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Sunak is Warned by Farmers about Insufficient Food Security Plan


Farmers’ Warning

Sunak and his hollow plan to boost UK food security is no match for the economic hurricane battering farmers and consumers alike.

The president of the National Farmers’ Union, Tom Bradshaw, is sounding the alarm. Sunak’s “Farm to Fork” summit promises long-term solutions while farmers desperately need help today.

As food prices skyrocket and domestic production plummets, Sunak is fiddling while Britain’s food system burns.

Bradshaw warns food production could drop off a cliff next year without urgent government aid. Yet the Tories respond with bureaucratic tinkering and public relations spin, oblivious to the immediate crisis.

It’s a perfect metaphor for their mounting policy disasters – grandiose rhetoric covering for incompetence and inaction.

Sunak Living In Fantasy While Farmers Despair. Modest Funding And Greenhouses Won’t Cut It. Farmers Need Real Support Immediately.

Britain Now Teetering On Brink Of Food Catastrophe Thanks To Tory Mismanagement. Sunak Offers Only Flimsy Defences Against the Coming Storm.

Sunak Leads Britain to Famine

The Tory government’s latest plan to improve food security in Britain will – surprise, surprise – do little to absolutely nothing in terms of actually helping UK farmers or fixing the country’s deepening food supply issues and the dire state of food affordability in the long run.

And that is not an opinion; it is a fact according to Tom Bradshaw, president of the National Farmers’ Union, who slammed the proposals unveiled by Rishi Sunak at the Tory’s second annual “Farm to Fork” PR stunt.

Bradshaw warned that the Tories’ focus on slow and long-term strategic plans completely fails to provide solutions for the immediate crises facing farmers today. As a result, he predicts food production will fall behind even further next year.

The Tories are presiding over a collapse in domestic food supplies while distracted by flashy summits and lofty rhetoric devoid of substance. Does Sunak honestly believe he will stay in leadership beyond 2025 for all his slow and incompetent plans – that he would love for you to believe is logical and methodical – to actually come into effect and play a bigger role?

Sunak is out there promising prosperity and stability, delivering doomsday speeches while he tramples over all the hardworking taxpayers of Britain. No wonder farmer confidence hit historic lows following years of Tory incompetence and neglect of the agriculture sector. If you are not going to take care of the people that lift society on their backs, why would you expect anything other than the same disrespectful ignorance?

Extreme weather, policy uncertainty, and losing EU subsidies have left farmers reeling. But Sunak comes to the rescue with big and innovative solutions such as tweaking planning laws and replacing an EU program with a modestly larger UK scheme. Too little too late, while farmers urgently need help now.

Sunak Doubles Down on Stupid

And then when that wasn’t enough of a fumble by the Tories in response to farmers hoping that Sunak would come to his senses sometime, the Tories publish a food security index based on old data, attempting to quantify the UK’s ability to feed itself.

The results are what you could have expected, exposing an utter failure to ensure national self-sufficiency after years of Tory rule.

The UK produces just 17% of its own fruit and 55% of vegetables – a shocking dependency on imports. Only lamb and milk come near self-sufficiency.

Rather than a wake-up call, the Tories casually announce some minor funding for greenhouses and schemes to increase fruit and vegetable production.

No credible plan to meaningfully boost domestic food supplies and resilience. Just PR spin to mask years of neglect under various Tory prime ministers.

And what do you think happens when production is slowed down to an apparent halt? What do you think happens when the farmers can’t grow the necessary crops in the right quantities at the right time? The market will get stung by food insecurity, and what little gets produced will have the prices hiked up beyond a reasonable doubt.
Imagine the disaster and the crisis that is about to be ensued if the Tories stay in power through 2025. You would have to either pay the full price or risk not eating for days. You are unlucky and unfortunate enough to live through a leader like Sunak causing a nation wide famine because he is too incompetent to run the country.

However, there is a possible escape from this cycle of misery and incompetence that only the hard working British people continue to suffer from; Ensure that the The farming sector gets a substantial investment, and a harmonious mix between short-term and long-term plans for strategic food self-sufficiency. So we could fix the problem now and tomorrow.

But such foresight is absent under a reactionary Tory government beholden to tired and old economic dogmas.

No Fear, Economy is Stabilising….Maybe

Oh but Sunak is really not afraid about the prices or the food insecurity or the crisis alerts ringing everyday; No no, he is actually confident because he believes the economy is healthy due to a slight rise in GDP. According to who exactly? Well, according to Sunak and the Tories themselves of course. Because they absolutely never lie and paint a rosier picture.

In a recent interview amid this insane food crisis that will leave Britain hungrier and poorer, Sunak took the time to assure everyone that the economy is solid and that it has the momentum of a speeding freight train because wages are rising, taxes are getting cut, and supposedly people are happier and more prosperous. But after what I had just informed you about prices and food insecurity, I don’t think Sunak has the right to even state such blatant lies.

It is like he is living in his own fantasyland where Tories rule with no pushback and no consequences. You can see it clearly here as he virtue-signals about the non-existent Tory accomplishments and the equally non-existent people that are happy with the party, while not letting the interviewer get a single rebuttal or a response in.

What Sunak is trying to shove down everyone’s throat here is the slightly better-than-expected 0.6% GDP growth from January to March as evidence that the economy has “turned a corner” and has “real momentum” under his leadership. But even the most charitable interpretation would describe this as a dead cat bounce, not a genuine recovery.

One quarter of lacklustre growth does little to reverse the harm inflicted over years of Tory mismanagement. The economy remains smaller and living standards continue deteriorating despite Sunak’s premature declarations of success. His smug confidence conveniently ignores the enormous challenges that still lie ahead.

And that is exactly what the interviewer -who cut Sunak off from spouting more rubbish Tory propaganda- had been meaning to ask him bluntly about. How much has the GDP grown overall since Sunak took office. Simple question with one simple answer.

But Sunak somehow so that as offensive and not drawing a full picture of the trend and the expectations that he claims to have surpassed. Funny how looking at it from an overall perspective is now considered not seeing the full picture, but a couple months worth of progress is monumental to Sunak.

This is a delusional politician that won’t accept the fact that people are fed up with his lies and corruption. Small bright spots in the failing economy are not going to be the charge that sparks up support. Even if we overlook the fact that the GDP data is misconstrued by Sunak, it is once again progress that is too little too late.

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