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Trudeau Asleep as Criminals Plot Historic $22M Gold Heist


Trudeau Lets Corruption and Crime Run Wild

You won’t believe how Trudeau ‘s cluelessness allowed Canada’s biggest gold heist ever to happen right under his nose

Stunning new revelations emerged about the $22 million dollar gold bar heist from Pearson Airport – the largest theft ever on Canadian soil.

You won’t believe how Trudeau allowed this brazen Hollywood-style scheme to happen right here in Canada. The massive failure of national security under Trudeau’s naive watch is infuriating, but at this point is it even surprising?

Sneaky airport insiders, corrupt officials, smuggled guns – this thriller has it all people. Real criminal masterminds treated Canada like their personal loot bank while Trudeau stood by cluelessly like their idiot sidekick.

Heads will roll when you find out how Trudeau allowed violent thugs and career crooks to invade Canada and ravage our nation’s safety through despicable acts like this historic gold heist.

Trudeau’s weak leadership practically rolled out the red carpet for sophisticated crime syndicates to violate our borders and institutions.

This national disgrace is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the crime crisis erupting under Trudeau’s watch. How many more examples of lawlessness that Trudeau allows to fester through his negligence can Canada take before it breaks?

Canada’s Biggest Gold Heist Exposes Epic Failures in Trudeau’s Leadership

Canada is facing a crisis of crime and public safety under Justin Trudeau’s watch as Prime Minister. The $22 million gold heist at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is just one of too many examples of how rampant crime has become under Trudeau’s leadership.

This brazen theft represents the largest gold heist in Canadian history according to investigators, yet stunningly only days after the arrests, one of the suspects has already been released on bail.

The shocking details from the investigation into Canada’s biggest gold heist show just how Trudeau’s clueless policies have given a green light to fancy criminal gangs. This bold $22 million theft happened way too easily, all because Trudeau turned a blind eye to corruption running wild.

Can you believe it? Even airport workers could have been in on it. It’s like organized crime has its tentacles all over Canadian places under Trudeau’s nose.

According to the investigators, the whole gold heist was cooked up by insiders at Pearson Airport in Toronto. These workers knew all the ins and outs of cargo handling and had access to the high-security zones.

This egregious case highlights the utter failure of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government to get serious on crime. Thanks to Trudeau’s weak stance on law and order, criminals now act with impunity, knowing they will easily be released to commit more crimes should they even face charges at all.

The crisis in Canada’s bail system is worsening under Trudeau’s watch. Time and again we have seen dangerous offenders released on bail only to commit further violent crimes against innocent Canadians.

This revolving door justice is a direct result of Trudeau’s naive approach to crime that puts the rights of criminals ahead of public safety.

Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman slammed Trudeau and the Liberals, demanding answers to a pressing question on the minds of Canadians: why are criminals consistently granted bail under Trudeau’s administration?

The Pearson airport gold heist suspect brazenly seen at a gym just days after his release makes a mockery of our justice system. This $22 million dollar crime is not a victimless theft – it represents a massive loss to the gold owner and insurance companies that law-abiding Canadians ultimately pay for through higher premiums.

The alleged masterminds behind the heist clearly have deep connections to organized crime and access to serious resources if they could pull off stealing over $20 million dollars worth of gold. The notion that any of the suspects should be free on bail defies common sense.

Yet once again, we see the Trudeau Liberals fail to take crime seriously. Even after this historically large theft, Trudeau has not instituted any reforms to prevent further travesties of justice like this from occurring.

No measures have been announced to fix our broken bail system that puts violent career criminals back on the streets. No additional funding has been provided to police, prosecutors and courts to give them the resources they desperately need to keep dangerous offenders locked up. Trudeau continues to sit idly by while crime spirals out of control on his watch.

Trudeau Border Blunders Allow Smuggling of US Guns

The bombshell news coming out of the investigation into Canada’s biggest gold heist is just another sign of Trudeau’s border blunders.

Thanks to Trudeau’s soft policies, criminal gangs are smuggling guns from the US into Canada like it’s nobody’s business. These guys are bringing in weapons that end up in the hands of dangerous gangs, fueling a surge in gun violence.

