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Sunak Secretly Pockets Millions from Racist Tory Donor


Sunak Pockets Millions from Racist Donor

Hold onto your hats, Brits, because a massive political explosion just rocked the country. Turns out PM Rishi Sunak secretly took millions from his party’s top crony—a real racist piece of work.

Yep, Sunak somehow managed to sink even lower, taking dirty money from his wheeler-dealer buddy Frank Hester, the biggest bigoted biz whiz in Britain.

This guy spews vile, nasty garbage about people. But that didn’t stop money-grubbing Sunak from snatching his cash to fund the desperate Tories’ campaign.

Hester’s firm is swimming in £400 million worth of government deals. He takes hard-working taxpayers’ money and funnels a slice to buy influence with Sunak.

It’s basically a straight-up bribery scheme—Hester loads Sunak’s pockets, and Sunak keeps the sweet contracts flowing.

But Sunak doesn’t care how dodgy it looks! He needs Hester’s dirty millions to fund the floundering Tories. And he’ll gladly take cash from a guy who spews nasty racism and ruthlessly exploits his staff.

This is just the latest proof Sunak talks big but has a giant ethics black hole where his principles should be! He’ll gladly take hard-working voters’ cash to bankroll bigoted blowhards—as long as it keeps him in power.

Sunak Sells Soul for Hater’s Money

A real storm kicked off this week when it came out that Rishi Sunak snagged another £5 million from the controversial businessman Frank Hester. This guy has been throwing money at the Tories like it’s confetti at a wedding – he already forked out a whopping £10 million last year, making him the biggest Tory donor ever.

But here’s where it gets dodgy. Hester’s company, TP Partnership, has been swimming in government contracts, especially from the NHS and Department of Health. They’ve raked in a cool £400 million from taxpayers since 2016. Yeah, you heard that right – our hard-earned cash is lining this guy’s pockets big time.

And now, out of the blue, he’s decided to sprinkle £10 million on the Tories? I mean, seriously, could the timing be any more suspect? It’s like he’s using our money to fund his own political agenda.

But it gets even sketchier. His mega donations just happen to line up with TP Partnership’s explosion in government contracts under the Tory rule. It’s like a twisted merry-go-round – he gives them cash, they keep giving him fat contracts. 

It’s basically bribery – throwing loads of cash at the party in power so they keep shoveling cash your way. And Sunak’s just lapping it up, like, thanks for the dirty money, Frank, we’ll take that off your hands.

Even more damning, Hester has repeatedly made racist, sexist comments that have come to light. In 2019, he shockingly stated that looking at veteran Labour MP Diane Abbott made him “want to hate all black women” and that she “should be shot.” 

When his staff called him out on his racist jokes behind closed doors, Sunak just brushed it off like it was no big deal. And now, despite all the controversy swirling around Hester’s dodgy cash, Sunak won’t even consider giving it back. 

Talk about being two-faced – he’s all about preaching leadership and integrity, but when it comes down to it, he’s happy to pocket money that’s as dirty as it gets.

Lib Dem deputy leader Daisy Cooper said: “How low can Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives go? If the Conservatives spend this money they will be proudly funded by a man who made the most appalling racist and sexist comments.

“Ultimately the buck stops with Rishi Sunak. Sunak must personally intervene and make sure not a penny of this money is spent.”

Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride pathetically dodged any responsibility when grilled on air, claiming the decision wasn’t his to make. 

But ultimately, it all comes back to Sunak, and his silence is deafening. He’d rather pocket millions in donations than stand up against racism and sexism.

This latest scandal also raises some serious questions about Hester’s influence over Sunak’s government. TP Partnership handles sensitive medical records for millions of Brits, yet its owner has openly prejudiced views and runs a tight, almost tyrannical ship.

Former employees have shared some pretty weird rules from TP Partnership’s Leeds headquarters. If you were late, you had to apologize out loud to the entire office. And if you wanted to ask a question, you had to raise your hand straight up in the air—no half measures allowed.

The workplace handbook dictated exact phrases employees had to use in conversations, down to eliminating harmless words like “I think” or “sort of.” Hester expected staff to interrupt meetings if they had something to say. 

And he barred workers from living anywhere but within a defined radius of the office, excluding affordable areas like the Leeds city center.

So, while Hester handed out cool perks like paid vacations, he also fired high-achieving new hires on a whim, sometimes just weeks or months into their jobs. This is a far cry from the cheerful, diverse workplace his Tory defenders like to brag about.

In fact, Hester once called a group of Asian employees “Asian corner” during a speech defending himself against racism allegations. Yikes.

Given this toxic track record, how can anyone trust this guy with their most private health data? And does his cozy relationship with Sunak mean he’ll keep getting those ridiculously inflated contracts like the £400 million he’s already snagged? 

At the very least, Sunak is showing pretty lousy judgment by getting chummy with Hester without thinking about how it looks.

Sunak’s supporters say Hester’s recent apology to Abbott clears everything up. But come on—the damage is already done. This wasn’t just a one-off; it’s a pattern of hate speech.

A Conservative spokesperson blatantly said: “Mr Hester has made clear that while he was rude, his criticism had nothing to do with her gender nor the colour of her skin. He has since apologised.”

And the timing of the apology feels like a PR stunt to dodge bad press, not real remorse. Voters deserve leaders who actually live their values, not just those who pull out a well-rehearsed apology when they get caught.

PM Scrambles as Polls Point to Wipeout

Plus, the latest polls are an absolute nightmare for Rishi Sunak and his struggling Tories. A huge poll of over 30,000 people predicts the Conservatives will get obliterated, losing 294 seats and ending up with just 71 MPs. It looks like Labour could storm to victory with a whopping 487 seats.

With an electoral disaster looming, Sunak is getting more desperate by the day to save his sinking ship. The Conservative campaign funds are drying up, and he’s ready to throw principles out the window to scrape together some cash.

Take his shameless courting of controversial donor Frank Hester, for instance. Despite Hester’s openly racist and sexist comments, Sunak is happy to pocket his millions. When you’re in a tight spot, it seems integrity is the first thing to go if the money’s right.

Sunak’s flexible morals shift with whatever desperate measures might keep him in power. But voters see through this blatant hypocrisy—and they’re ready to make him pay for it.

Ironically, Sunak has lectured others about “straightforward right and wrong” while holding onto donations from a guy who thinks looking at a black woman should make you hate all black women. 

Sunak says he’s all about moving Britain forward, but by normalizing Hester’s prejudice, he’s dragging the nation backward. Real progress means giving back that money and cutting ties.

Sunak came to power with promises of restoring integrity after the chaos of Johnson and Truss. But year after year, he tarnishes the UK’s highest office with bad judgment, ethical lapses, and associations with shady characters.

Refusing to distance himself from a racist donor is a new low and highlights the deeper rot within a party clinging to power over principles. 

Sunak’s Tories are willing to wade through muck to maintain their grip on power. His acceptance of Frank Hester’s millions says it all. And this might as well be the final straw that pushes voters to ditch the Conservatives for good.

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