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Sunak Secret Plot to Quit Before Polls Close After D-Day Disaster


Sunak Plotting Backdoor Resignation

Shocking insider sources reveal Rishi “Runaway” Sunak is secretly plotting his dramatic exit before election day after the D-Day disaster which will leave the Tories doomed.

You heard it here first, Brits- multiple whistleblowers confirm spineless Sunak plans to quit in disgrace rather than face annihilation on July 4th. The self-serving PM knows his goose is cooked after abandoning veterans for TV cameras.

Will sneaky Sunak sneak out the back door before the final votes are cast? Is a pre-emptive resignation speech being drafted even as the Tories sink into chaos? We have the inside scoop that exposes Rishi’s cowardly escape plan!

After monumentally embarrassing himself on the world stage, even humiliated Tory insiders want Runaway Sunak gone before he destroys their party completely! Is his position now utterly untenable?

The captain always goes down with his ship – but self-serving Sunak is shamelessly planning a premature departure after steering tories onto the electoral rocks.

The countdown is on to July 4thJudgement Day – when Rishi “Runaway” Sunak finally faces the music or flees into the political wilderness after causing a blue wave of ballot-box carnage.

PM Plans Pre-Election Exit After D-Day Shame

Chaos reigns in the halls of 10 Downing Street today as the latest scandal surrounding Prime Minister Rishi Sunak threatens to derail the Tory election campaign entirely.

Still reeling from the outrage over Sunak’s disrespectful early departure from the solemn D-Day commemorations on Thursday, rumors are now swirling that the PM has secretly plotted his post-election exit as the Tories teeter on the brink of electoral oblivion.

Sources inside No 10 have revealed that rather than leading his party into the imminent election on July 4th, Sunak has already conceded defeat and made plans to resign immediately afterwards.

This shocking capitulation comes even as senior Tories do damage control over the PR disaster of Sunak abandoning WWII veterans at the D-Day event for a self-serving TV interview.

As one Tory aide said: “Who on earth made the decision he should leave? They need to be sacked. It’s not as if he needed to come back and deal with an emergency. He’s just given up.”

A senior party figure told HuffPost UK: “It’s just awful. Cataclysmically bad.

“Trying to staunch the flow to Reform on the one hand while disrespecting the war dead on the other. Some might say that is a confused strategy.”

The polls are painting a pretty grim picture for the Tories lately. They’re lagging behind Labour by about 15 points on average, which is a big sign they’re headed for a major defeat. And to make matters worse, Nigel Farage’s Reform UK is gaining traction, snatching up unhappy Tory voters left and right.

Sunak’s campaign has been kind of meh, to be honest. He hasn’t really offered up any exciting ideas for the future of the country.

As Chris Hopkins, director of polling company Savanta, assessed: “This election could be an extinction-level event for the Conservatives. While weeks ago I thought reports of their demise were exaggerated, Sunak’s terrible campaigning and the return of Farage makes a Tory wipeout very plausible.”

Hopkins predicts Reform UK could leave the Tories with as few as 100 seats on July 4th. This would basically turn them into a weak opposition, not even close to being a proper government.

Other experts agree, with Luke Tryl of the More In Common think-tank stating the D-Daygaffe was “the worst possible thing that could have happened to the prime minister and to the Conservatives’ election prospects”.

“They were already looking in the face of electoral annihilation with Nigel Farage’s decision to get involved, but more importantly than that, the significant Labour lead which doesn’t look to be narrowing.

“But what this event will have done is particularly irked those voters whom the Tories desperately needed to get back to stave off that catastrophic electoral defeat.”

He added: “It’s as bad as it can get and unless things turn around we could well be heading for their worst electoral result, certainly in the last century.”

While ignorant Tory peers like Robert Hayward downplay the danger, smugly insisting the Labour lead “is not what it appears”, the writing is clearly on the wall for Sunak’s unraveling government.

And the PM himself seems to have already abandoned the sinking ship, if the reports about his secret resignation plan are true. This raises serious questions about Sunak’s judgment and character as he flees responsibility for the consequences of his failed premiership.

It was Sunak’s shocking decision to ditch the D-Day commemorations in Normandy to hurry back for an interview about “not being a liar” that may have hammered the final nail in the Tory coffin.

The image of Foreign Secretary David Cameron having to stand in for the missing PM beside Joe Biden and other world leaders encapsulated the disarray of Sunak’s government for all to see.

Wheelchair-bound British veterans were left stunned that the leader of their government did not see it as a priority to pay his respects on this profoundly symbolic 80th anniversary. As Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of UK forces in Afghanistan, put it: “He should have stayed. As the PM of our country he should have been there to represent the country and to show our gratitude to those who fell.”

Instead, Sunak chose political opportunism and self-interest over honoring the sacrifices of what some have called the “greatest generation”. This outraged veterans, senior Tories and military figures alike.

Johnny Mercer, Tory Minister for Veterans who served in Afghanistan, blasted it as a “significant mistake.”

Even Conservative commentator Tim Montgomerie said: “If he came back for a political interview from the D-Day commemoration, that is absolutely indefensible.”

He added: “This is going to be the last big commemoration when survivors will be present. I think it’s political malpractice of the highest order if Rishi Sunak absented himself for an election interview on ITV.”

Sunak’s lack of judgment is nothing new, but the damage from the D-Day disaster could prove fatal to Tory electoral hopes. Many of the older veterans in attendance would not live to mark the 85th or 90th anniversaries. For the PM to turn his back on what might be their last commemoration is unforgivable in the eyes of many.

Too Scared to Face the Voters?

It’s little wonder that rumors swirled this weekend over Sunak potentially resigning before the election, as even his own party members appear to have lost faith in his leadership. While the PM was forced to send out ministers to deny this, it’s clear the damage has already been done.

The vibe in No 10 is like something out of a chaotic movie scene lately. Sources are painting a picture of total chaos, with everyone running around like headless chickens as the Tory poll numbers nosedive and Sunak’s popularity takes a nosedive too.

Sunak got caught in the crossfire during a pretty rough interview with Sky News’ Sam Coates about the D-Day mess. Coates didn’t hold back, questioning Sunak’s excuse that the schedule was set in stone “weeks ago” when Starmer managed to stick around for the whole thing.

A rattled Sunak could only reiterate the event had been politicized as Coates grilled him: “These men made the ultimate sacrifice and you couldn’t even sacrifice an afternoon? Prime minister, you didn’t care did you?”

The interview showed how Sunak’s starting to look like the poster boy for a disconnected political elite. His excuse that D-Day got “politicized” didn’t sit well with a lot of people, who saw it as just a way to dodge taking responsibility.

After the D-Day debacle, rumors are flying left and right that Sunak’s secretly scheming to bolt before the election. Yep, he’s thinking of jumping ship to dodge the blame for steering his party straight into the political dumpster fire.

But let’s be real, that’s just plain cowardly, right? Even his own party pals are cringing at the thought of their captain bailing before the ship goes down.

Sunak’s credibility? Yeah, it’s toast. He’s made one embarrassing blunder after another, but skipping out on the D-Day ceremony was the final nail in the coffin. If he thinks he can hang onto any scrap of power after July 4th, he’s dreaming. People are ready to show him the door big time at the polls.

For the sake of what’s left of his party and a country sick of his disastrous leadership, Sunak needs to face the music. No more running scared from the mess he made. And if he’s already got a secret getaway plan, well, that’s just the cherry on top of his spineless cake.

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