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Sunak Leadership in Crisis as Tories Shun Party


Sunak Floundering as Top Tories Eye Exit 

A bombshell report has just exposed the stunning betrayals inside today’s imploding Conservative Party. You won’t believe what senior Tories are now urging candidates to do in a desperate act of self-preservation. The audacious big shot, Grant Shapps, has been caught red-handed telling candidates to chuck all their party loyalty out the window to avoid going down with the sinking ship captained by the hopeless Rishi Sunak.

Believe it or not – Shapps openly advocated “person over party” in a shady private presentation. He told them to even pretend they’re not Conservatives at all if they want to survive the looming electoral bloodbath!

This jaw-dropping betrayal paints a picture of a party in total meltdown, ready to devour itself as Sunak’s dismal leadership drives them straight into oblivion. 

You won’t believe the shocking lengths senior Tories are now willing to go as their toxic brand drags MPs into the abyss! It’s every man for himself in a desperate struggle for self-preservation. 

The damning truth about their flailing panic exposes a party unfit to lead after years of brazen deceit. Could this finally be the long-awaited Tory implosion?

Shapps Tells Tories to Put ‘Self Before Party’ Amid Grim Election Odds

Bombshell insights uncover the rotten core of today’s flailing Conservative party. Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has been caught red-handed advising Tory candidates to put self-promotion over party loyalty in a desperate ploy to save their sinking ship. 

Shapps openly told candidates “person over party” in a cynical presentation on election strategy. His message couldn’t be clearer – the Tories under Suak are in such dire straits that candidates must now ditch the toxic Tory brand to have any hope of winning.

This damning advice lays bare the disarray and panic within the shattered Conservatives under the hapless leadership of Rishi Sunak. 

With the party trailing a whopping 30 points behind Labour in the polls, bigwigs like Shapps are seeing the writing on the wall. Their solution? Jump ship and pray they can make it to shore solo before this whole thing takes a nosedive.

Someone like Shapps essentially telling new candidates “every man for himself” makes the Tories look more like the crew of a sinking pirate ship rather than a unified political force. It reeks of desperation from a party resigned to electoral doom. 

Shapps is simply being “keen to curry favour” with potential new MPs who could pick the next Tory leader from the wreckage after Sunak inevitably goes down.

Shapps barely tried masking this self-serving motivation during his candid “Big Swingers” presentation to wannabe MPs. He bluntly advised focusing on “extreme localism” instead of presenting as a Westminster insider.

Shapps is essentially telling them to pretend they weren’t Tory candidates at all. This repudiation of the Conservatives shows how toxic their brand has become after 14 years of poor governance.

And Shapps is clearly ready to jump ship when the tsunami hits. His calculating advice to newcomers seems part of blatant leadership maneuvering from this shameless opportunist. 

As a potential leader himself, he’s trying to cozy up to new MPs who could either boost or bust his own ambitions. It’s like the ultimate move of putting personal gain above sticking to party values – exactly what he’s advising candidates to do.

The level of selfish ambition corrupting Tory politics couldn’t be clearer. Their whole ethos is totally bankrupt when a big shot like Shapps is actively sabotaging party loyalty to push forward his own agenda.

It’s like the captain of a sinking ship telling passengers to use each other as life rafts. He’s not even pretending to stay on board while he’s telling everyone else to save themselves.

MP Stewart Jackson, mentioned in Shapps’ original “Big Swingers” research, perfectly displayed this “me first” Tory mentality before. 

During the last days of Theresa May’s doomed premiership, this self-serving turncoat brazenly declared he’d quit as her aide to “pursue new career options” as she plunged into crisis. 

Jackson exemplifies the spineless disloyalty Shapps now advocates as the party faces electoral oblivion under Sunak.

Andy Street, former Tory West Midlands mayor, also illuminates the “every man for himself” panic gripping Conservatives. 

