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Tory MP Exposed for Dealings with Gambling Company


Everyday There is a Tory Scandal

The Tory sleaze machine is firing on all cylinders again, with the latest corruption scandal featuring a knighted MP scoring £500 an hour to shill for shady slot machine peddlers. You can’t make this stuff up

When he’s not busy battling the cost of living crisis, ol’ Rishi Sunak apparently spends his time doling out titles to ethically-challenged Conservatives.

Newly minted Sir Philip Davies is now raking it in as a “consultant” for gambling profiteers Merkur Gaming. Same company that was embroiled in its own baggage of scandals. They seem to be a good fit I guess.

But Davies is small fry compared to the banquet of corruption scandals the Tories seem to fall under.

From lobbying to straight up thieving, the Tories and Sunak always find a way to feed their greed on taxpayer money.

How much more can the public take before we finally give these privileged grifters the boot?

In the meantime, expect plenty more slimy headlines as the Tories carry on fleecing the country while brazenly flaunting their ill-gotten gains.

They’re doubling down on the sleaze until voters make them pay.

Tory MP Works for Gambling Company

Corruption and greediness in leadership is a tale as old as time itself. But that sleazy tale seems to cling on to the Tory party like nothing else, with scandals left and right that lay bare the rotten core that fuels all the Tories and their equally rotten policies and mishaps.

The latest when it comes to Tory corruption comes in the form of an MP by the name of Philip Davies accepting a part-time job rewarding him £500 per hour in exchange for his work as a “consultant” for a slot machine and gambling corporation.

Our dear prime minister Rishi Sunak took the time and effort out of his day to knight this man right here. A knighted Tory MP is now being paid for “consultancy” work at a gambling company by the name of “Merkur Gaming” that is infamous for running cheap slot machine venues across the UK that prey on vulnerable individuals and families.

I am not sure how many times this insane statement bears to be repeated but it has to, until the public realise how shameless you have to be currently to run for the Tory party.

I am not sure what kinda question this information springs up exactly? What kind of revelation is more fitting; Is it the fact that Tory MPs have greed and corruption coursing through their veins that they can’t help but expose themselves to the public for all their misdeeds against them? Or is it the fact that this action goes to further support the idea that the Tories are bracing themselves for a total election wipeout under Sunak and they can’t bring themselves to support a failing man with a failing ideology?

The obvious answer is that it doesn’t really matter when both outcomes seem as likely as they can be with Tories’ recent track record.

But nevertheless it is embarrassingly funny how an MP who claims to understand the struggles of working-class constituents took this cushy side gig with a gambling profiteer.

The most remarkably tone-deaf action a Tory action in recent weeks and that is saying something with all of the sleaziness and corruption the Tories partake in like they need it for sustenance. Nothing can perfectly encapsulate as much how out of touch the modern Conservative party has become.

While hard-working Brits battle a cost of living crisis, rising rent and food prices, stagnant wages and crumbling public services, MPs like Davies are lining their pockets via cosy corporate connections.

But let us highlight the gambling corporation for a second here; Merkur Gaming and its parent company have faced allegations themselves for the crime of exploiting gambling addicts and failing proper safeguards according to UK laws. Seems par for the course with the Tory party it seems.

The company was caught red handed and exposed for exploiting a cancer patient out of her hard earned money while the staff looked the other way and pretended to be dumbfounded. It is like this company was tailor made for Sunak and his conservative cronies that are happy to gamble away lives in the name of short term “profit” and political posturing.

Tory MPs are Known for Corruption

But obviously this is not the first time the Tory party, or even this particular MP has been caught in the middle of a casual corruption scandal on the backs of British taxpayers.

A pattern can be seen forming with MP Davies previously earned £50,000 advising another betting company and received lavish hospitality from bookmakers and racing firms. I don’t know about you but he doesn’t seem particularly apologetic for his abhorrent behaviour.

The party is rife with this kind of dodgy moonlighting that reeks of easy money for political access and influence. From health consultancies to fossil fuel lobbyists, many Tory representatives seem more focused on their own bottom lines than improving life for British citizens.

It wasn’t that long ago that Scott Benton’s resignation as Conservative MP for Blackpool South was the shocking Tory headline in mainstream media.

Benton was facing shame and criticism by his own constituents after being suspended from Parliament. What for? Well you probably would have guessed it with the topic of today, but Benton fumbled his way into a lobbying scandal. Very novel and unheard of for a prestigious party as the Tories.

This was not some minor technical issue by the way, but a MP willing to sell access and influence for up to £4,000 a month. A package full of conflict of interest and outright greed.

This led to a by-election at the time that played into the theme of the Tories getting thrashed left and right by every poll and after every election. Their downfall will naturally be of their own doing in the end.

But of course before they fall, they can’t help but suck the soul and money out of every hard working British person, no matter the circumstance.

Pandemic Heist

That’s when you get bigger than just a single MP’s corrupt scheme kind of scandal. That’s when you get Tory officials doing a political form of heist on taxpayers money during a global pandemic. They want us to forget but it just fits right into the narrative the Tory party has adopted as their own for the past decade or so.

As the public struggled through lockdowns, sickness and grief, corporations with government connections raked in billions from dubious pandemic era contracts.

Up to 50% of deals went to firms linked to the Tories, often with no relevant experience. The Good Law Project found over £4 in every £5 on PPE was wasted or lost, likely lining private pockets.

From health secretary Matt Hancock’s shady dealings with his former pub landlord, to lucrative deals for Dominic Cummings’ associates, the VIP lane for cronies to gain contracts speaks volumes.

The Tories treated a national crisis as a chance to funnel money to friends and donors. ANd we are supposed to be shocked when the daily news cycle has at least one MP being exposed for a shady job with an equally shady company.

The public is sick and tired of MPs who think they are above basic rules and standards of public service. Philip Davies is merely the latest embodiment of the privileged, corrupt elite that the Conservatives represent.

With trust in government at an all-time low, the Tories’ lack of shame or remorse speaks volumes. While Sunak continues to talk about all the vain and non-existent accomplishments the Tory party seemingly partakes in and starts in the benefit of the British people, he then turns around and whines about the obstacles and blockades he and his party has to face when all the is standing in their way is their own incompetence.

Let this be a record to showcase that nothing has changed after the election defeats and the crony Tories are still failures.

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