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TikTok Enabling Surge in Chinese Entering US Through Mexico


A disturbing epidemic is sweeping across America’s southern border – masses of Chinese citizens audaciously entering the United States illegally with the aid of TikTok.

Outrageously, Chinese migrants have become the fastest-growing group abusing US asylum laws to gain entry. This explosive trend is enabled by step-by-step instructions for evading border security conveniently posted on TikTok.

Such blatant promotion of lawbreaking poses an urgent threat, yet the Biden administration responds with alarming apathy while the border crisis spirals out of control.

The lack of accountability and toothless enforcement signals weakness, practically inviting Chinese migrants to hijack America’s asylum system. Unchecked, this same playbook will next target Canada, the UK, Europe and beyond as social media spreads the simple formula worldwide. No developed nation’s borders are safe. Exceptional times demand exceptional measures.

America along with other countries must swiftly demonstrate through decisive action that illegally violating sovereign borders remains reprehensible, no matter how easy social media makes it appear. This inconvenient truth is vital to preserving the Western inheritance of ordered immigration.

The southern border of the United States is under siege. Great numbers of illegal immigrants are crossing over from Mexico, taking advantage of gaps in the border wall and weak enforcement by the Biden administration.

Among them is a troubling new wave – Chinese migrants fleeing supposed “repression” in their homeland. With the aid of social media like TikTok, these Chinese migrants have become the fastest growing group abusing America’s asylum system to gain entry.

This flood of Chinese migrants gaining easy access to the US is unacceptable and poses serious threats. The US border must be secured through any means necessary before the whole western world completely loses control of who enters their countries.

These Chinese arrivals mock the very idea of proper immigration. Many simply fly to Mexico as tourists before hiring smugglers to bring them across the border. They fully intend to exploit loopholes in the US immigration laws from the very start. Proper immigrants follow a legal process taking years. But America now finds itself forced to welcome any Chinese citizen who manages to evade border security and claim asylum.

And the numbers keep rising. In 2023, US Customs and Border Protection apprehended over 37,000 Chinese citizens crossing the southern border illegally. That’s a shocking fifty-fold increase in just two years. 2023 saw Chinese become the 7th most apprehended nationality, with no sign of slowing in 2024. Sources estimate that for every one migrant caught by Border Patrol, two or three more evade capture. The true number of Chinese illegals entering the US could be over 100,000 per year.

With the US border under siege, why are so many Chinese citizens suddenly fleeing to the US? The reason appears political, not humanitarian. After all, these are not destitute refugees but rather middle class Chinese citizens dissatisfied with Beijing’s COVID policies and “repressive” political climate.

Well over 90% of those apprehended claim asylum, knowing that Chinese immigrants have a 55% asylum approval rate compared to only 14% for all other nationalities.

Yes, China has human rights issues. But so do many countries where citizens are not showing up illegally by the tens of thousands at their border. This surge appears orchestrated by anti-Communist agitators misusing America’s asylum system as a tool against Beijing.

America’s asylum laws were designed to help the persecuted, not enable mass immigration from an adversarial power.

These Chinese asylum claims also appear exaggerated given what we know of China. COVID lockdowns have ended. China’s middle class standard of living rivals and in some ways exceeds America’s – the US does not accept poverty as grounds for asylum. As for “repression”, the tens of millions of Chinese who peacefully immigrated to China over the past decades did not find conditions so intolerable. This wave has all markings of opportunism, not humanitarianism.

The most troubling aspect of this surge is the blatant role of social media in facilitating illegal immigration. Chinese migrants are learning of specific holes in the border wall to exploit via TikTok videos created explicitly to aid illegal entry.

Such posts explain how to hire smuggling guides, evade border security, and file dubious asylum claims after crossing illegally. This is a criminal conspiracy on a mass scale.

TikTok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, which must explain how its platform became a tool for large scale immigration fraud. But TikTok also owes America answers. It has a duty to proactively monitor its platform and remove content abetting illegal activities. Its failure to do so here is gross negligence at best, deliberate subversion at worst. No company, Chinese or otherwise, should enable the breaking of American laws.

With TikTok providing a detailed guidebook, entering illegally has become routine for Chinese citizens.

