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Trudeau Branded “Number One Woke Fascist” by Piers Morgan


Trudeau Panders to Teens as Adult Support Crumbles

Piers Morgan just roasted Justin Trudeau live, confirming Canada’s become a worldwide laughingstock under its flailing PM. The fiery British host labeled Trudeau “the number one woke fascist in the world,” skewering his desperate ploys to cling to power.

Morgan ripped into the Liberals’ partisan push to lower the voting age, seeing through the naked ruse to pad Trudeau’s crumbling base. The controversial host called out Trudeau for making Canada an embarrassment, unable to ignore the PM’s blatant vote-rigging.

With the next election looming, Trudeau’s partisan plots have made Canada a punchline on the world stage. Morgan echoed global frustrations with the PM’s hypocrisy and incompetence.

Even impressionable teenagers worldwide can see Trudeau’s failures and rejection by Canadians. 

The rant proves Trudeau’s partisan gambits haven’t just angered Canadians, they’ve humiliated Canada internationally. Morgan’s verbal beatdown shows that under Trudeau, Canada’s now a global joke desperate to hang onto power.

Trudeau’s Teen Vote Gambit Seen as Desperate Ploy

In a desperate move, the failing Liberals are trying to hang onto power by lowering the voting age to 16. With Trudeau’s approval hitting rock bottom, his party’s plan is to exploit naive teenagers to boost their chances.

But using teens to cover up the Liberals’ failures and Trudeau’s lack of vision won’t work. After breaking trust with Canadians over and over, even teenagers can see through this self-serving move. Trudeau’s government is now so unpopular they have to rely on high school students to save them.

Even Piers Morgan saw through this sinister move, ripping Trudeau as “the number one woke fascist in the world. The most woke human being alive.”

The Liberals’ push to let 16-year-olds vote comes as their support craters, potentially costing them the government. Polls show Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives surging while Trudeau loses voters due to incompetence and hypocrisy.

With the next election looming, Trudeau’s desperate party is using teens as a political lifeline. They hope that adding easily-influenced adolescents to the electorate can make up for losing disillusioned adults.

Trudeau’s ally, Senator Marilou McPhedran, recently introduced Bill S-201 to lower the voting age to 16. They claim it’s about “increasing engagement,” but it’s clear they’re just trying to add 2 million teen voters to their base.

The real motive is obvious: they want to rely on youth who lack experience and independent judgment. Younger voters often favor leftist parties, drawn in by idealistic rhetoric over balanced policy. Trudeau’s cynical electoral math is simple – more impressionable minds mean more Liberal votes.

At a recent summit promoting votes at 16, Trudeau’s Senator trotted out thinly-sourced arguments about civic participation. But she failed to mention how expanding the franchise serves the Liberals’ naked self-interest.

At a recent summit pushing for votes at 16, Trudeau’s Senator rolled out some weak arguments about civic participation. But she conveniently left out how expanding the voting age benefits the Liberals’ own agenda.

Now that adults are waking up to Trudeau’s vanity and incompetence, the desperate Liberals are turning to teenagers for support. Senator McPhedran is giving credit to the partisan youth group “Vote 16” for pushing her voting age bill.

McPhedran claims the “science is clear” that letting 16-year-olds vote is good for democracy. But she doesn’t back it up with any real studies, just vague talk about energy and accountability.

Honestly, most teens don’t have the experience or brainpower to make well-informed voting choices. Their brains are still developing those complex reasoning skills needed to see through political manipulation.

But who cares about research or ethics when it comes to the Liberals? They’re just focused on gaining a partisan advantage.

Samantha Reusch, the executive director of Apathy is Boring, a group that promotes youth engagement in politics and activism, claims lowering the voting age increases lifelong democratic participation. Again, no facts are provided, just self-serving speculation to rush through the changes before the next election.

Trudeau’s allies make the same worn-out arguments whenever they tinker with voting rules for partisan gain. In 2015, the Liberals falsely claimed scrapping vouching restrictions and voter ID would increase turnout and engagement. In reality, it opened the door to potential fraud to benefit the liberals.

Just like with those undemocratic voting changes, the push to add suggestible 16-year-olds is driven by cynical political calculus, not idealism. With adult voters fleeing his mismanagement and scandals, Trudeau wants to pad his base with voting kindergarteners.

NDP MP Charlie Angus gave away the partisan game, saying: “For too long, the attitude’s been that young people aren’t mature enough, they’re juvenile, they’re silly. This is a way of denying the incredible energy that would come that would force politicians to wake up.”

Adding: “I think our democracy is troubled right now. It’s in a fragile state. Democracy is facing dangerously toxic levels of disinformation and online interference,” he said. “Young people aren’t that dumb. They will bring freshness and accountability to keep democracy alive at a time when we see it being threatened around the world…Let’s bring in the young people because they will protect it.”

Handing out voting rights to high schoolers who rely on the government for support seems like a shady deal, doesn’t it? It’s like a sneaky trade-off where the Liberals boost their odds in elections while using young people’s idealism to make themselves look like heroes. 

They talk a big game about empowering students, but in reality, they’re just using them as pieces on their political chessboard.

The Liberal plan’s most telling aspect was appointing a “Youth Advisory Council” to review legislation if the voting age is lowered. Rather than consult parents, educators or experts, Trudeau wants input from hand-picked teenagers guided by partisan organizers. No wonder Conservatives see this as blatant Liberal vote rigging.

Liberals Hope Teens Will Boost Failing Support

But little did Trudeau know, even the young Canadians he’s trying to win over are turning against him. After years of his failed policies and hypocrisy, Canada’s youth have had enough of Trudeau’s empty promises.

Trudeau is losing support among young Canadians fast. Polls show a massive shift among 18-29 year-olds toward Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives. Young people are fed up with Trudeau’s incompetence.

The reason for Trudeau’s downfall among younger voters is clear: his failure to tackle the housing crisis. Homeownership is slipping out of reach, and Canada’s youth are rebelling against his inaction on this crucial issue.

But Trudeau keeps going on about how he’s going to build an economy that every young Canadian deserves. By that, he means hiking taxes and growing a government so big and expensive that people will be forced into accepting subpar housing, education, health, dental, child, and pharmacare. This is what fairness means to him: you will own nothing and be miserable.

Polls show that only 20% of voters under 30 support Trudeau’s Liberals, a steep drop of 19 points since 2015. In contrast, 40% back Poilievre’s Conservatives, who promise to make housing affordable again.

These numbers totally explain why the Liberals are scrambling to lower the voting age. But Trudeau’s move just feels like he’s insulting the intelligence of younger citizens who can see right through his hypocrisy and broken promises.

The young Canadians who used to believe in Trudeau are totally done with him now. They see him as the guy who let them down and shattered their dreams. After eight years of crazy high home prices while he was in charge, they’re ditching the Liberals.

Even longtime Liberal supporters like strategist Andrew Perez admit that young urban progressives are “ready to roll the dice on a right-wing, populist government” because they’re sick of the current regime blocking their chances at getting ahead.

Sure, Trudeau made a big deal about legalizing cannabis, but for a whole generation of young people, it’s like their dreams of owning a home are going up in smoke. Housing costs have shot up 60% since 2015, and it’s hitting young people hard. They’re stuck renting while boomers rake in the profits from housing.

Polls are showing that young voters care most about how crazy expensive it is to live and find a place to live. With Trudeau losing ground fast among young Canadians, his desperate attempts to win their votes just seem like a last-ditch effort.

After all the scandals and screw-ups, Trudeau is so unpopular that even 16-year-olds can see right through the Liberals’ attempts to stuff the ballot box.

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