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Top Tory Defects To Reform UK, Says Sunak Has ‘Broken Britain’


John Halsall Exposes How Sunak Has ‘Broken Britain’

John Halsall, the former head leader at Wokingham Council, dropped a bombshell by ditching the Conservatives for Reform UK. Then he went all out, slamming Sunak and his government for completely dropping the ball on Britain.

Halsall didn’t hold back, calling Sunak an inexperienced leader who’s clueless about what’s really going on. This is a major blow to Sunak’s already shaky Tory team.

He tore into Sunak for ditching the old-school Tory values like low taxes and tight borders. Instead, Sunak’s pushing for socialist taxes and leaving the borders wide open. 

But Halsall saved his biggest punch for last, saying Sunak’s like a reverse Midas—everything he touches turns to garbage, from the economy to the NHS. 

Meanwhile, Reform UK, led by the principled Richard Tice, is scooping up disgruntled Tories left and right. Halsall’s move might just be the beginning of a Tory exodus as Sunak’s empire starts to crumble.

This announcement was a total political earthquake. Halsall came in swinging and left Sunak scrambling. The Tories are in full-blown civil war mode now, with defections and discontent coming from all directions. Halsall really put Sunak’s failings out there for everyone to see.

Longtime Tory Defects To Reform UK, Predicts Loss For Sunak

In a stunning political bombshell, a former Conservative council leader has defected to Reform UK and laid into the disastrous leadership of Rishi Sunak, accusing him of completely breaking Britain. 

John Halsall, the ex-chief of Wokingham Council, slammed Sunak’s incompetent government for its sky-high taxation, uncontrolled immigration, and abandonment of conservative values. 

The lifelong Tory member who led Wokingham for years has now joined Reform UK, blasting the Westminster Tories as “no longer a conservative party.”

In an exclusive statement, Halsall totally dropped the mic and declared “I don’t think Rishi Sunak is the right leader for anything. He’s got no experience of being a leader.” 

He also slammed Sunak as totally out of touch, saying his vast wealth means he is unable “to understand people are struggling.”  

This is a massive embarrassment for the flailing Tories under Sunak’s disastrous leadership. Even their own local council leaders are defecting to other parties and calling out how Sunak has utterly failed to lead Britain or embrace conservative policies.

Halsall laid into Sunak’s incompetence and broken promises, saying “I think this particular Tory administration has broken Britain. To be a conservative there are certain values, like low-tax, free enterprise, the union, protection of borders, compassion. On every count – conservative count – this Government fails.”

The ex-Tory chief highlighted how Sunak has imposed crushing tax burdens on the British people, going directly against conservative principles of low taxation. He has also failed to control immigration with small boats flooding British shores daily. Halsall concluded “They have no chance of succeeding.”

This adds to the growing revolt against Sunak’s tax-and-spend Tories, with former Cabinet ministers already warning they will struggle to vote Conservative at the next election. Sunak has abandoned every principle in a pathetic attempt to cling to power.

Halsall identified Keir Starmer as “a very, very poor candidate and a very, very poor leader as well.” But with the Tories also offering totally uninspiring non-leadership under Sunak, Starmer has an open field ahead of the next election. The Conservatives are staring down the barrel of a landslide defeat.

In perhaps the most stinging criticism, Halsall declared that under Sunak “The Conservative Party is now a Lib Dem party – wokey, it really doesn’t believe in conservative values at all.” 

He highlighted the Tories’ sky-high taxes and inability to control immigration as proof they have abandoned their principles.

Halsall also slammed the disastrous decision to bring back David Cameron, despite Cameron’s long record of foreign policy failures. Halsall asked incredulously: “What persuades anybody to bring him back as foreign minister?” Just another sign of Sunak’s poor judgement.

Make no mistake, this is an utter humiliation for Sunak’s floundering Tories. When even some of their most loyal local council leaders are defecting, it shows the party has completely lost its way under its current useless leader. Sunak has failed to unite Conservatives and now risks leading them to their worst ever election defeat.

