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Sunak Panders To The Rich With Giveaways As Leadership Flails


Sunak Torches His Reputation Further Each Week

New week, new embarrassments attacking the UK’s reputation. Sunak’s leadership is going off the rails in astounding fashion. The flailing PM’s desperate attempts to salvage his sinking ship are only making matters worse.

First he promises harsh welfare cuts dressed up in moralistic rhetoric. Then he panders to the rich with permanent stamp duty breaks. All while struggling Brits face a cost of living crisis. This is crony conservatism at its worst – no real vision, just stunts to grab power.

Sunak’s machinations aren’t fooling anyone. His policies are economically reckless and socially heartless. And dishonoring D-Day veterans is simply shameful. At every turn, he shows he’s just not ready to lead.

Sunak is tanking hard in the polls as the public loses trust. The Conservatives need real reforms, not gimmicks, to regain credibility. But the floundering PM only torches his reputation further with each blunder.

How much damage will he do before he’s finally shown the door? The only question now is how spectacularly Sunak’s leadership will flame out

Sunak Credibility Shredded After Week Of Blunders

An embarrassing week has floundered upon Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after failing to attend some of the ceremonies during the D-Day and leaving early in order to save what’s left from the Tories reputation and poll numbers.

As a generous move in Sunak’s bubbly mind and world, he had pledged a cut of £12 Billion in welfare as part of a back-to-work moral mission. Desperation at its finest after failing miserably in his campaign.

Sunak has shown his desperation and lack of judgment with his poorly conceived plan to cut billions from welfare spending. While reducing the benefits bill through sound policies can be prudent, Sunak’s moralizing rhetoric rings hollow. 

This half-baked scheme will likely end up hurting the vulnerable instead of lifting them out of dependency.

Sunak claims he wants to keep people off benefits and in work. However, his plan offers no substantive reforms to fix a broken welfare system plagued by disincentives. Throwing more money at mental health care and disability benefits is mere window dressing. 

Sunak said: “Reforming welfare is a moral mission. Work is a source of dignity, purpose and hope and I want everyone to be able to overcome whatever barriers they might face to living independent, fulfilling lives.

“That’s why we have announced a significant increase in mental health provision, as well as changes to ensure those who can work, do work.”

The root causes trapping people in dependency require comprehensive reform, not budget cuts dressed up in lofty language. Sunak again lets his ideology get ahead of rational policy making.

Furthermore, Sunak exaggerates the rise in health-related inactivity since the pandemic. Temporary expansions of eligibility naturally increased caseloads. As the economy rebounds, these numbers should moderate. Slashing budgets based on likely temporary trends makes little sense. 

Additionally, Sunak’s arbitrary target raises concerns. The budget savings seem plucked from thin air, not grounded in reality. How is he making these targets on his own and what is his proof of the exact amount?

The Institute for Fiscal Studies rightly warns that realizing these reductions will be extremely difficult. This casts doubt on the plan’s integrity right from the start.

While reducing fraud and abuse is prudent, cuts should target actual waste, not just shrink budgets arbitrarily. Proper reforms would adjust failing programs first before considering blanket reductions. 

Going after disability benefits proves especially misguided and counterproductive if enacted bluntly. Sunak’s approach seems backwards, driven by numbers on paper not fixing flawed systems and by desperation of losing. In fact, Sunak is already 20 points behind.

On a philosophical level, Sunak appears to vilify welfare recipients across the board. Distinguishing between the truly vulnerable and those taking advantage is crucial. Simplistic moralizing rhetoric dehumanizes those who do need assistance. 

In addition to ignoring the economic reality. With rising inflation and a possible recession looming, now is the wrong time to cut support indiscriminately. Pulling the rug out from under people already struggling is terrible policy. 

Sunak’s Spectacular Leadership Flameout

Moreover, if you think this is the only act of desperation from Sunak then buckle up for the second lowly act. Sunak tabled two embarrassing announcements in one week than a prime minister would do in his long regime.

