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Trudeau Accuses Conservatives of using A.I. while Liberals use A.I


The A.I. Troubles

Trudeau and the Liberals accuse Conservatives of improperly using A.I. technology to oppose a preposterous bill with a huge amount of amendments.

They fail to recognize how their bill can be highly contented from several different MPs looking for a better option for Canadians.

The Liberals’ accusations reek of dementia or clear desperation to divert attention away from shady deals.

It seems weird how Trudeau publicly announced a $2.4 billion investment into A.I. and the tech industry, that does not even need this kind of money. Only for him and his liberal goons to accuse Conservatives of playing ball with the novel technology.

In spite of what Trudeau hopes for, recent research has exposed the government’s slimy scheme to use A.I. themselves and rapidly expanded algorithmic systems behind citizens’ backs. All for the sake of control and power.

Will the corrupt Liberals succeed in their bid for unchecked technological power?

Trudeau and the Liberals Throw Accusations

The upcoming vote on the Liberal government’s “Sustainable Jobs Act” has sparked intense debate in Parliament and has given the opportunity for corrupt and malicious actors to accuse honest and hard working Canadians of crimes they never even attempted to commit.

We have Conservatives doing everything in their power to fend off false and derogatory accusations that they somehow used artificial intelligence to generate an obscene and inhumane amount of obstructionist amendments to the “Sustainable Jobs Act” that the Liberals have tabled.

Liberal House Leader and one of Justin Trudeau’s best friends, Steven MacKinnon, claims the nearly 20,000 opposing amendments proposed by the Conservative party at the house committee were nothing more than a bunch of “robo-amendments created by A.I.”

He contends that the Conservatives have employed highly specialised and very efficient robot parliamentarians in a filibuster effort to stall the much needed Liberal legislation.

Conservatives obviously and firmly deny any of these sham and biassed allegations thrown at them from a crony and incompetent party headed by the worst and most corrupt prime minister Canada has ever had the misfortune of knowing.

Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs stated clearly that the proposed amendments were not in any way, shape, or form generated by A.I.

The justified argument that should shut up the liberals and put them in their rightful place of shame, is that the large number only reflects serious and noteworthy policy disagreements with most of the content within the bill itself.

According to Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs, the “Sustainable Jobs Act” is a “blueprint for the Liberals’ wide-scale radical economic restructuring.”

While contending the egregious A.I. allegations, MP Shannon Stubbs explained how the bill gives the government too much control over Canada’s economy and energy resources. By favouring renewable energy, Stubbs claims the legislation will lead to thousands of lost jobs in oil and gas as investment dries up even further.

The Conservatives also take issue with the lack of any serious and thoughtful consultation with industry stakeholders. It is almost as if this was just another typical Liberal bill that only serves the liberals themselves and never any of the hard working and tax paying Canadians that they are supposed to work for.

It is nothing but a top-down approach that ignores the realities of Canada’s energy needs and workers.

The Alberta oil sands produce significant revenue for government coffers to fund social programs. Phasing out oil and gas too quickly could have severe economic consequences. But I guess economic instability is the only thing Trudeau and his gang of liberals are good for.

Some Conservatives even argue the Sustainable Jobs Act should be scrapped entirely.

They prefer a market-driven approach to the energy transition rather than top-down government intervention. The private sector is best positioned to adapt to changing economic conditions.

Moreover, and if you need even more reasons to understand the contention with the deceitful and malicious bill; Conservatives say the transition to green jobs outlined in the bill is wishful liberal thinking.

There is no clear plan to retrain workers or provide new employment in renewables.

Canadian oil and gas workers cannot easily transfer their skills to solar panel installation or wind turbine maintenance.

The bill attempts to address this disparity in experience with just a mere five-year action plan on job transition, but the Conservatives rightfully argue that this timeline is just too short for any meaningful advancements.

Major changes to Canada’s energy mix will take decades, not just a few years.

Sacrificing Canadian jobs to signal their “woke” climate change virtue seems to be all the liberals have been capable of and focusing on. Alongside wasteful spending and general incompetence of course; We just can’t forget about Trudeau and his gold qualities.

The A.I. accusations speak to the level of blatant partisan conflict over the “Sustainable Jobs Act.”

Unlike Liberals with their careless and outright malicious behaviour towards Canadians, Conservatives care about the everyday Canadian and that’s why they see the bill as an existential threat to Canada’s oil and gas sector that demands extensive scrutiny.

Trudeau Invests Big in A.I.

But do you know what is quite ironic with this whole debacle? Trudeau and the liberals fanning the flames and cooking up an outrage storm against the Conservatives when they are busy wasting money on advancing A.I. and how the government utilises it, or should I lie like they always do and call it “investing in the future”.

