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Sunak Pensioner Pickpocketing Scheme Exposed


Secret Memo Obliterates How Sunak Lies

In a despicable betrayal exposed by a smoking gun memo, Sunak is ignoring his idol Thatcher’s explicit advice to protect seniors, instead planning to pickpocket pensioners to fund tax giveaways for his fellow Eton elites.

The top secret letter buried in the Tory archives reveals Thatcher’s lieutenant Lawson knew Sunak’s disastrous plan would devastate the elderly who worked hard and paid their dues. Yet the phoniest fake populist since Milli Vanilli is pushing ahead anyway.

The only thing Rishi cares about is making his rich cronies even richer. He’ll happily throw pensioners under the double decker bus to stuff the pockets of his aristo overlords.

It’s an absolute outrage! While Sunak schemes to rob those who built Britain, the rest of us are left to fight over the crumbs.

The time has come to give Sunak the old heave-ho and sweep away his whole rotten cabal of elite charlatans.

This memo confirms the Tories are rotten, caring only for their wealthy donors while picking the bones of ordinary folks.

The future of our country hangs in the balance! Will decent working people triumph over these aristocratic thieves?

it’s time to toss Sunak and his whole elitist crew into the trash bin of history where they belong!

Sunak’s Plan To Scrap National Insurance Exposed

In a shocking reveal that destroys Rishi Sunak’s ill-thought-out plan to rob pensioners to pay the wealthy, a top secret memo from the infamous Iron Lady herself has come out from the depths of the Tory archives.

This smoking gun memo exposes the unbelievable truth – Thatcher’s union-busting bulldog Nigel Lawson explicitly cautioned in writing against the disastrous merger of national insurance and income tax.

Lawson’s memo foresaw with chilling clarity how this move would “create many losers, especially among the elderly.” Yet the Eton overlord Sunak is arrogantly ignoring the sage advice of his own idol, intent on ruthlessly picking the pockets of pensioners to fund tax breaks for his wealthy cronies.

The mask has finally dropped. The illusion has been shattered. Sunak’s shameless scheme to rob poor pensioners to make his rich inner circle even richer shows the ugly truth – the Eton faker and his cronies see regular people as prey, not citizens.

With his outrageous plan to fleece retirees who worked their whole lives to fund the lavish lifestyles of his fellow elites, any pretense Sunak cares about regular folks has gone up in smoke.

The dude who wants to be king has been exposed as a phony, an elitist faker plotting to loot seniors to please his aristocratic overlords.

So much for “levelling up.” The arrogant Eton overlord pretending to be a man of the people has been unmasked as just another selfish servant of the rich and powerful.

His shameless plot to ransack pensioners destroys any claim Sunak ever cared about strengthening communities or tackling injustice.

As the esteemed Shadow Paymaster General Jonathan Ashworth declared, this memo is “the unexploded bomb which blows apart Rishi Sunak’s case.” Ashworth is right. Sunak’s empty rhetoric about building a fairer nation now lies in tatters, forever buried under the rubble of his own elite privilege and shameless greed.

The suffering Sunak’s cruel scheme would inflict is immense. Respected think tank The Institute for Fiscal Studies warns it will cost the public finances over £40 billion. Meanwhile, damning research from the revered House of Commons library suggests pensioners will be stung with an extra £944 a year.

As Ashworth succinctly states, Sunak wants pensioners to pay the price, ignoring Lawson’s advice and “instead asking pensioners to pay the price.” It’s a despicable injustice against those who worked hard, paid their dues, and deserve dignity in retirement. Not to be fleeced by an elite addicted to buttressing the obscene wealth of their inner circle.

With his last bits of being a man of the people now burned away for good, the Eton elite overseeing the Rotten Tory Party has shown he’s completely unfit to lead this great country.

By ruthlessly betraying every pensioner who depends on the hard-earned state pension, Rishi Sunak has revealed his true self in flaming, shameful colors.

