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Sunak is Silent While Britain Crumbles


Sunak stands witness as his failures catch up to him but only the British people will face the consequences.

While Sunak and his crony Tories fight over what is extremism and what is not, countless local councils are being gutted and going bankrupt leading to all of the provided services, from schools to libraries and even public toilets closing down or slowing to a complete halt.

The privileged few are served while citizens are abandoned and left to suffer the consequences of councils shutting down due to high costs and high demand.

Sunak is busy wasting billions of pounds that could benefit everyday British people just to line up the pockets of his rich buddies. Something that he is always consistent about, ever since his chancellor days.

And when he is not wasting money he will remind you that he is a very effective leader by posturing about issues like “mobs” that no one seems to care about.

Words are easy to say, but actions are harder to take.

This has always been and always will be the Tory guideline, at the detriment of every taxpaying British citizen.

Will we stay silent while our country is being ripped from the inside by these corrupt Tories? Will true leadership ever emerge from this spineless party to triumph over all the corruption?

Thirteen years of corrupt, incompetent and misplaced Tory rule, brings with it the near collapse of Britain and its people. And the cost? Britain’s local services.

Austerity has brought councils to their knees and starved vital services of funding. The most vulnerable in society are paying the price for the Conservatives’ fiscal incompetence and skewed priorities.

The scale of waste is staggering. Councils across the country are making drastic cuts just to stay afloat.

Places like Rotherham, Southampton and Blackpool, had their services’ funding slashed. And places like Bradford, according to its town hall, may need to borrow money just to get a chance to implement its cuts.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg after a decade of austerity that saw councils lose more than 50% of central government grants.

The results of this dire situation and the damage it has brought forth are slowly unveiling right in front of our eyes as addiction services, youth clubs, libraries, street lighting, and even public toilets for crying out loud – are being sacrificed in the coming years just to recoup some funds.

Somerset Council took it upon themselves to warn everyone about how it faces an imminent “emergency situation” and could go bankrupt within two years, along with many others that are hoping to avoid a similar inevitable fate in the coming years.

The council talked about costs increasing alongside rising demand for children’s social care among other services. Payments are increasing to more than a double of what they were paying only six years ago.

It doesn’t need a genius to understand that when councils collapse, consequences are grave and extremely damaging, so why doesn’t Sunak and his crony Tories realise that yet?

Councils are the backbone for over 800 essential local services, from social care to schools, housing, public health and planning.

If a council ever fails, the services that they provide to the British people will fail as well.

The Tory mantra of “doing more with less” is nothing but mere propaganda and should signal any hard working citizen where the Conservative priorities truly – after a decade of cuts, many authorities are barely down to the legal minimum.

Sacrifices are made in the long run just to protect legal obligations like adult and children’s social care.

But even with these drastic measures being taken, quality standards are slipping hard as demand continues to rise and budgets keep shrinking.
Councils are intervening much later than usual, and sometimes only when the problems become severe and cannot be further overlooked. Early intervention as an initiative that could prevent problems is being abandoned.

Cuts all around the local councils display, without a shadow of a doubt, the sheer cruelty of the Tories under the Sunak regime.

Under Sunak and his gaggle of equally corrupt goons, the British human cost for every misdeed and incompetent behaviour has been the chilling norm for every British citizen.

But Tories will be happy and willing to divert your attention elsewhere then proceed to do absolutely nothing when cuts to youth services are being linked to outbreaks of violence between ethnic groups; when reductions in health visitors and school nurses mean malnutrition and health problems in British children are being missed for long; when cuts to welfare advice services have left the vulnerable unable to navigate the benefits system, driving them into poverty.

Yet while local services are obliterated, Whitehall bureaucracy mushrooms. The civil service wage bill rocketed from £9.7 billion in 2016 to £15.5 billion today – a 60% rise. Productivity has collapsed, down 7.5% since 2019. More and more taxpayer money is diverted to a bloated, unproductive bureaucracy.

