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Trudeau Caught Lying About TikTok Ban


TikTok Ban for Thee But Not For Me

Justin Trudeau finds himself stuck between American demands and Canadian creators on banning TikTok, all while he and the Liberals have been caught lying about TikTok prohibition from government phones.

While the U.S. prohibits the Chinese-owned app over spying fears, Trudeau dodges the issue to keep using it for Liberal propaganda.

This two-faced tactic exposes Trudeau’s true priorities. He claims to champion data protection while ignoring TikTok’s espionage risks. But banning it could anger young voters and deprive the Liberals of a tool to manipulate them.

So Trudeau stalls, torn between demands to act and his own partisan interests. The Liberals continue actively weaponizing TikTok’s influence even while fretting over its threats. This gross hypocrisy treats national security as an afterthought compared to cynical political gain.

On the other side, content creators are anxious about their livelihood while the liberals continue promoting to a younger audience in cringe-inducing PR videos.

Will Trudeau be accountable and thoughtful when approaching the topic of a TikTok ban?

Trudeau and the Liberals Are Caught Lying

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to comment on the future of TikTok in the United States, even as his own Liberal Party continues leveraging the controversial app and its influencers to spread political messaging to young Canadians.

The U.S. senate recently passed a bipartisan bill that would force TikTok’s parent company ByteDance to sell its share of the app within a year or face an outright ban.

This follows longstanding fears that TikTok could provide user data to the Chinese government or enable Beijing-sponsored misinformation campaigns. President Biden signed the TikTok prohibition into law this week.

Yet while banning TikTok on federal government devices since early last year, the Trudeau government has welcomed creators to events and provided exclusive briefings.

All while Trudeau and Liberal MPs continue using the app to their advantage as they aim to garner the younger Canadian vote that is so easily reached with platforms like Tiktok.

This hypocrisy allows Liberals to utilise TikTok’s reach while feigning concern over security risks.

Trudeau claims his government will always prioritise Canadian privacy and data protection. But he refuses to echo bipartisan American worries about TikTok as a Chinese espionage tool. This evasiveness shows Trudeau’s unwillingness to jeopardise Liberal political gain, no matter the potential dangers of embracing TikTok.

Intelligence reports seem to point towards TikTok granting Beijing extensive ability to exploit user data and influence opinions globally.

And the Liberals seemed to inch closer to banning TikTok earlier this month but with younger voters flocking to the app as their primary news source, Trudeau wants to keep open this direct conduit for Liberal spin and propaganda.

Trudeau Partakes in Political Theatre

Banning TikTok on government devices was mere political theater. Trudeau knew he could never fully block this social media juggernaut, not with Gen Z increasingly reliant on it. So his party operatives covertly stayed onboard, collaborating with creators to resonate with impressionable youth.

This casts doubt on Trudeau’s sincerity in safeguarding Canadians’ data from Chinese intrusion. If TikTok poses real risks, why allow Liberal campaigns continued backdoor access? Trudeau claims to put our security first, yet refuses to echo bipartisan American alarm over TikTok’s menace.

Trudeau’s evasiveness shows his priority is self-serving partisan advantage, not protecting Canadians. He postures about privacy concerns, but won’t jeopardize TikTok’s political utility.

This naked hypocrisy is characteristic of a Prime Minister who grandstands about integrity while doing whatever benefits the Liberals.

With TikTok now actually be banned for government officials in Canada’s closest ally, Trudeau must come clean. Will he ban TikTok outright to shield Canadians from Beijing’s spying? Or will he admit this was never about security, only about depriving opposition parties of TikTok’s powerful reach?

Trudeau cannot have it both ways. If TikTok presents a real danger, then continued Liberal reliance on it is reckless and unethical. But if the security fears are overblown, why the need for the government ban in the first place?

What About Canadian Content Creators?

This confusion and chaos is exacerbated on the other side of the TIkTok argument, the side which houses all the small businesses using the app to promote their products, and all the various artists and content creators making a living off the platform itself.

TikTok has become the platform of choice for artists, musicians, comedians and influencers to produce short-form videos that can go viral globally. Homegrown Canadian stars have built huge audiences on TikTok, letting them monetize their content. Many other emerging creators earn income through TikTok’s tipping and live-stream gifts.

These entrepreneurs could see their livelihoods destroyed overnight if Canada follows the US and other nations in prohibiting TikTok. No other platform yet offers the same reach and money-making potential. For many artists, losing TikTok means losing their primary distribution and revenue channel.

While few dispute TikTok’s security issues, critics argue banning it cripples small businesses and creators who have come to rely on its ubiquity. A more targeted approach that restricts suspect data flows may be preferable to outright prohibition.

Influential music groups have warned an American TikTok ban would devastate their industry, halting viral hits that break new artists. TikTok has become a crucial platform for discovery in the internet age. Removing it would inhibit culture, diversity and free expression.

The Trudeau government must be transparent about any TikTok prohibition under consideration and its implications for content creators.

While protecting national security is paramount, destroying livelihoods without justification is unjust. Artists deserve a seat at the table for discussions that will impact their futures.

There are also concerns that banning TikTok could set a dangerous precedent of stifling free speech to assuage geopolitical tensions.

While the China issue is complex, many younger Canadians value TikTok as an inclusive space for identities marginalised elsewhere. Removing this cultural forum should perhaps require a more extensive debate with full transparency.

Canadian comedian Darcy Michael built a huge following on TikTok, using it to share comedy routines and connect with fans. But growing security concerns about the Chinese-owned app could soon make an achievable dream outright impossible.

Michael says restricting TikTok in Canada like the looming American prohibition would be extremely concerning. He credits TikTok for allowing him to sell over 50,000 live show tickets directly to followers, without traditional marketing. Losing this platform would be a major setback.

Michael is just one of countless Canadians who have grown their brands and incomes thanks to TikTok’s reach.

However, Justin Trudeau’s lack of transparency and strong standing concerning one way or another when it comes to banning TikTok in Canada is leaving thousands of content creators anxious and worried about their livelihood.

A Fork in the Corrupt Road

Canadian content creators are scared they might not be able to keep their dream job while Trudeau and his gang of crony liberals are taking their sweet time and posting embarrassing and cringe inducing PR videos to garner the same young vote that they are in advertley crushing at the moment.

This is what Canadians get when trying to be productive in any shape, way or form and contribute to their country. They get an uncaring liberal establishment that says one thing while turning around and doing something else, all topped with the threat of Chinese spying and interference. A complete mess, and Trudeau is still undecided about his final decision because he wants to reap all the benefits before a possible closure.

Trudeau must decide – either ban TikTok completely on security grounds or admit these concerns were overblown all along. Continuing to play both sides reeks of dishonesty. Canadians deserve clarity regarding TikTok’s threats, not Trudeau’s self-serving obfuscation.

This confusion also leaves thousands of Canadian TikTok creators anxious about their livelihoods. These artists and entrepreneurs rely on TikTok, yet Ottawa leaves them in limbo with vague intentions and interminable reviews.

Trudeau seems content allowing Chinese-controlled TikTok to operate here as long as it benefits Liberal political fortunes. This is an abdication of leadership at best and gross negligence at worst. If TikTok truly imperils Canadians, failure to decisively ban it is inexcusable.

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