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Sunak Unfunny Video Backfires Amongst Tory Scandals


In yet another blow to Sunak and his Conservative party, news has broken of yet another MP facing disgrace and humiliation.

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton has had his appeal against a 35-day suspension dismissed, likely paving the way for a lucrative by-election that the Tories stand little chance of winning.

Benton had offered to lobby ministers and leak confidential documents for money – corrupt acts that lay bare the rampant cronyism that has become synonymous with this Conservative government.

Meanwhile, as his party descends deeper into scandal and dysfunction, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak chose this moment to film an amateurish skit about banning mobile phones in schools.

This pitiful attempt at levity perfectly encapsulates just how out of touch Sunak and the Conservatives have become.

While families struggle with soaring costs of living and a spiralling economic crisis, their leader prioritises pointless PR stunts over addressing the very real issues affecting the British public.

No wonder more and more people are flocking to Reform UK, a party committed to integrity and enacting real reforms that put citizens first.

The disgraceful actions of MP Scott Benton demonstrate exactly why Reform UK is needed to clean up the corrupt cesspit the Tories leave behind. The chance of a by-election in Blackpool after Benton lost the appeal to his suspension is the latest in a long string of Conservative party failure and humiliation. For too long, the tired old party has treated the parliament like a personal cash machine, selling access and influence to the highest bidder. Enough is enough – the British people deserve better.

Benton tarnished the good name of public service by offering to lobby ministers and leak confidential documents for money. His blatant willingness to abuse his position for personal gain exposes the rampant cronyism rotting our democracy from the inside. No wonder trust in politicians has hit rock bottom.

While Benton faced a pathetic 35 day suspension, true justice demands his immediate resignation and a by-election in Blackpool South. Anything less proves the establishment turns a blind eye to corruption within its own ranks. There must be zero tolerance for this egregious behaviour.

This behaviour of dodgy deals and vested interests dominate the conservative government led by one Rishi Sunak. They care only about lining their pockets by pandering to wealthy donors and lobbyists. They have completely lost touch with ordinary hardworking Brits.

And what did Sunak do to save face in front of the British masses after another humiliating scandal and eventual failing by-election? He performs a skit to promote a ban on phones in schools.

Sunak’s comical phone video exemplifies how woefully out of touch he is with the real concerns facing British families. As the country cries out for leadership on urgent issues like the cost of living, and demands his response and acknowledgement of the latest Tory Scandal, he wastes time on pointless PR stunts straight out of amateur hour. Is this really the best our Prime Minister can do?

This was met by the expected laughter and scrutiny from the public as well as from fellow politicians representing all sides. Sunak left an opening to dunk on himself and that led to the opposition replying with a mocking piece of media.

While Sunak plays the fool, hardworking Brits struggle to heat their homes and put food on the table. His vapid slogans solve nothing while ordinary people face ever deepening anxiety over paying bills and making ends meet. It’s time to get serious and enact real reform.

We can do so much better as a country with the right leadership focused on citizens’ legitimate concerns. Reform UK has real solutions to reboot Britain based on our values of enterprise, opportunity, and true free speech.

The conservative party is only reaping what it has sown through years of corruption, cronyism and contempt for the British people. The humiliating suspension of MP Scott Benton follows the never ending cycle of Tory scandals and will eventually lead to another by-election in Blackpool that they will embarrassingly lose as the British people continue to voice their contempt and rejection.

The conservative party is no stranger to shameful defeat as by-elections in Wellingborough and Kingswood showed that voters have had enough of being taken for granted by these self-serving elites. The Tories have destroyed trust and can no longer hide their utter failure to govern competently.

The humiliating swing from the conservative to the labour party was in the estimates of 28.5% in Wellingborough. Kingswood saw a similar party swing in the estimates of 16.4%. And these are only two of six by-election losses since 2022, with the seventh heading to Blackpool soon.

These are by no means isolated results – it is part of a pattern of collapse at the ballot box as the public passed a verdict on disastrous conservative rule. Losing six by-elections on enormous swings exposes a party that has completely lost touch with the citizens it is supposed to represent.

These by-elections used to only take place when MPs died. However, in this day and age and under Rishi Sunak’s conservative rule, these by-elections are a result of shameful MP resignations due to controversial and seemingly unending sea of Tory scandals.

Whether caused by departures, scandals or recalls, these numbers don’t lie however and they sure don’t spell any hope for Rishi Sunak and his conservative cronies as it provides an outlet for the public’s anger.

That’s why Reform UK represents such a seismic shakeup of British politics. They are rooted in the real world concerns of the people, not the machinations of the elite. Their mission is to drain the swamp and transform our democracy into one that works for all citizens, not just the privileged few.

And the public are starting to see through the curtain and better resonate with Reform UK. During the Wellingborough and Kingswood by-elections, Reform UK saw an unprecedented increase in polling data with 13% and 10.4% respectively.

Across Britain, more and more citizens are joining the crusade as Reform UK achieves record results at the ballot box. “Our best-ever performance in the Wellingborough and Kingswood by-elections proves Reform UK has established itself as a major force in UK politics” said Richard Tice describing the “Defining Moment” in the by-elections.

This is just the beginning. As the Reform UK movement grows, they are primed to upset the cosy consensus of the conservative party which takes voters for granted. Reform UK aims to provide a rallying point for Britons fed up with being ignored, talked down to and treated with utter contempt.

Sunak pleading for the right to ‘come together’ reeks of desperation from a failed leader whose party faces oblivion. After years of treating conservative voters with ridicule, he expects loyalty while offering nothing in return? The arrogant sense of entitlement is precisely why Reform UK is thriving.

Sunak can’t help but display his fear and worry when it comes to Reform UK’s performance in the polls in comparison to the conservative party’s, as he resorts to crying out loud for voters to not voice their opinion and to simply choose the conservative party to ensure its victory come the general election.

Richard Tice took the chance to respond to and call out the conservative party, ruling out any hope for a union or pact with the Tories stating how they “deserve to “face redundancy” for their party’s record in office”

The conservatives are authors of their own downfall. Serial incompetence and a corroded value system have destroyed trust. At every turn Sunak chooses elite groupthink over conservative principles. Sunak leads a party of cronyism and decay that has lost its way and moral compass. Reform UK provides a new home for Britons passionate about real conservative values.

Actions speak louder than words. On issue after issue, he chooses virtue signalling and electoral maths over principle. The British people deserve better than being taken for granted then told who to vote for.

Reform UK has momentum because They respect the citizens, not the elites. For too long, the arrogance of the political class has blinded them to public opinion. British democracy requires root and branch reform to curb this top-down disdain.

The conservative elites need to stop the silly PR stunts and get to work delivering pragmatic reforms focused on real people’s real priorities. The people deserve competent leadership and real solutions, not tragic fools mugging for the camera. The nation needs reform and reform is coming.

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