This is the inevitable result after years of irresponsible spending and misguided policies from the likes of Rishi Sunak.

Central government tightened its grip on funding while propagating myths about empowering local democracy.

Rhetoric regarding “Big Society” never hoped to match the embarrassing fiscal reality.

Tories simply do not care about the wellbeing of every hard working British citizen. They care about your money and your vote.

If you could vote after being long dead then they would move to further cut down on any form of health funding, but fear not, they are already doing a pretty good job of depriving funds right about now.

Billions that could go into public services, that could help fund hospitals more and improve NHS protocols, are being wasted because the government is too stubborn to let go of a failing and harmful tax break that only affects the ultra wealthy.

Tories’ ignorant and illogical defense of tax loopholes like non-dom status displays the warped priorities that have defined austerity under their rule.

Despite urgent calls to abandon these giveaways to the rich, the Conservatives clung like dogs to them, even as schools and the NHS crumbled beneath their feet.

Estimates show that scrapping non-dom tax relief since 2015 could have raised £18 billion for vital services.

This colossal sum, equivalent to 10% of the NHS annual budget, could have funded doctors, nurses and lifesaving equipment. Instead, it remained in the pockets of society’s most affluent

The Tories choose to favour tax cuts for the wealthy over investing in healthcare and education.

They continue to choose everything that goes against the average British person’s well being and prosperity, ignoring the masses’ pleas for reform and resulting in every institution, from local to national, being rife with either corruption or ineptitude.

And to any keen eye it should seem illogical that Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, derided proposals to close the loophole, falsely claiming it would damage Britain’s competitiveness. As if people living on our soil and investing their money outside of our country while paying none of our taxes, is a thing that should be championed further.

Last year, Rishi Sunak attacked the Labour Party’s plan to abolish it, brainlessly dismissing the billions raised as simply “other people’s money”.

For over a decade, Tory rhetoric shielded non-doms from scrutiny, while British taxpayers suffered the consequences.

What is not new, and unfortunately not so shocking, about this, is how our dear Prime Minister has always been consistent about his actions. He never cared about the British people.

This behaviour is not new for Sunak, and we have had clues since 2021 when leaked footage revealed at the time how Rishi Sunak was boasting about redirecting funding from urban and poor areas to wealthy Tory heartlands.

The Conservatives have systematically siphoned taxpayers’ money to further their own egocentric needs, while tampling all over the people that are in need of such funding.

He lies and calls it “undoing” the Labour’s focus on deprived cities.

In truth, it was a ploy to funnel funds to the Conservatives’ rural bases.

Sunak’s own words indict the Tories of funnelling taxpayers’ money to their supporters.

If this reaffirms anything, then it should affirm the Tory party’s misplaced priorities abusing public funds to serve political interest and the interest of the elites.

Sunak is just too busy to attend to the British people’s needs.

He is busy with important things like co-opting police officers for a cheap publicity stunt to push baseless fear mongering.

Fear mongering that even his police chiefs are reluctant to endorse and encourage.

They understand like every other logical individual that this is cheap, political posturing to get the masses riled up behind the Tories again.

There are no policies being issued, promises being given, or even speeches to shine a light on the issues and garner mass support.

The Tories, and especially under Sunak’s weak leadership, are the party of reactionaries that do not aim to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to elevating and supporting the British people.

It is the party that is busy fighting and trying to figure out if they are hypocritical in regards to their attack on “extremist” rhetoric, or will they play by the rules they set themselves. It’s looking like they may choose the first option when it comes to hailing Lee Anderson, even after his comments, and Sunak is too weak to do anything about it, or maybe he chooses not to, since he will be facing zero accountability.

Behind all the bluster, Tory policies allowed bureaucracies to metastasise while community services withered.

After thirteen years of failure, their warped priorities and neglect can no longer be tolerated.

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