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Tories Scheme To Dethrone Sunak


Tories Sink Into Infighting And Chaos

Panic has erupted within the disintegrating Tories as a desperate coup plot takes shape to oust hapless leader Rishi Sunak before he can lead them into electoral oblivion.

With the party crumbling in the polls, ruthless Conservative MPs have concluded that only one last-ditch option remains – the nuclear button of defenestrating their own failing leader in a chilling demonstration of internal ruthlessness and resolve.


As the bitter Tories descend into open civil war, scheming backbench plotters frantically manoeuvre to install Penny Mordaunt as a controllable caretaker figurehead. By levering the weak Sunak from office in a palace coup, they hope to salvage their jobs, perks and egos from an impending electoral wipeout.

Yet as the Conservatives implode in a frenzy of dysfunction and betrayal, Reform UK lies in wait, ready to exploit Tory disarray to upend the rotting status quo and reshape a failed political order. The principled Reform insurgents stand ready to unleash shockwaves through a vulnerable Westminster establishment.

While the scheming Tories tear each other apart, Reform UK sees its opening to drive forward change. The coming realignment beckons as the old system cannibalises itself.

Desperate Tories Plot Against Sunak

The floundering Tories seem locked in yet another round of self-destructive infighting and backstabbing as Rishi Sunak’s ineffective leadership continues to divide the party. Meanwhile, Reform UK goes from strength to strength, presenting a real alternative for voters fed up with the failures of the out-of-touch Conservatives.

According to reports, right-wing Tory MPs are now plotting to install Penny Mordaunt as a “stalking horse” candidate to oust the hapless Sunak before the next election. Sunak has only been in office a few months, yet the Conservatives are already trying to replace him in a desperate bid to improve their dismal polling numbers.

FILE PHOTO: British Conservative MP Penny Mordaunt gestures at an event to launch her campaign to be the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister, in London, Britain July 13, 2022. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

But installing the inexperienced Mordaunt would hardly inspire public confidence. She seems to stand for nothing but her own political advancement. Even her supporters apparently see Mordaunt as an “empty vessel” they can use to regain power. As one Tory loyalist claimed, “They think she’ll be the face of it and ‘I’ll be the real power behind the throne’. But they’ll find out it doesn’t work like that. She will make her own decisions.”

The Tory infighting intensified after Sunak’s lacklustre budget failed to give the Conservatives a bounce in the polls as hoped. The party now trails Labour by 20 points or more, with senior ministers and aides privately predicting an historic wipeout at the next election. One government source stated bluntly: “It’s all last days of Rome stuff.”

Rumours swirl of rebellious Tory MPs making their move against Sunak soon, likely after the party suffers heavy losses in the May local elections. Sunak is attempting to rally support within the divided Conservatives, but his failure as PM seems baked in already.

Sunak Fails To Restore Confidence In The Economy

Sunak has proven utterly incapable of getting inflation under control, easing the cost of living crisis, or restoring confidence in the flailing UK economy. His policies overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy while squeezing working people mercilessly. Real wages continue falling as strikes sweep the nation, yet Sunak simply doesn’t care.

Clearly Sunak is just an out-of-touch former banker beholden to his mega-rich mates and woefully inadequate for the mammoth challenges facing Britain today. But swapping in Mordaunt or another poorly vetted Tory puppet won’t change the party’s disgraceful record of corruption, chaos and incompetence.

The Tories seem to have learned nothing from ousting Boris Johnson for a leader who has already flopped. Installing a fourth PM since 2016 would only create more political chaos and end any remaining public trust in the Conservatives. As former minister Sir David Davis warned, it would be “completely bonkers” and make calls for an immediate election “irresistible”.

Reform UK Rallies As Bold Alternative To The Failing Tories

Rather than constantly shuffling the deck chairs as their ship sinks, the Tories need to call an immediate general election and let voters decide the path ahead. But they cling desperately to power to continue lining the pockets of their cronies, no matter the damage being done.

