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Trudeau and His Carbon Tax Hike is Being Criticized By Everyone


Introduction to The Unity

Trudeau has finally shown his true authoritarian colours by dismissing premiers’ concerns, regarding the carbon tax hike on April 1st, launching an outright vicious attack against his own country’s premiers.

This unbelievable development comes on the heels of not only conservative premiers voicing objections to the tax hike, also but liberal ones like N.L. Premier Andrew Furey , who publicly urged Trudeau to pause the tax hike, citing families’ struggles within the province.

Pierre Poilievre on the other hand, chose to take a stand with the premiers and Canadians across all of Canada as he aims to start a revolt by issuing parliament motions to stop the tax hike and hopefully abolish it altogether in the future.

Will Justin Trudeau listen to reason or will he continue in his opposing crusade against Canadians until we forcefully remove him and his party from the power they so audaciously abuse?

Trudeau Criticizes All Opposition

With inflation at a 40-year high and Canadians struggling to make ends meet, the Trudeau government is poised to make life even harder for ordinary citizens.

As you all may now know, on April 1st, the federal carbon tax will increase from $65 to $80 per tonne of carbon dioxide emissions, representing a 23% hike. A hike that 70% of Canadians outright refuse to accept.

Speaking at a Calgary news conference, Trudeau scoffed at opposition from provincial leaders, dismissing their concerns as “short-term thinking” unlike his own “logical” solutions and tax hikes, all because common sense Conservatives are trying to help Canadians right now unlike the corrupt Liberals issuing empty promises for a hollow future.

During his rambling response to reporters, Trudeau claimed the regressive levy somehow “makes sense”, singing the same old tune about how families are actually benefiting from this tax and dismissing opposition as nothing more than “political misinformation.”

With Canadians struggling to afford basics like food and rent, the PM sees increasing taxes on gas and heating as a reasonable policy.

In Trudeau’s view, the role of government is not to respond to the priorities of citizens, but to impose policies deemed good for them – whether they like it or not.

This elitist, top-down approach epitomises Trudeau’s style of governance, if we can even call it that.

Trudeau Ignores The Real Issues

Technocratic experts assure Trudeau that carbon pricing is the best way to fight climate change, and in a perfect world, the rebates paid to households could offset the burden of the tax. But this is not a perfect world when Trudeau is running it.

So, for struggling families, the carbon levy represents yet another squeeze on their finances, with absolutely no benefits.

Inflation is rising and affordability is becoming a luxury in today’s Canada but Trudeau acts as if increasing the cost of gas and heating is just a no big deal? Of course the Liberal government thinks Candians should just swallow it all up and concede with no pushback.

The planned carbon tax increase is just the latest example of Ottawa’s disconnect from the real world.

Canadians are tightening their belts during this economic crisis, and the federal government should be doing the same. That means scrapping all non-essential spending until inflation is under control.

If Trudeau truly believes carbon emissions must be slashed immediately, he should lead by example.

No more flying luxury jets across the country for photo ops. No more international trips requiring fossil-fuel guzzling airplanes.

But don’t expect our virtue-signalling prime minister to give up his jet-setter lifestyle anytime soon. Rules are for the little people and the opposition alone.

And the elites in Ottawa insist the rest of us must bear the cost of rapidly reducing emissions, while they themselves continue jet-setting around the world, heedless of their own carbon footprints.

The hypocrisy was on full display at the UN climate conference in Egypt last fall, which saw hundreds of private jets fly in thousands of diplomats, bureaucrats, and hangers-on. In the words of one report, it was “do as I say, not as I do” on a grand scale.

On the other hand and away from climate talk for a while, the last thing the weak Canadian economy needs is a massive tax hike that balloons inflation. But Trudeau remains laser-focused on his carbon pricing scheme, evidence and common sense be damned.

The carbon tax directly raises the cost of gasoline, natural gas, propane, and other fossil fuels.

While Trudeau likes to claim that some of the revenue is going back to families through rebates, studies show the carbon tax acts as a regressive burden, taking a larger share of income from low and middle-income Canadians.

And the rebates themselves are not indexed to inflation, meaning their real value declines over time.

With inflation reducing real wages and soaring interest rates hampering households, a massive carbon tax hike in April would pour gasoline on the inflationary fire.

Food, rent, mortgages, and other basics are already stretching family budgets to the breaking point.

And now the federal government wants to make heating your home and driving to work even more expensive? It defies logic but is in line with the average slow liberal that would support this kind of heist without any questions.

But why is Trudeau suddenly waking up and trying to salvage his latest corrupt policies? Because when even liberal premiers like the NewfoundLand and Labrador premier Andrew Furey reject the April 1st carbon tax hike, you know you have messed up and you need to face accountability. Although in the case of Trudeau, he chooses to die on his stupid and dull hill.

Revolt Against The Machine

Premiers all over the country, Conservatives and Liberals alike, have called on Prime Minister Trudeau to pause or outright cancel the April 1st increase.

The provinces understand what Trudeau and the Liberal establishment refuse to acknowledge; this is the worst possible time to jack up taxes on the essentials of daily life.

The latest and most shocking of all responses came from N.L. premier, Andrew Furey, where he took to twitter to post a letter voicing his displeasure and concern regarding the carbon tax hike, urging the prime minister to pause the tax hike to lessen the burden on the families of the province.

In the letter he asks for the Liberal government to come together and address the ramification of such policies on the families and not compound them to hurt Canadians even more.

This response was supported and encouraged by other premiers who spoke up, and continue to speak up, about the corrupt carbon tax hike.

Premiers like Danielle Smith, who met Justin Trudeau face to face during his visit to Alberta and expressed her issue with the carbon tax hike and wanting to put a pause on the initiative as a growing number of officials and Canadians reject the idea

Blaine Higgs of New Brunswick, also took to twitter to express his rejection of the carbon tax hike and call out Justin Trudeau for “putting ideology above individuals and politics over people” and how the prime minister should actually focus on “listening to Canadian’s and making life less expensive for them”.

Nova Scotia is a unique and hopeful case in a sea of oblivious and corrupt liberal half-wits, with its premier, Tim Houston, and Liberal opposition leader, Zach Churchill, both calling out Justin Trudeau for turning the province from one of the most affordable to one of the least while trying to increase taxes that the people won’t afford.

P.E.I and Ontario’s premiers also took a gander at the issue with Ontario’s Doug Ford warning Trudeau about the annihilation he will face in the polls if he goes through with this dumbfounding carbon tax hike.

Then there is the Sasketchwan premier Scott Moe, who took a stand since day one and defied the liberal government’s carbon tax even before the egregious hike.

He actually got a response from Trudeau during the Alberta news conference where Trudeau just removed his mask and showed his true authoritarian colours with statements like “you can’t opt out of the law” and “You have to obey the law”, alongside the casual hypocrisy of Canada being successful under him or that he and his Liberal cronies never broke the law.

Because of actions and statements like this, that lay bare the complete idiocy and oblivion that Trudeau and the Liberals live in, Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre is looking to take a massive stand and start a massive revolt against the carbon tax by issuing motions before the parliament in the coming days to stop the tax hike from happening.

The carbon tax hike set for April 1st must be cancelled immediately. And the carbon tax itself should be phased out in favour of measures that don’t disproportionately punish poor and working-class Canadians. Affordability must take priority over climate change agendas.

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