I guess Trudeau and the liberals will not raise any alarms as long as they are the ones in control and making use of the A.I technology.

The Trudeau government recently announced a massive $2.4 billion investment into Canada’s artificial intelligence sector.

While supporting innovation is important, Conservatives were the ones ultimately raising concerns about the price tag and priorities of yet another Liberal spending spree. Funny how the people opposed to the principle are now being accused of using A.I by the same people that are wasting billions on A.I. I wonder who we should trust more?

This new funding includes $2 billion for computing infrastructure, $200 million for AI startups, $50 million for training workers, and more.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau boasted about how this spending will help build a fairer future with more jobs and economic growth.

During one of the many press conferences Trudeau is doing right now as part of his “please vote for us” tour across Canada, Trudeau talked about how important of an investment this is going to be as it will assist the government and the Canadian infrastructure to handle more pressure, which will in turn create more jobs for young Canadians and build a more prosperous and “Future proof” Canada.

A fine speech by our dear prime minister, with too much glazing for the very concept of A.I. only for his crony liberal party to jump at the first accusation of Conservatives wrongfully using the technology. Almost as if they clearly understand what A.I. can and will be utilised for in terms of general corruption and malice, and they opted to accuse conservatives first in an effort to appear innocent and righteously upholding the integrity of our democracy in the eyes of the average Canadian. Too little too late on that little scheme I say.

This wasteful spending on this novel technology will not be a game changer for anyone but the Liberals that will use it to facilitate their excessive control over every aspect of our lives.

At the very least this tool will help the likes of Trudeau to continue being lazy and incompetent while Canadians suffer under a mute leadership.

A big highlight with this announcement is the massive spending for such a program.

Conservatives argue this funding could be better targeted to pressing issues facing Canadians. With inflation and cost of living skyrocketing, taxpayers need relief.

Handouts for AI companies and the wider tech industry, that is already swimming in copious amounts of undeserved cash, seem out of touch when many Canadians are struggling to afford groceries and housing.

Not to mention the fact that this is not the first time Trudeau wanted to invest heavily in A.I. technology and promised massive funding for advancements that never saw the light of day.

Quite disturbing how it is almost exactly the same speech with the same tired talking points but somehow this time it is going to be different.

Much of the liberal spending since Trudeau assumed leadership back in 2015 has been mismanaged to hell and back.

Vanity and other seemingly useful programs’ costs often balloon beyond budgets while failing to meet stated targets. Do we need to remind Canadians of the ArriveCan scandal? Or any of the 2015 and 2018 housing projects that are still not fulfilled to this day?

While AI may deliver future productivity gains, the benefits seem far removed from pressing kitchen table issues.

Spending billions on tech companies will not immediately curb inflation or make housing more affordable.

The private sector already invests heavily in AI development. Maybe the government should focus on fixing the mess that it had started.

But maybe Trudeau is very much aware of the uselessness of A.I. to the average Canadian, yet still heavily invests in the technology for more nefarious reasons.

Maybe Trudeau and the liberals are trying to lay the blame and throw around accusations to prime Canadians for a future where the liberals freely use A.I. to satisfy their endless corrupt needs.

Liberals Caught being Hypocrites

Remember when Trudeau talked about the ethical nature of using A.I. earlier?

Well, lo and behold, and as if karma is specifically having it out for Trudeau and his Liberal goons, recent research has uncovered nearly 300 AI initiatives undertaken by Liberal departments and agencies. It seems we have uncovered the actual beliefs of the corrupt liberal establishment.

We don’t need to dwell any further on the impact this might have; As any amount or lack thereof when it comes to transparency creates endless opportunities for misuse.

The liberals are trying to hoard the technology and risk threatening citizens’ privacy and civil liberties.

Facial recognition, algorithmic hiring assessments, predictive tax rulings – such tools require rigorous regulation when used by the state. Yet the Liberals aim to exempt most government applications from their proposed A.I. legislation.

According to the research, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada uses AI to sort visa applications. This can explain a lot when Trudeau leaves the safety of our nation in the hands of an A.I. that is probably fed a full course “woke” meal in terms of information and rules.

So the thought of the government facilitating all of its corrupt schemes should be alarming but equally worrying is how the Liberals could exploit government-controlled data for further political control.

Centralising datasets creates irresistible temptations for partisan manipulation. The Liberals talk about helping Canadians while potentially putting their private information to use and leverage against their interests.

This is the final goal for Trudeau and the liberals; to truly control Canadians’ lives without contest.

They invest massively in A.I. technology and then play the blame game to divert attention away from their malicious actions.

It is the same story every time with Trudeau, and the only worthy ending is the one where he gets the boot.

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