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Sunak Slips Up and Reveals Rwanda Lie


A Strategy Laid Bare

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is at it again with the political sleight of hand. The master of illusions has conjured up yet another cunning ploy to bamboozle voters – delaying the Rwanda deportation flights until after the general election.

Sunak pleads and swears to whoever that gives him the time of day that his silly little scheme will work this time, surely. You just need to vote for him and his corrupt Tory party once again, and suffer through Tory incompetence and greed once again if you want to see the Rwanda scheme succeed.

But Sunak is lying through his teeth as usual. His promises are as empty as ever; His demands are as delusional as ever; And he has no clear strategy other than winging it and hoping for the best.

When even MPs within your party are surprised and furious about your general election without a strategy or something to show for, then you should know that you have messed up beyond belief.

The only question that remains is, who will pick up the broken pieces?

Sunak Surprise Announcment

We were clued in since we were young little lads without a single care in the world that there will be some things that are certain in life. These things can range from the unfortunate state of death, to the government forever taxing you more and more. And as we have come to realise in the past decade or so, Tories lying through their teeth every chance and opportunity they get has been a certainty in U.K politics.

We cannot rest for a few peaceful days without another boldfaced Tory lie being exposed right in front of all of our eyes in the most expected fashion anyone would ever hope for. The latest lie comes from our dear prime minister Rishi Sunak and it unfortunately concerns his silly little Rwanda scheme once again.

Sunak started his election campaign as soon as he announced his snap date for the U.K’s general elections taking place on July 4th. But during his early stroll to get the corrupt Tory message out, he revealed to voters that the Rwanda planes supposedly carrying many illegal immigrants being shipped out of Britain, will only be ready within the month of July.

Meaning, no planes will ever take off before the general election as Sunak adds the Rwanda scheme to his list of accomplishments that he will grace us with if only he gets re-elected in July.

Now, let us take a moment to dissect this statement here; Sunak had a myriad of chances to prove that his irresponsible and rash immigration plans would work, and that they are going to fix the U.K’s immigration crisis and stabilise the economy. But instead, he promised us a plan that was out of his and the greater Tory party’s scope, only for it to not be initiated by time and then ultimately used as a bargaining chip for re-election as prime minister.

Is Sunak really taking all of us for granted? Does he think that we are fools enough to vote for him based on a scheme that was proven to be a complete failure time and time again? Did he think that we would forget about all his promises that led to him hoping each month was the month the flights would take off?

Sunak Operates with No Advisors

Perhaps Sunak wants us all to forget the tragedies that hit his Rwanda scheme. Because who would trust a government that blatantly and openly lies to its people about their silly little deportation scheme, celebrating the deportation of the first immigrant to Rwanda when it was all exposed as a hoax and a voluntary act by the individual in question.

Sunak may have forgotten about that himself, but the British people will certainly never forget about a government preaching success and stability when all it has to show for is absolutely embarrassing incompetence.

Sunak’s move has obviously enraged Tory MPs who demanded the Rwanda scheme be operational before the election. Why? Because they believe proving it can work is essential to showing Conservatives are serious about deterring the disastrous channel crossings.

But once again these are just hollow and empty words to further the Tories’ political theatre. How do I know they don’t believe in their own policies and programs, especially ones related to the immigration crisis? It is because when things aligned and Sunak had the right idea once in his miserable lifetime in regards to curbing a backdoor to the UK through student visas, all the Tories did was hinder and lambast the man until his cowardice overcame his sense of logic and he retracted his justified policy.

We should never take time out of our day to believe any more Tory lies when the truth is all around us, and it is screaming in our face all the evidence that detail general Tory corruption and incompetence.

Why is He Doing This?

Questions over whether Sunak ever truly believed in the Rwanda scheme, or merely saw its harsh rhetoric as a useful tool for appealing to the Tory base should not even be on the mind of the British people after all the presented evidence to prove the latter sentiment to be 100% true.

The important question that this whole debacle brings up instead is why exactly would Sunak call for such a snap and early general election when his party’s polling is in the gutter and his darling Rwanda scheme has no results to show and only empty promises to give? What makes him so confident? Can he even be categorised as confident?

The answer is perhaps very simple and in our face that maybe Sunak wants us to overlook it. The answer is that Sunak does not know what he is doing and how he is going to proceed further on. Allow me to explain why Sunak is playing day by day hoping for a spark of change.

Sunak delivered the shocking speech announcing the general election date, and did all his early campaign tour stuff talking about the future of Britain and how the Tories are going to build a brighter tomorrow unlike the Labour party and so on. He recited all his lovely doomsday speech talking points and preached stability in the face of a labour party that he deemed too prideful and taking the British people for granted. All of that without even informing most of his party.

Yeah, you heard it correctly the first time. The election announcement was a shock to everyone including members of Sunak’s Tory party that were not ready to tackle the mounting voter pressure. Sunak didn’t even listen to his advisors on that matter.

It goes without saying the tories were clearly unhappy with Sunak’s rash decision that didn’t factor in any advice or clear strategy.

Sunak was not ready for anything; He just pretended to be confident and hoped for the best when all the polls were pointing to a Tory downward spiral.

And the latest Rwanda news proves that his strategy was pretending to have one as he shuffles all his empty promises to the next election cycle hoping for a boost from non-existent voters who will somehow fall for this schtick more than one time.

It is time for Sunak to truly take a backseat, because if this is the best that he has got, then Britain will be in for a bad time with a corrupt party masquerading as conservatives.

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