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Sunak Runs Away form Media after D-Day Scandal


Running Away form Accountability

Rishi Sunak has committed an unforgivable political sin that could spell his rapid downfall as prime minister.

By choosing a TV interview over honouring D-Day veterans, he’s unleashed a firestorm of fury from all sides that even his sleazy PR skills can’t contain.

And now this captain of the sinking Conservative ship is pathetically avoiding confrontation over his mistake, cancelling interviews and hiding from media scrutiny like the snivelling coward he is.

All while fellow Tories and the likes of Nigel Farage lambast the incompetent and weak prime minister for his judgement and his careless actions. Skewering Sunak as an unpatriotic disgrace shaming the office of the prime minister

This national embarrassment must give way to a leader of genuine conviction and character before he does any more damage. Sunak’s D-Day debacle may have hammered the final nail in his political coffin.

Sunak Runs Away from Interviews

Sunak has really done it now. He managed to piss off every party and almost every political ideology with one swift and abhorrent move. And now he is running away from responsibility and confrontation, like the coward that the British people always knew he was.

What could I be possibly talking about or alluding to, perhaps? I am talking about Sunak snubbing the D-day commemorations with other first world leaders.

The spineless prime minister thought it was more appropriate and highly important for him to travel for a scheduled TV interview that won’t broadcast until next Wednesday, instead of sacrificing his time honouring and respecting the few veterans still alive, who fought for the sake of this great nation and all of its people.

And now the spineless coward named Sunak is suddenly avoiding any interviews and questions after his incompetence was rightfully lambasted by everyone. He can’t even bother apologising properly without virtue-signalling some about conservative values and respect that neither he nor his corrupt Tory party can ever claim to hold anymore.

Notice that even during his non apology he still has the PR mask fully on and speaking like he is pitching a revolutionary policy during his campaign for re-election. Sunak can’t even take the time to snap out of his miserable charade. He is literally a failing con man trying to sell you his faulty wears over and over again, without letting things breathe for a moment.

And just because of this appalling performance and the fact that Sunak can’t begin to speak like a normal functioning human being for more than a brief few moments, the Tories cancelled a planned media “huddle” with Sunak, citing “time constraints” and scheduling issues like the British people are not aware and smart enough to digest the real reason.

This incompetent party is still trying to play pretend like they are our smart and intelligent saviours and we are the stupid and ignorant peasants. When time and time again it has been proven to be the complete opposite.

Sunak Likes to Pretend Being A Tough Guy

It seems Sunak and his corrupt Tory party only face the public on their own terms, when carefully managed by spin doctors. His arrogant behaviour reinforces the perception that he feels accountable to no one but himself and his inner elitist circle.

Compare this one brief clip showcased earlier about his non apology with something like a press conference of his. Compare Sunak’s demeanour, line of thinking, and argumentation with something like his doomsday speech weeks before announcing the snap general election.

It is quite pathetic how Sunak can easily be overwhelmed and pressured, leading to lies and imaginary stories being written in real time. But then he is alone and preaching like a false prophet, he somehow finds the courage and the conviction to speak absolute nonsense without little to no evidence backing his claims up.

What is also funny and ironic is Sunak building himself up to be the perfect face for conservatism and British patriotism with all the tough talk about safety and security from the dangers outside the U.K and inside the U.K. Even going as far as bringing back an ancient mandatory national service policy just to virtue-signal his love and respect for the military in the veterans. Only for the first real opportunity to actually honour the veterans that fought for this country to be presented on a silver plate to Sunak, and in the middle of the election as well, just for Sunak to completely and utterly fold under the light pressure.

The Tories are Furious

And with his folding came the Tories’ fury over yet another scandal at a time when scandals will inflict their worst damage.

The self-inflicted blunder is being seen as the prime minister’s biggest misstep yet in what was already a faltering Tory general election campaign.

The fury emanates right from the top ranks. Cabinet minister Penny Mordaunt publicly slammed Sunak’s absence as “completely wrong” during the BBC’s election debate. She spoke for many in saying the PM’s place was alongside other world leaders and veterans reflecting on D-Day’s profound sacrifices, not electioneering back home.

Behind the scenes, Tory officials describe local party WhatsApp groups melting down over Sunak’s perceived snub of veterans. Grassroots members are aghast, with some chairs predicting it could cost the party seats on election day and may even lead to Sunak resigning before any election results ever come out.

The anger runs deepest among Tory grassroots who see this as confirming suspicions that Sunak lacks sound judgement and empathy with ordinary people. Voters already disgusted with the Conservatives now feel justified disengaging entirely or defecting to Nigel Farage’s Reform UK.

And speaking of Nigel Farage, he also had a lot to say, and a lot of reprimand when it came to Sunak and his abysmal D-Day blunder.

Speaking in an interview after the multiparty BBC debate, Farage justifiably plays the “I told you so” card, stating how he predicted Sunak would fumble and show his true colours sooner rather than later.

Farage described Sunak as a weak and unpatriotic leader that is doing more to shame Britain and its people than elevate it. His actions are unbecoming of a prime minister and the face of conservatism in the U.K.

And he is completely right in this assertion. Sunak will tout his nonexistent accomplishments and preach a version of conservatism that is shameful and disappointing to any true conservative. Only to turn around and never practise what he preaches, while running away from accountability.

Is this really the leader that we want for Britain? Should this really be our representation to other first world nations? The answer is an unequivocal “no”.

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