They fly into Mexico as tourists, then cross at known gaps in border walls where smuggling guides wait.

After crossing, Chinese migrants walk openly to the nearest Border Patrol post and voluntarily turn themselves in to claim asylum, knowing they will likely be processed and released into the US interior within days.

The Biden administration’s negligence on America’s southern border is nothing short of a complete dereliction of duty. Biden has ordered the American border patrol officers to stand by passively while hordes of illegal Chinese immigrants flood through known gaps in the wall by the tens of thousands.

Officers have been barred from deterring or intercepting these invaders, only allowed to silently process the endless line of Chinese nationals willfully surrendering themselves after making a mockery of America’s sovereignty.

Swarms of China’s citizens trespass on American soil thanks to precise directions provided by TikTok, while the gaps they exploit are left intentionally unfilled by Biden’s orders. The flow accelerates every day, yet China faces no consequences from this president for effectively colonizing the US borderlands.
Biden has rolled out the red carpet for China’s castaways, welcoming commissars in Beijing to treat the US undefended border as a pressure release valve for their surplus population.

Every Chinese national arriving in the US is potentially another vote for Democrat candidates who share Biden’s contempt for the rule of law. At this current pace, vast stretches of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California will be culturally annexed by China through unrestricted migration by the end of Biden’s first term.

In return there’s no way China would allow Americans to do this.

This passivity signals weakness, encouraging more Chinese to make the journey. The courageous men and women of border patrol plead for change, yet are ignored. America’s security, sovereignty and moral standing are at stake.

This Chinese wave results from asylum laws that prevent removing most Chinese immigrants after their claims are denied which only reveals systematic flaws the USmust urgently correct.

No nation can maintain an asylum policy being actively exploited on such a massive scale. A functioning system must have integrity, not just compassion. It must put national interest first, not only the interests of migrants manipulated by geopolitical rivals.

Until the US fixes foundational problems, it must aggressively use every legal option to halt this influx from China. Those who enter illegally must be detained rather than released. Expedited removals of those with fraudulent claims should be used to maximum effect. Far more Immigration Judges must be hired to clear the enormous backlog of cases. The US must pressure China and Mexico at the highest levels to stop enabling trafficking. If needed, tariffs or financial sanctions can make clear the gravity of the situation.

The onslaught of Chinese migrants exploiting gaps along the southern border to illegally enter the United States is an affront to America’s sovereignty. Determined action must be taken immediately to halt this invasion and secure the border by any means required.

Continued failure to strongly enforce immigration laws and deter illegal crossings will only embolden more Chinese citizens to undertake the journey. Tales of easy entry spread quickly on Chinese social media, enticing more migrants dreaming of asylum in America.

The Biden administration bears full responsibility for this crisis through its policy of intentional inaction. Despite pleas from border officers, the White House obstinately refuses to fill known gaps or authorize aggressive deterrence measures. The message received is that America’s borders are defenseless and illegals face no consequences.

China must also be held accountable for brazenly orchestrating this mass migration. Their government makes no effort to deter citizens from illegally entering another country. Many migrants even obtain Chinese passports solely for this purpose. In no other country would such a flagrant violation of sovereignty be tolerated.

While some voices bleat about compassion, the far greater harm comes from continued paralysis. Strict action today avoids far worse outcomes tomorrow. Once deterrence is firmly established, America can better assist refugees through proper legal channels.

America has historically welcomed immigrants through legal channels, and this custom should continue. However, any country’s generosity depends on controlled borders. If Biden refuses to defend America’s sovereignty, its citizens must demand change before the nation’s character is forever altered.

This crisis threatens to undermine immigration systems worldwide. If Chinese citizens can successfully violate America’s borders without consequence, they will exploit borders in Canada, the UK, across Europe and beyond. Illegal migration enabled is contagious. No developed nation is immune to masses searching for loopholes.

Therefore, America must urgently demonstrate that illicit entry remains impermissible, for its own sake and to deter imitation. The precedent set now will ripple to impact developed countries globally. Inaction risks a domino effect of chaotic migration. The time to contain this crisis is now, before the entire Western world inheritance is lost.

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