While the tired Tories tear each other apart, Reform UK continues gaining momentum with a bold vision to shake up British politics. 


Reform UK is the true opposition Britain needs to deliver radical change. Led by Richard Tice and supported by high-profile figures like Nigel Farage, Reform rejects the stale establishment politics of the past.

The public is clearly crying out for something new. While the Tories stand for protecting the profits of the wealthy elite, Reform UK puts working people first. 

And Reform would take back control of Britain’s borders with a fair, controlled immigration system based on the skills and talents needed, not mass uncontrolled migration straining public services.

The Conservatives pay lip service to real change but always serve their mega-rich donors instead of the national interest. After over a decade of Tory failure that crashed the economy and eroded living standards, it’s clear they are intellectually and morally bankrupt.

The public knows Reform UK offers rational, common-sense policies to get Britain thriving again. That’s why the Conservatives are terrified of losing more support to Reform.

Just look at the high-profile defection of Lee Anderson MP from the Tories to Reform UK. Anderson slammed Sunak’s broken promises and voiced his disgust at the PM’s woeful leadership.

TUV Partnership Reflects Shared Brexit Values

Reform UK also recently announced its first election pact with the Traditional Unionist Voice in Northern Ireland. The deal was announced to cheers at the TUV’s annual conference in Kells, County Antrim on Saturday.

TUV leader Jim Allister told the crowd, “Like TUV, Reform UK speaks its mind, takes on the establishment and is driven by principle, not power. Our principles are neither optional nor for sale.”

He added that the two parties will “formally endorse a joint platform by publicly signing a memorandum of understanding, and going forward we will announce agreed candidates from both parties across constituencies.”

The pact unites Reform UK, led by Richard Tice, with a TUV party that strongly rejects Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal for Northern Ireland, known as the Windsor Framework. TUV Deputy Leader David Vance called the deal “catastrophic” in an interview.

Reform UK’s deputy leader Ben Habib also spoke at the conference, slamming Sunak’s Brexit agreement. Habib stated to cheers, “The only way to get back our country is by obliterating the Tory party.”

Tice acknowledged some reservations about the alliance, saying “We had hoped to stay out of party politics in Northern Ireland.” But he added, “The DUP’s decision to endorse the Windsor Framework and falsely claim the end of the Irish Sea border leaves us with no option.”

The TUV partnership signals Reform UK’s growing influence across the UK. Allister, dubbed “Norn Iron Nigel” for his fierce opposition to the Northern Ireland Protocol, said the upcoming election will be a “roll call” for unionists against Sunak’s deal.

He declared, “Together we can do it. Let the battle begin!” The pact could see Reform UK candidates stand against the DUP, which Allister rebuked as “protocol implementers” for rejoining government.

The collaboration reflects shared commitment to Brexit and the Union. It demonstrates Reform’s ambition to provide an alternative to the flailing Conservatives and unite eurosceptics and unionists politically across the UK.

Tories Fail The Nation, Reform Offers Fresh Leadership

While the pathetic Tories fight each other for power, Reform UK fights for the British people. Reform speaks truth to power and gives a voice to the voiceless. Their principles are not for sale.

Voters who want real change should seriously consider Reform UK rather than the discredited Conservatives. Reform offers rational policies and competent leaders ready to deliver.

Sunak has been an abysmal failure who will only lead the Tories to electoral oblivion. Meanwhile, Reform goes from strength to strength with fresh ideas to get Britain thriving again.

The Conservatives have held power for over a decade yet failed the nation on every front. Their greed, incompetence and broken promises created the mess we’re in today. The Tories clearly have nothing left to offer except more corruption, chaos and decline.

That’s why voters are flocking to Reform UK for real change. While the pathetic Tories fight each other for scraps of power, Reform UK fights for the British people. The stale Conservative establishment of the past must make way for something new. Reform UK represents the future – a party driven by principles, not the pursuit of power at all costs.

The British public deserves better than the bumbling Sunak and the rest of the sorry Conservative bench. 

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