But instead of dealing with the real problem, Trudeau’s government is too busy banning legal guns owned by law-abiding Canadians, thinking it’ll solve everything.

But let’s be real here—the real issue is these organized criminals sneaking illegal guns across our sloppy borders, not some dude with a hunting rifle up north.

Trudeau has allowed Canada’s border to become a sieve when it comes to detecting and stopping illicit shipments of firearms from the United States.

The suspects in the $22 million dollar Pearson Airport gold heist had no trouble transporting their stolen bars across the border to sell. They then easily returned to the US to procure a stockpile of illegal guns before attempting to smuggle them back into Canada.

This brazen operation was only exposed because of a lucky traffic stop by Pennsylvania State Police, not because of any preventative border enforcement by the Trudeau government.

According to Police Chief Bill Fordy, a shocking 90% of handguns recovered from violent crimes in Ontario in 2023 originated from the United States.

Yet Trudeau has not taken urgent action to stop this steady flow of illicit firearms into Canada. He continues to leave mainland border crossings understaffed while terrorists, criminals, and illegal guns stream across.

The weak screening of cross-border traffic is allowing professional smugglers to treat Canada as an easy dumping ground for US guns. Sophisticated criminal networks are exploiting Trudeau’s negligence to develop intricate schemes to finance and transport firearms north to be sold in the black market.

As Fordy explained, organized crime outfits with interlinked networks spanning both countries are increasingly engaged in brazen schemes like using straw purchasers to buy American guns in bulk. Yet little has been done under Trudeau’s watch to crack down on these cross-border enterprises. Clearly his government fails to grasp the gravity of foreign guns fueling violence on Canadian streets.

This negligence at the border is just one way Trudeau’s policies are handcuffing the justice system and preventing it from fully prosecuting criminals. His failure to swiftly appoint enough judges to the Superior Court is another prime example.

In addition to judicial vacancies, Trudeau’s wider soft-on-crime approach has constrained the justice system’s ability to prosecute offenders.

By reducing mandatory minimum sentences and emphasizing rehabilitation over punishment, his policies have allowed more criminals back on the streets sooner. With fewer consequences, criminals have become emboldened knowing the justice system has been weakened.

The Trudeau Liberals are simply not serious when it comes to tackling crime. They prefer virtue signaling and talking about social causes rather than implementing tough measures to lock up dangerous offenders.

They pander to special interest groups like prisoners advocates who fight to make it easier for criminals to get parole and bail while ignoring victims and citizens demanding safer communities.

Under Trudeau, police have been defunded and demoralized to the point officers are leaving the force. Crown prosecutors and courts have not received increased budgets in years leading to chronic backlogs where even violent criminals have charges stayed or pled down.

The corrections system emphasizes rehabilitation over punishment, allowing violent offenders back on the streets faster through early release programs. At every step, the justice system fails to fully hold criminals accountable and protect the public.

Trudeau has also weakened our bail laws through reforms that make it easier for alleged criminals like those accused in the Pearson airport gold heist to be released pending trial. The changes mean police and prosecutors face a higher burden to request pre-trial detention, even for career and violent criminals.

Trudeau is effectively enabling many more suspects – including those accused of serious offenses – to get back on the streets on bail where they are free to commit more crimes.

The Pearson airport case struck terror into the heart of our nation. If brazen thieves can pull off stealing over $20 million dollars worth of gold bars from one of the most secure facilities in Canada, no one is safe.

If suspects accused of orchestrating the largest theft in Canadian history can get released on bail days after arrest, our justice system is broken.

Canadians have a right to feel safe in their homes and expect consequences for criminals.

The bail crisis and rampant crime we see today was entirely avoidable had the Trudeau government made public safety a priority. Tough on crime policies work when applied properly to get criminals off our streets.

Trudeau’s way of handling the crime situation has just lost him all respect. His soft-on-crime laws and bail changes are putting every Canadian hood in jeopardy.

We have to kick out Trudeau and his Liberal crew pronto. Canada needs a tough, common sense Conservative government to fix this mess and bring back the law.

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