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Sunak is Excused by Tories after D-Day Blunder


Defending the Indefensible

After his humiliating D-Day debacle, you’d think Conservatives would bury their heads and pray voters forget their leader abandoned WWII veterans for a few extra campaign photos. But some loyalists astonishingly claim this PR nightmare hasn’t damaged Sunak at all.

One wild-eyed minister even called the D-Day deserter “deeply patriotic”. Talk about comedy gold – a PM who flees solemn remembrances to canvass votes is now a paragon of British values? You can’t make this stuff up.

They pathetically downplay the snub as a trivial “mistake.” But we know Sunak knew exactly what he was doing when he ditched veterans for vapid campaign events. The whole world saw his true colours.

We are not witnessing the slow death of the Tory party anymore, because they are digging their own graves with statements like this. And good riddance to that.

Sunak is Excused by the Tories

After Sunak’s latest scandal and abysmal blunder at the D-Day commemoration; where he thought it would be a mighty fine idea – smart even, to leave the event earlier than any of the nations present just to film a TV interview and quickly get back on the election trail, you would think that he and his gang of crooked Tories would bury their head in the sand and pretend like nothing ever happened, right?

Well, prepare yourself to be absolutely shocked out of your socks, because some Tories feel it is necessary to come out and defend their dear leader while swearing up and down that this debacle will not negatively affect him or his election campaign whatsoever.

There are somehow a few odd apples amidst all the chaos and Tory anger directed towards the shameful Sunak. There are – somehow – still a few Tories that can excuse a weak and ignorant leader that brings nothing but shame and embarrassment to the U.K and all of its people, just because it benefits their own personal interests.

One of these people happen to be Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride, who didn’t only defend and excuse the actions of Sunak, but he went ahead and laughably labelled him as a “deeply patriotic man”

I am sorry but what exactly was patriotic about fleeing from an event honouring the last remaining vets that fought and sacrificed their bodies and souls for our sake and for the sake of our children? What is patriotic about talking a big game in regards to funding the military and increasing the U.K’s security and stability, when you can’t even sacrifice an afternoon to celebrate our real life heroes? There is absolutely nothing patriotic or excusable about the actions of Sunak, but watch as the Tories scramble to say the exact opposite in order to save their leadership position over the British people.

Sunak is called Patriotic by the Tories

Watch as Sunak’s allies have the audacity to claim that Sunak will “absolutely ” continue leading the Tories in spite of all the outcry and justified anger hurled towards him, dismissing his D-Day snub as nothing more than a mere “mistake”. These are words that would get me to belly laugh nonstop if I heard them at a comedy club. However, these are not the words of a comedian, it is the words of a Troy clown who has lost all sense of self awareness.

Which is honestly hilarious in of itself considering the fact that Sunak is always running away from the press and any form of confrontation regarding the D-Day blunder. When he is cornered however, Sunak has no excuse for his early leave during the day, and you can tell just by listening to him speak in a meek way about the whole ordeal.

I still can’t believe that this is the same man that delivered a doomsday speech about the future of the U.K. if he ever loses the election and the Tories lose power with clear and blunt conviction. It just goes to show how lying comes naturally to Sunak and how he always hides behind a dumbfounding tough act.

But somehow Tories like Mel Stride sees this pathetic display, and thinks labelling it “deeply patriotic” is an appropriate representation of what the British people feel about the whole scandal and towards Sunak himself.

Some Tories, like the policing minister Chris Philp, were at least sensible enough to recognize the scandal as disappointing and shocking. Even if the British people expect the worst from Sunak anyway.

But even he couldn’t help himself by trying to excuse and downplay the ordeal, thinking that it is not a severe enough scandal to taint his already shattered image to voters and Tory supporters.

Results are already In

Which is an incredibly obtuse viewpoint since we already have data showcasing how the voters are currently perceiving Sunak and his myriad of useless and vain policies. And it is not looking remotely good.

A YouGov survey found the Tory plan for mandatory national youth service opposed by a majority of voters. The controversial proposal requires 18-year-olds to complete a year of military service, public service or voluntary work. But 52% reject the idea, with only 39% in support.

And this is the policy that Sunak loved to endlessly rave about, as if it was the true return of conservatism back in the U.K. I guess no one wanted a secure future that was promised by a con man that says one thing and does the complete opposite. And I guess the Tories that are stuck supporting this dying race horse, are immediately met with objective reality; the D-Day scandal will have adverse effects.

Another unpopular Tory scheme involves eliminating university degrees deemed to have “poor outcomes.” While marketed as improving higher education standards,with only 49% backing the proposal.

No one wants to back Sunak except for the delusional and ignorant Tories. And everyone is clamouring for and unfortunately supporting Labour and Starmer.

But why do we have to be in this position exactly? Why do we have to have a weak leader that claims to be conservative hand out the election win to the labour party on a silver platter?

The British people don’t deserve Sunak, and they certainly don’t deserve someone like Starmer. But this is the sad state of our election; the people at the top keep lying and keep getting support.

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