty tyrant who crushes charter rights when citizens inconvenience him.

The bail double standard also exposes Trudeau’s leniency towards real criminals who should be behind bars. He puts the rights of foreign terrorists above those of law-abiding Canadian protesters.

Trudeau’s authoritarian mishandling of the convoy is eroding justice and emboldening violent offenders.

The convoy leaders’ oppressive treatment should horrify everyone regardless of political views. A government that arbitrarily jails critics is on the road to dictatorship.

The Freedom Convoy heads faced unfair oppression just for daring to speak out, but they aren’t the only ones hurt by Trudeau’s authoritarian power grab.

Veteran Takes Trudeau to Court

When the Prime Minister brought in the super harsh Emergencies Act, he unleashed a flood of tyrannical abuses impacting tons of Canadians. Now brave citizens like veteran Eddie Cornell are boldly fighting back and trying to make Trudeau answer for what he did.

Cornell’s bank account was frozen along with countless others solely for donating to the Freedom Convoy’s legal protest against draconian COVID mandates. This gross violation of Charter rights outraged Cornell.

So Cornell teamed up with constitutional lawyers to file a judicial review challenging the Emergencies Act’s constitutionality. Thanks to their efforts, a court ruled Trudeau’s actions were indeed unconstitutional.

Emboldened by this landmark win, Cornell is pursuing further legal action. He is suing Trudeau, cabinet ministers, police services and banks for damages over their role in violating Canadians’ rights.

Cornell stresses this lawsuit is not about partisanship, but opposing government tyranny wherever it emerges. He warns Trudeau’s authoritarian overreach is a dangerous threat to Canadian democracy.

As a veteran, Cornell is appalled to see the government he served now trampling fellow citizens’ freedoms. He calls on all Canadians to unite against despotism regardless of political views.

Trudeau clearly has authoritarian goals. His strict COVID rules went further than anywhere in the Western world, trying to force conformity of belief. He has huge disrespect for provincial independence.

This centralizing instinct also manifests in his drive for a “post-national state” defined by globalist institutions rather than Canadian heritage. He exhibits little affinity for Canada’s history or culture.

The ease with which Trudeau dismissed Canada’s civil liberties should alarm all citizens. He fundamentally does not believe in curtailing state power or upholding individual freedoms.

That is why it is critical to deny Trudeau the majority he craves in the next election. Canadians cannot afford to grant him strengthened authoritarian tools for another four years.

All freedom-loving Canadians must unite against this wannabe dictator before our rights and freedoms are eroded beyond repair. We cannot be complicit in sleepwalking into totalitarianism.

Trudeau is deliberately undermining Canada’s democratic institutions and civic fabric. He is irrevocably damaging public trust in government with his dishonesty and manipulation.

His refusal to reform the Emergencies Act is just the latest demonstration of Trudeau’s blatant disregard for the rule of law. He believes laws only apply to average citizens, not to elites like himself.

Trudeau clearly wants to retain the Emergencies Act as a weapon to quash dissent, without any meaningful checks on his authority. This will turn Canada into a repressive banana republic.

Concentrating unilateral power in the hands of one ambitious politician inevitably ends in tyranny. Trudeau imagines himself Canada’s philosopher-king, impervious to criticism.

Canadians are blessed to live in a stable democracy – but we must not take it for granted. Without vigilance, our rights and freedoms can be lost in an instant, as Trudeau has demonstrated.

All those who value living in a society of free speech, free assembly, free association, and freedom of conscience must band together now.

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