In the campaign he narrowly lost, Street admits deliberately distancing himself from the Tories’ “toxic brand” by waging an “individual ‘Brand Andy’ campaign.” Others are sure to emulate Street’s survival tactic of fleeing from the Tory label as the ship goes down.

Grant Shapps’ sneaky presentation is just another nail in the coffin for these self-serving Tories under Sunak’s chaotic excuse for leadership. 

After failing Britain, they’re now revealing their true selves by ditching their party and colleagues in a desperate attempt to hold onto power by any means necessary. Their total lack of real principles just shows they’re nothing but phonies pretending to be public servants.

Even Sunak can’t give straight answers in Parliament when asked about the mess his sinking ship is in. When grilled about the Tories’ recent panic mode, he danced around the questions, refusing to admit the utter chaos swallowing up his party. 

Sunak’s dodgy answers say it all – he’s well aware the Tories are in deep trouble but won’t own up to it in public. The captain seems to have accepted his fate, ready to sink with his ship even as it’s clearly taking on water.

Bigwigs’ Disloyalty Exposes Sunak Failure

So let’s get real here – the mess and division tearing apart today’s Conservative party starts right at the top with Rishi Sunak’s downright incompetent leadership. 

His complete lack of leadership skills has pushed his party to the edge of the electoral cliff and made bigwigs like Shapps jump ship. Sunak has nobody but himself to blame for the sorry state the Tories are in.

Now, in a last-ditch effort to salvage his failing premiership, Sunak is throwing out promises left and right to “restore people’s confidence and pride in our country.” 

But seriously, how can anyone trust a leader who’s let divisions run wild and steered his party straight into disaster? Sunak’s empty words are about as believable as a clown riding a unicycle.

Sunak’s latest attempt at a makeover is just him “putting on a show” as the election draws near. But no amount of fancy speeches can cover up the fact that he’s a total dud or excuse his complete absence of leadership. 

The Tory infighting we’re witnessing is all because Sunak couldn’t unite his party or come up with a decent plan if his life depended on it.

Even the big shots in the Tory camp have to admit that Sunak has utterly failed to turn things around for his party. Lord Cameron had to admit that Labour has a “very clear choice” compared to a Conservative party that’s lost its mojo under Sunak’s directionless steering. 

When the bigwigs start openly admitting that the end is near, you know the captain has lost control of the ship.

And then there’s the bombshell of Natalie Elphicke jumping ship, which perfectly shows how fed up previously loyal Tories are with Sunak’s “tired and chaotic government.” 

Her parting shot that Labour would “bring a much better future” than this mess of a PM says it all about how Sunak has alienated his own crew.

But don’t be fooled because the labour isn’t good either.

Sure, Sunak can stand up and give all the speeches he wants about facing the future. But until he owns up to his own colossal screw-ups, voters and even his own party will keep losing faith in his floundering leadership. The mess the Tories are in? Yeah, that’s all Sunak’s doing.

Peace out to these two-faced Tory snakes who’ve been lying to Britain for way too long! The country needs some real leadership, not more of these wannabe opportunists like Sunak playing the system for personal gain. 

Their sad spectacle proves this morally bankrupt party needs to be dumped in the trash where it belongs!

Sunak and his posse of self-promoting fakers have sucked Britain dry with their corruption and nonsense. Now they’re fleeing their sinking ship of fools, frantically abandoning all principles to try clinging to power. 

But the jig is up for these scammers. British peeps are finally waking up to the massive con job Sunak and his fellow swamp creatures have pulled. No more will citizens tolerate being robbed blind by an incompetent PM and his cronies entirely devoted to self-interest.

The straight-up hypocrisy of phonies like Shapps preaching loyalty while shamelessly positioning themselves to survive the Tory wreckage says it all. They’re not real public servants, only selfish parasites exploiting Britain as their personal playground.

Their shady scramble to put “me over party” exposes the morally bankrupt sham Sunak’s failed leadership has become. A once proud party is disintegrating before our eyes into a cult of craven deceivers. 

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