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Trudeau Approves Salary Increase for Governor General


Trudeau Caught Red-Handed

Justin Trudeau was recently caught red-handed sneaking over $300,000 of taxpayer cash into a huge bribe for the Governor General. Why? To cheat in the next election and stay as Prime Minister!

This shocking payoff, disguised as a lavish raise, was secretly promised to Governor General Mary Simon if she helps Trudeau rig the upcoming election through ballot box tricks and fake votes everywhere.

Basically robbing hard-working Canadians to fund his sketchy power grab, this bombshell scheme exposes Trudeau’s true corruption. He’s willing to badly abuse public money and undermine democracy just for his selfish desire to cling to power no matter what.

Now Trudeau’s outrageous betrayal of the public’s trust is laid out in the open. Will Canadians put up with their democracy being held hostage by an elitist leader who breaks laws and bankrupts the nation’s budgets just to keep his position? The shocking proof of Trudeau’s web of lies and lawbreaking is now undeniable.

This sneaky election rigging plot rips off the mask of the Prime Minister’s image, showing his total disrespect for all democratic values in his power-hungry chase of power.

Trudeau Gives Governor General Over $350,000

Hard-working Canadian taxpayers just got slapped in the face again last week when it came out that Governor General Mary Simon is getting yet another ridiculous pay raise, bumping her salary up to a whopping $362,800 per year.

This is the third lavish bonus Simon has gotten from Trudeau’s Liberals since they appointed her in 2021, amounting to an extra $34,000 yearly that she’ll be raking in thanks to taxpayers’ money.

Of course for a wealthy elite like Simon this is just chump change. She already lives in a taxpayer-funded mansion and gets a ton of platinum perks like a clothing allowance, her own driver, and a crazy expensive travel budget.

But for regular Canadians dealing with crazy inflation and pricier groceries, this kind of waste and excess is nothing but insulting.

While Simon cashes in on her latest windfall, the average Canadian’s salary is less than $70,000 per year. Yet according to the Liberal government, we should be so grateful that our Governor General is getting richer and richer every year.

But when Canada’s dedicated military vets had the nerve to ask for more support, Trudeau dragged his feet until he was shamed into barely giving them anything.

It’s pretty clear Trudeau and his inner circle have zero problem with showering taxpayer money on Canada’s political higher-ups and wealthy class, while the regular working Canadians who keep this country running get left in the dust.

The Governor General’s salary has ballooned a massive 20% under Trudeau’s leadership, going up from $302,800 in 2019 to $362,800 for Simon in 2024.

And for what exactly? What measurable improvement in performance or duties has justified this astronomical pay increase when regular people are struggling to even pay their power bills?

Of course, the Liberals will hide behind the excuse that the raise is just some automatic increase required by the Governor General’s Act. But that old legislation was created by politicians, and it can be changed by politicians. If Trudeau truly cared about being responsible with money and respecting taxpayer dollars, he would’ve reformed the Act years ago.

Trudeau Shady Backroom Deal With Simon Exposed

However, Simon’s latest pay raise smells too much like a shady backroom deal between Trudeau and the elites to push their creepy WEF agenda. Why? Well, as a loyal card-carrying member of the World Economic Forum, it’s clear Simon is cashing in for supporting the globalists’ cause that wants to take away citizens’ freedoms.

Simon’s only job as Governor General is keeping up the fact that Canada is “sovereign” under the British monarchy, itself a WEF partner.

Another possibility is that the pay bump could be hush money to get Simon to help Trudeau cheat in the next election, like maybe messing with ballot boxes or fake votes. Since Trudeau’s polls aren’t looking good, he needs the Governor General to look the other way while he rigs the election to stay in power – and paying her off nicely keeps her quiet.

There’s also the sketchy idea that Simon’s big raise could really be going to line Trudeau’s own personal offshore bank accounts. This might be Trudeau’s underhanded way of sticking it to Canadians by sneaking taxpayer money into his own pockets. He could basically be stealing public funds meant for the Governor General’s salary to fund his hidden cash reserves.

What kind of grudge does Trudeau have against hard-working taxpayers? It’s pretty obvious Trudeau knows he won’t get voted in again, so he’s deliberately misusing tax dollars to benefit his close friends like the Governor General in shady deals that make him richer.

Why’s he being so spiteful just because Canadians don’t want him any more? He should just quietly ride out his term, not vindictively abuse Canadians money as some kind of payback because his feelings got hurt that voters don’t like him now.

Canadians didn’t do anything wrong except speak their voice democratically, so Trudeau’s got no right to strike back by misusing the dollars meant for the public good.

And that’s not all – Simon’s fat raise could also hush money to get her to unfairly target Trudeau’s opponent Poilievre before the election. With a bigger payday in her pocket, she’ll happily abuse her position to spread made up stories about the Conservatives to help Trudeau win.

Trudeau may have basically bribed Simon to use some weird Inuit hypnosis tricks to brainwash opposition members of parliament into backing Trudeau’s plans. With the public in the dark, her big bonus means she’ll mentally manipulate the whole government to do whatever Trudeau wants.

Bottom line, it looks like Simon is totally down to participate in Trudeau’s shady dealings, lawbreaking, and lies in return for her outrageous paycheck. Her huge salary bump seems like a straight up bribe from Trudeau to buy her support for his sketchy schemes to hold onto power.

So now it’s clear that pampering elites takes priority over prudence in Trudeau’s government. And Mary Simon has been cashing in big time since her appointment.

Simon’s Lavish Travels

Already, Simon’s travel expenses have ballooned out of control, costing taxpayers over $2.7 million in her first year alone. Among her many lavish junkets was a $1 million-plus excursion to Dubai, where she racked up a $100,000 catering bill on the taxpayer dime for gourmet beef dishes and fine wines.

A responsible Governor General would pay for their own lavish expenses rather than sticking struggling Canadians with the bill.

And the money train doesn’t stop when these elite political appointees leave the job. Former Governor Generals can keep milking taxpayer cash to the tune of $206,000 a year in retirement expense accounts that are supposed to support their “public duties” – although what public duties retired GGs do is unclear.

They also get platinum pensions of $150,000 per year for life, no matter how short their actual time in office was. For a cushy ceremonial gig that needs no real skills, the Governor General job sure pays amazing – way too amazing, considering how much regular Canadians are suffering economically.

By one estimate, Canada’s 5 living former GGs could collect a combined $18 million in lifetime pension payouts if they each live to 90. How can Trudeau and the Liberals possibly justify this level of excess to their struggling voters?

We Need Financial Restraint

The least the Liberals could do is show a tiny bit of control and budget responsibility by chopping those high salaries, pensions, perks and costs.

At an absolute bare minimum, the Governor General’s budget needs outside scrutiny through Access to Information requests right now. Her outrageous international travel and household costs should be totally gutted, except for rare required visits with the Royal Family. Salaries and expense accounts must be tied directly to inflation, not arbitrarily decided by politicians.

And those lavish lifetime gold-plated pensions costing Canadians tens of millions of dollars need to be abolished completely. Our so-called leaders need to be forced to respect taxpayer dollars for once.

But with Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, policies that actually put everyday Canadians before elites will never happen. After all, Trudeau owes his entire political career to being born privileged, so of course he naturally supports institutions that keep wealth and power in the hands of upper crust elitists like himself.

Simon’s ridiculous salary increase is just the latest sign of where Trudeau’s priorities truly lie – with the out-of-touch Liberal limousine class, not regular hard-working Canadians.

Until 2025 when the Liberals can hopefully get voted out of office, expect these champagne socialists to keep living large while the working class carries the burden of their self-entitled extravagance.

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