Rishi Sunak’s plan to permanently raise the stamp duty threshold to £425,000 for first-time buyers seems desperate and short-sighted. While assisting home ownership is a noble conservative goal, this blanket policy risks creating more problems down the road. 

Once again, Sunak’s rash decisions under pressure undermine sound conservative governance.

The housing market does not need more distortion from politicians, permanent stamp duty reductions could incentivize further price inflation, making homes even less affordable over the long-term. Politicians artificially juicing demand through tax changes is risky business. 

Furthermore, this policy is not targeted to those who really need help buying their first home. The £425,000 threshold extends far up the housing market, benefiting those with higher incomes who least require a generous subsidy. 

A stable housing policy should be focused on aspirational working families trying to get their foot on the property ladder, not broad-based subsidies.

In addition, making this a permanent tax reduction could hamstring future revenue needs. As a short-term stimulus measure, higher stamp duty thresholds can be justified. But structural deficits require politicians to make tough choices about priorities.

While the Institute for Fiscal Studies rightly notes stamp duties cause market distortions, full abolition requires comprehensive offsetting tax reforms. Sunak’s unilateral action seems tax cut happy versus responsibly reforming the entire system in a deficit neutral way. Quick political wins shouldn’t drive major tax changes.

Conservatives must take a rigorous, evidence-based approach to housing affordability. Well-intended policies often backfire over time when implemented ideologically without considering systemic impacts. Sunak should be more prudent and avoid resorting to gimmicks.

Sunak Snubs Veterans As His Floundering Leadership Reaches New Lows

Last but not least on the list of embarrassments week for Rishi Sunak, the appalling judgment in leaving the D-Day commemorations early is yet another example of his ineffective leadership. 

It is expected of the leaders to honor Britain’s military history and the closest allies with dignity. Sunak’s carelessness insults veterans and makes the Conservative party appear incompetent.  

This was not a small gaffe, but a deliberate decision that defies any sensible political logic. Turning down powerful photo opportunities alongside world leaders is campaign malpractice. 

Sunak missed a golden chance to project leadership and strengthen ties with his allies. His absence from historic images is symbolic of current Conservative disarray.

Some try to excuse this as a normal mistake, but Sunak’s terrible political instincts are the root issue. Trying to avoid his mistake by claiming he was leaving to handle his unfinished business in his campaign. The failing campaign you may say.

Even new MPs quickly understand basic ceremonial leadership priorities. Sunak’s blunder reflects deep inexperience and immaturity.

Furthermore, the D-Day ceremony should have been simple to prioritize correctly. Honoring those who fought for freedom against tyranny is fundamental to Conservative values. Sunak’s move compromises the pro-military credentials at a dangerous time amidst global threats.

This debacle has probably sealed Conservative electoral defeat. Sunak has made enough unforced errors already, but snubbing D-Day veterans is beyond the pale. Even the best campaign operation could not recover from such an egregious misstep. Sunak has likely dashed any remaining hopes.

The Conservative party deserves leadership that uplifts principles and values. Sunak has failed decisively by putting his campaign over solemn commitments to the veterans. This appalling lapse of judgment has shredded what little credibility he had left.

Overall, these empty rhetoric decisions reek of desperation to gain any political advantage amidst flailing Tory fortunes. But true conservatives lead by putting sound policies over short-term populism. Sunak’s mistake-prone decision making continues to disappoint.

Rather than headline grabbing gestures, the country needs fundamental reforms to create growth, opportunity and prosperity for all. It comes across as a PR ploy, not a serious policy solution.

At every turn, Sunak shows he’s just not ready to lead in these difficult times. He’s tanking in the polls and alienating his own party. The Conservatives need real reforms to regain the public’s trust, not PR gimmicks from a flailing PM. 

Sunak has torched his credibility and perhaps any hope of victory along with it. The only question now is how much damage he’ll do to the country and the party before he’s finally shown the door.

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