This revelation is the total destruction of Sunak’s disastrous joke of leadership. The Conservatives have proven without a doubt they are a party of, by and for the wealthy upper class, with zero care for average people.

From this scandalous memo, to Sunak’s privileged upbringing and shameless Thatcher worship, to his awful plan to impoverish pensioners, the evidence screams louder than ever – the Tories are rotten at their core.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that the decent folks of this country band together to throw these dangerous, out of touch Eton frauds into the trash bin of history where they belong.

Britain deserves better. The time has come for real change, for a government that puts ordinary people before the profits of the privileged few.

The damning memo exposing the Tories’ plot to impoverish pensioners was just the latest sordid scheme that strips bare their disdain for ordinary people.

Now, hot on the heels of that revelation, Labour has announced it will axe the government’s absurd “levelling up” slogan.

Labour To Axe Sunak ‘levelling Up’

And now, the failure of the Tories’ “levelling up” slogan has been laid bare for all to see. As Labour rightly moves to axe this empty catchphrase, it is yet more proof the Conservatives never truly cared about tackling inequality.

Their fancy words were all a big scam to get struggling citizens to vote against themselves.

While Sunak and his rich buddies were busy scheming to line their own pockets, they threw around empty slogans and fake policies to seem like they cared about regular people. But as Angela Rayner said, it ain’t about catchy phrases from fancy PR people—it’s about the basics.

And let’s be real, the Tories’ basics are whack—they’re all about helping the elite few, not the hardworking people they’ve been taking advantage of for way too long. Rishi Sunak’s time as PM showed just how shady they are.

The Conservatives failed to deliver on their promises of fixing inequality, instead focused on empty rhetoric while making the rich richer.

As the next election approaches, it’s crucial for Labour to tap into people’s justified frustration with the Tories’ self-serving policies and fake populism. The time has come to toss out their failed ideas for good and implement real change that uplifts the many, not just the privileged elite.

Brits are handed a smoking gun to take the fight to Sunak and win huge against his rotten bunch of elitists thieves.

Now’s the time to act. Sunak blowing off the advice of his hero Lawson shows what we’ve long known – the elites addicted to money and power don’t give a crap about regular people’s livelihoods.

A fish rots from the head, and Sunak’s the slimy, stinking head of the Rotten Tory Party.

His laughable claim to care about the struggling citizens he’s plotting to rob has been destroyed forever.

The only thing Sunak cares about is making his fellow elites richer. He knew this merger would devastate pensioners, but went ahead anyway, because the overlords he really serves demand their blood money.

The memo proves Lawson knew this messed up merger would wreck seniors who paid their dues and rely on the state pension. Sunak knew it too. He just didn’t give a crap.

The Tories have shown again and again they’ll happily feed pensioners to the wolves to stuff their rich buddies.

Now Sunak’s true despot face is out there for all to see – a privileged Oxford faker playacting as a man of the people. A fraud. An elitist wolf pretending to be a populist sheep.

And most unforgivably, a destroyer of pensioners’ livelihoods to enrich his aristocratic masters.

Labour’s gotta now harness people’s anger at this nonsense into an unstoppable movement for real, lasting change. The stakes couldn’t be higher. If Sunak’s Thatcherite schemes keep going, insane suffering will happen for millions of regular citizens.

As the next election approaches, it’s Labour’s job to communicate this urgent truth – Sunak and his rotten crew must be swept away for good, and replaced with a government guided by compassion, integrity and genuine concern for all people, not just Oxford elites. This is a fight for the soul of Britain itself.

The time has come to toss Rishi Sunak, his elite enablers, and his whole rotten Tory squad into the trash can of history where they belong.

The damning memo has exposed the horrifying truth in broad daylight. Now the decent people of this country must unite to save Britain from the ravages of Sunak and his greedy band of aristocratic thieves. The very future of the country hangs in the balance.

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