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Sunak Wants To Cut Benefits To Save Tories


Introduction To The Tory Catastrophe

Sunak is becoming increasingly desperate as he looks for any way or cause to get people behind him and the Tories.

His latest catastrophic budget has confirmed the government remains disastrously out of touch, as people continue to reject the party of incompetence and corruption in the polls.

And as the cost of living crisis throttles working families, Sunak trumpets hollow tax tweaks and initiatives to cut National Insurance at the cost of readying the hatchet on welfare and public services.

But the British people are vigilant and expressing their outrage through numeros polls and by-elections, to the point that the Tory party and most of its senior members predict a catastrophe coming their way if they are still under Rishi Sunak.

Sunak And His Love Of Cutting

The latest budget announcements from Rishi Sunak, and the subsequent revelations, have confirmed what many British citizens have understood during this corrupt Tory regime – the Tories remain as out of touch as ever with the harsh realities facing ordinary British families today.

The UK’s room temperature IQ prime minister trumpets his marginal cuts to National Insurance contributions as rewarding hard work, all while simultaneously planning to slash benefits to fund his rotten scheme. A clear signal of who will really suffer under more Tory austerity, the hard working British people.

Sunak has brazenly declared his ambition to continue hacking away at the National Insurance until it’s gone completely, in a vain and crystal clear effort to champion any kind of support back to the Tory party.

But to get to his very ambitious goal and fund these regressive tax cuts “sustainably,” he plans to ruthlessly target working-age benefits, alongside continuing to cut funding for public services. Because the British people really needed more underfunding for useless tax cuts that will bite us all in the back down the line.

In Sunak’s warped worldview, the current welfare system fails by providing too generous a lifeline to struggling British citizens.

This ignores how benefits often mean the difference between barely scraping by and outright destitution for millions cruelly failed by rising inequality and inflation under successive and failing Tory governments.

Sunak claims he wants to encourage work and increase fairness. Yet he would achieve precisely the opposite by further impoverishing society’s most vulnerable through benefit cuts to keep showering tax breaks on the wealthy. This is not levelling up – it is kicking and stomping down on people in dire need.

It is often pointed out by Sunak how the rise in those deemed unfit for work is a justification for slashing welfare. But this callously glosses over countless past Tory policies like the ever so cruel disability assessments that have already stripped vital support from sick and disabled people in dire need.

It also pretends or assumes that British workers are deliberately choosing unemployment benefits over any gainful employment, when in reality, hopelessly stagnant wages and job precarity, which are all results of corrupt and mismanaged Tory rule, offer very little incentive.

Sunak wants to appear very cunning and careful with his language on welfare, speaking of things like “reform” and “incentivizing work” rather than outright cuts.

This should allow him to appear reasonable and honest while pursuing the most unreasonable of policies but like everything he ever put his corrupt hands on, it is not working.

Sunak Hates a Fresh Poll in The Morning

Fresh polling reveals the budget’s failure to boost Tory fortunes further, highlighting their dire predicament heading into the next general election.

With nearly twice as many voters believing it will hike taxes overall compared to those recognizing the paltry tax cuts he trumpeted, chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s latest budget has backfired spectacularly.

The Opinium poll found 31% of respondents thought tax levels had risen following the budget, while just 17% believed they had fallen. A further 29% saw no change either way.

This aligns with analysis showing stealth tax hikes outweighed the headline national insurance cut for most people.

After dropping to 24% two weeks ago, Conservative support now languishes at just 25% – sixteen points behind Labour’s 41%.

The failure to gain ground despite a fiscal announcement tailored for electoral impact is as clear as a sign you can get that the Tories need to go and true reform needs to happen.

Hunt and Sunak had hoped this pre-election budget would be seen in the eyes of many British voters as turning the economy around. But the desperate spin about Britain being “out of the danger zone” belies the lingering concern and anger voters feel.

Sunak especially wanted eye-catching tax cuts to suggest relief was coming.

However, the meagre national insurance cut was outweighed by stealth tax hikes elsewhere, and as we have come to realise, cuts affecting public services and benefits will ultimately lead to a net loss for every working class British person.

The Tories offer token crumbs of tax relief while actually picking ordinary people’s pockets through freezing thresholds and sly hikes. And then they cry and scream to unite all conservative voters, as if ideology and principle should ever trump hard work and upholding conservative values in the polls.

Today’s Tories obsess over tax cuts as if more money for the wealthy will magically improve life for everyone else through mystical “trickle down” effects.

They doublespeak about “tough but necessary decisions” that will benefit the average British individual as they chip away at vital public services.

But the public has lost patience with these old tunes.

Swingeing cuts and deregulation have weakened the economy’s foundations – as Liz Truss’ disastrous budget experiment confirmed before and as the ever so incompetent and inept chancellor Hunt’s 2024 budget continues to confirm. The Conservative cupboard is bare of solutions to 21st century challenges.

And with crucial local elections fast approaching, senior Tories are bracing for an electoral catastrophe that could see their council seats collapse across the country.

Tories are Anticipating The Worst, Sunak

The impending thrashing poses one of the biggest remaining threats to Rishi Sunak’s already shaky leadership before the general election.

Many Tories accepted Sunak as a safe pair of hands after Liz Truss’ disastrous tenure, but his underwhelming budget failed to halt the party’s decline, leaving some wondering if an even worse result is possible.

The elections coming in May will provide a definitive judgement to the Tory party.

Thousands of council seats in England will be contested, with most last up for grabs in 2021 when Boris Johnson was riding high on the vaccine rollout.

But today the Tories have slumped to just 25% support according to polling, down from a peak of 42%.

This suggests May could bring landslide losses, with experts predicting the Tories may relinquish half their sitting councillors.

While many Tory MPs lack appetite to oust him, further failure raises questions about change.

As one former minister put it, “What is there to lose?” after Sunak’s ineffective budget did nothing to boost the party’s fortunes.

With Labour maintaining massive leads, the Tories cling to the hope that they’ll close the gap when the election nears.

But this belief defies recent history of consistent Labour dominance, suggesting the Tories being an out of touch party wildly underestimating voter hostility, as if the British people were not already aware of their ignorance.

As one glum cabinet member conceded, “The electorate have basically decided that they’ve had enough of the Tories.”

The country requires a party offering real reform to revive our economy, public services and political culture.

It does not need Rishi Sunak and his gaggle of goons to run rampant, corrupting and rotting every aspect of the British life that they touch.

It needs true “Reform”. This country needs “Reform UK”.

While the stale Tories recycle the old and failed ideas of the past in their continuing desperate effort to garner any support, “Reform UK” moves forward to shape the future that Britain truly deserves.

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