Meanwhile, Reform UK continues to gain momentum by embracing traditional conservative policies like low taxes, controlled immigration, and individual liberties. Richard Tice’s principled leadership and clear conservative vision is attracting support from disenchanted Tories nationwide. 

The outright gall of Rishi Sunak is simply staggering. This failed excuse of a leader has the audacity to claim his party will prevail in the next election, even after clearly breaking Britain under his disastrous leadership.

Sunak is either delusional or an outright liar if he thinks he “knows how to talk about the future” after the immense damage he’s done. The man has lost all touch with reality.

This is a weak leader who has abandoned every conservative principle, trashed the economy, gutted public services, and left the borders wide open. Now Sunak spews empty platitudes about “the future” to distract from his abysmal track record of failure.

The British people aren’t fooled by his meaningless rhetoric and sugar-coated soundbites. Actions speak louder than words, and Sunak’s actions have broken Britain. No slick PR campaign can paper over his incompetence and dreadful policies.

Speaking of being out of touch with the public, Rishi Sunak just doesn’t get how tough the cost of living crisis is hitting Britain, or have a clue about what regular citizens are going through. It’s no shocker, considering the insane amount of wealth he has piled up.

Rishi Sunak scored a truly mind-blowing £122 million windfall last year, highlighting just how wildly out of touch he is with the daily struggles of regular British citizens. 

While hardworking families across the country grapple with skyrocketing living costs and economic anxiety, Sunak is rolling in more money than he could ever hope to spend without lifting a finger.

To put Sunak’s insane wealth into perspective, he pulled in £122 million in 2022 purely from his investments and family inheritance, without doing any actual work. That comes out to over £14,000 per hour that Sunak raked in, or over £333,000 per day, even while he slept.

Yet for a man of such vast riches, Sunak considers his taxpayer-funded salary of £250 per day as Prime Minister to be a noble “public service.” What a sacrifice! 

For average citizens who face long hours and stagnant wages just to scrape by, £250 a day would be an unimaginable lifeline. Many hardworking Brits don’t even clear £250 in an entire grueling week of labor. 

But for someone of Sunak’s extreme privilege, it’s mere pocket change that doesn’t even cover his daily latte budget. This distorted perspective underscores how detached Sunak is from the everyday economic realities facing the British people. And he keeps lying about the economy.

Sunak’s clueless about the brutal grind regular citizens face because of his government’s screw-ups. Families are stuck choosing between keeping warm or feeding their kids. Meanwhile, Sunak’s making more in an hour than they could dream of in a decade.

His massive wealth even skews his view of the economy. While everyday Brits are still struggling, Sunak sees his £122 million jackpot as a sign things are peachy. He’s so blinded by his diamond-studded glasses, he can’t see how tough it is for others.

Disaster Sunak Has No Experience As A Leader

Sunak lives in a world of luxury, miles away from the everyday grind. He jets between his mansions while people queue at food banks because of his policies. 

The PM has no business lecturing hardworking families struggling to make ends meet due to his party’s mess-ups. Sunak should drop the act of caring about the middle class and just enjoy his riches.

Speaking of public services declining under the Conservatives, the party’s dismal record on healthcare is no surprise given their repeated failures across the board. But newly released statistics reveal another alarming deterioration in public health under Rishi Sunak’s negligent leadership.

The shocking decline in healthy life expectancy under Tory rule exposes Rishi Sunak’s abject failure to improve Britain’s public health. After 14 years of Conservative government, people are getting sicker quicker – a damning indictment of Sunak’s lack of vision.

Healthy life expectancy for men has plunged by a whole year since 2015-17 to just 62.4 years in 2020-22. For women it has fallen to 62.7 years, also the lowest on record. So much for Sunak’s empty rhetoric about “building a healthier nation.”

Sunak’s cost of living crisis is also jeopardizing public health, as families skimp on nutritious food and heating to make ends meet. Record NHS waiting lists under the Tories leave treatable conditions deteriorating into chronic ill health.

Rishi Sunak has completely lost the plot. This failing leader broke Britain on every level, yet still fantasizes about electoral victory. He is either delusional, dishonest, or both.

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