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Trudeau Allowed Chinese Spy To Return To China


Introduction to the Treason

Trudeau and his incompetence as a leader has led to another bombshell in the Chinese spy scandal that was revealed late last month.

The same Chinese scientist who Trudeau’s government recklessly allowed access to Canada’s top infectious disease lab has now resurfaced in China, working with the military on bioweapons research.

But even with all that info Trudeau still refuses to screen Chinese scientist grants for Beijing’s Thousand Talents espionage program. The same program that spy Xiangguo Qiu used to infiltrate Canada in the first place!

Conservatives have warned that appeasing China threatens our security and sovereignty. But Trudeau seems oblivious as China exploits our openness to advance its own authoritarian agenda.

Under his weak leadership, Canada is being hollowed out from within. It is time for Trudeau to step down and let a strong leader take the reins.

Trudeau in Hiding as Chinese Spy Resurface

The recent revelations about the Chinese spy scientist Xiangguo Qiu should be a concern for every patriotic Canadian that is sick and tired of Trudeau’s ineffective and weak leadership.

Xiangguo Qiu, who was fired, alongside her husband Keding Cheng from Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, has now been confirmed to have surfaced again but in her homeland of China collaborating with the People’s Liberation Army on dangerous virus research.

This is the result of a prime minister like Justin Trudeau, that is more focused on posturing and virtue signalling than actually caring about Canada and its safety and sovereignty.

It demonstrates a not so shocking lack of judgement by Liberal officials and highlights the need for greater scrutiny of foreign nationals working in highly sensitive roles.

After being escorted from Canada’s top infectious disease lab in 2019 and fired in 2021, it has now been revealed that Qiu has been in China working with military scientists on antibody research related to coronaviruses, Ebola and Nipah viruses.

This likely includes projects at the notorious Wuhan Institute of Virology, which conducts risky “gain-of-function” experiments to increase pathogens’ transmissibility.

Qiu had previously collaborated with and visited the Wuhan lab while working in Canada.

The assumption by Canadian officials that someone with Qiu’s background could be trusted with sensitive biodefense work was remarkably foolish even for a government run by Trudeau.

Since returning to China, Qiu has listed various Chinese military researchers and institutions as partners on patent applications and research papers.

This provides concrete evidence of technology transfer to advance Chinese military capabilities – the exact concern conservatives warned about for years as Qiu operated in Canada.

Qiu’s conduct shows how China exploits ethnic Chinese citizens abroad to procure foreign technology.

The offer of lucrative salaries and research funding entices Western-trained scientists to return and pursue work directly benefiting China’s military.

Institutions like the Wuhan Institute and the People’s Liberation Army are undoubtedly thrilled to have someone with Qiu’s expertise in biodefense and deadly pathogens under their control after she and her husband smuggled sensitive information from Canada under Trudeau’s nose.

But let us get a slight refresher on the exact timeline of shame and failure by Trudeau and the liberals here so that we are all on the same page regarding Chinese spies infiltrating Canadian institutions.

Trudeau, the Incompetence Machine

It was revealed in late February of this year, that the 2021 firing of one Chinese scientist Xiangguo Qiu was due to her collaborating extensively with Chinese government institutions while working at Canada’s top infectious disease lab.

According to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) at the time, Qiu worked closely with Chinese labs on potentially dangerous military research, all while deceiving Canadian officials about her foreign ties.

The CSIS findings reveal the Chinese government successfully developed “deep, cooperative relationships” with Qiu to advance its own military capabilities.

This included transferring scientific knowledge from Canada to China to benefit the authoritarian regime.

Qiu also concealed her participation in China’s Thousand Talents Program, which recruits Western experts to work for China while maintaining outside employment.

This level of deception raises inevitable questions about Qiu’s motives from the start. Did she come to Canada solely to infiltrate our biodefense establishment as an agent for China?

Her repeated lies to Canadian officials even when confronted with evidence suggests she served China all along. No innocent person would engage in such blatant subterfuge.

Qiu’s conduct also highlights the threat from China’s talent recruitment programs.

These initiatives entice Western scientists to steal intellectual capital and share it with China, including its military. The offer of lucrative salaries and research funding compromises researchers working in democratic countries.

Qiu’s case proves that the diversity and inclusion, that the likes of Trudeau and the Liberals love to vouch and scream for, cannot outweigh national security, even at the expense of political correctness.

The Public Health Agency of Canada failed utterly by trusting Qiu with one of our greatest biodefense assets.

Their desire for diversity blinded them to the very real dangers of a Chinese immigrant prioritising her homeland over Canada.

This failure provided China’s military with invaluable biotechnology insights they can now exploit to threaten Canadian lives. Way to go Trudeau, you absolute goof.

Appeasing China and downplaying security threats does not prevent racism or xenophobia. It simply emboldens China’s aggressive quest for power using insidious methods.
When national interests are at stake, ethnicity and gender are irrelevant compared to conduct and loyalty.

Qiu’s betrayal has clearly benefited an authoritarian regime over the country that welcomed her.

Canada Proves a Weak Foe

But do you really think that these words are going to move an honest muscle in Trudeau or any Canadian official that is responsible for this matter?

Well, you are gonna be disappointed, maybe not surprised but definitely saddened at the state of Canada when you learn that Canada’s federal research grant system does not screen for “China’s Thousand Talents Program”.

Remember when we just talked about the program a little bit earlier? Remember how it was a program meant to specifically and strategically give an advantage to China’s research and development by utilising native scientists working in western countries and institutions?

This is the same program, which recruits Chinese scientists abroad, and was directly implicated in the breach at Canada’s National Microbiology Lab by researcher Xiangguo Qiu.

The Thousand Talents Program provides lucrative incentives for Chinese scientists working in Western nations to share confidential research with China.

Participants get access to Chinese labs, funding, housing, and other benefits to entice them into becoming agents of Chinese research advancement.

The program specifically targets expatriates who can then tap into expertise and technology gained overseas.

Trudeau hands out over $2 billion annually in federal research grants with no screening for links to Thousand Talents.

This is extraordinarily negligent given the program’s clear threats highlighted by Canada’s own spy agency, CSIS.

Failing to combat this blatant haemorrhage of our intellectual property aids China’s military buildup and competitive advantage.

Claiming our research ecosystem must stay as open as possible is abject naivety that enables foreign theft of taxpayer-funded science.

Now imagine knowing all of this damning information and still coming to terms with the fact that Canada’s officials, under the guiding hand of woke Trudeau, do not screen Chinese workers enough to know if they are affiliated with the “China’s Thousand Talents” program.

It is quite maddening for any Canadian that is seeing the corruption spreading through Canada under Trudeau and now has to witness Canada’s intelligence and positioning being snubbed by a foreign threat with no remorse for the Canadian people.

But what do you expect from a man that is silent and pouting as China arrogantly continues to purchase majority stakes in critical Canadian mineral mines ignoring Canadian national security concerns and going about their business like no tomorrow.

China keeps throwing money and buying up lands and business in Canada while Trudeau sits aside and vows competition instead of immediate action.

China gets to throw their weight around and infiltrate top institutions with their scientists fleeing back with sensitive information, all while Trudeau is sitting aside still trying to solve a puzzle where the only solution is him resigning.

Canadians get nothing but warnings and never any action. It is almost as if Canada is ruled by an incompetent dweeb that does not know how to properly run a first world country.

China is not Canada’s friend. It is an authoritarian rival that will continue exploiting weak-willed Western tolerance.

As conservatives have warned, maintaining security and sovereignty requires eternal vigilance – and the courage to make hard choices.

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