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Sunak is Desperate as Tories and Voters Continue to Reject Him


Sunak desperately pleads for stability, the Tories continue to scheme his downfall.

Voters from within the party heavily expressed their need for a change in leadership, and by taking a simple polling session, they realised that the person they needed was right there all along, former secretary of state Suella Braverman.

Rife with chaos and uncertainty, the Tories do not know what steps to take moving forward as Tory voters completely and utterly reject the idea of Rishi Sunak.

What they do know very well is to not abide by Sunak’s rules just like how Liz Truss did not care that Lee Anderson was suspended from the party, and thus furthering the sentiment surrounding Sunak’s weak leadership amongst the British people.

But fear not, the near-extinct Sunak supporter, because the prime minister and his chancellor have got a very solid plan. By undermining the already crumbling foundation of Britain in public services and giving all the money away in temporary tax cuts.

Surely this won’t backfire. Surely this is the strong and smart leadership that the British people clamour for.

A pall of doom hung over the room as Conservative MPs gathered in secret, desperate for a lifeline that could spare their party from electoral devastation.

As polling data paints a grim picture – under Rishi Sunak’s floundering leadership, Tory support had cratered.

Whitestone Insight predicted a catastrophe, with the party projected to hold a mere 65 seats after the next general election if changes are not made and are not made fast.

So, Tory MPs took some sort of poll to choose from, and the choices were between three hypothetical candidates modelled after MPs with different views and policies projected for each. These three candidates were simply labelled candidate X, Y, and Z.

Candidate “X”, that supported Brexit; is looking to cut on immigration; is looking to to cut down taxes; and is in favour to cut short the mad dash to net zero by 2050, was supported by about 34% of the 13,500 voters that participated, with 25% choosing to opt out of any of the three choices entirely.

The results were more evident than ever when questioning conservative voters that turned away from the party in 2019 with a whopping 59% choosing to come back if candidate “X” was running for prime minister.

The mysterious identity of candidate “X” offered a glimmer of hope. This hypothetical leader backed core Tory policies and was voted on by the majority of Tory voters and detractors.

This would surely be enough to make the Conservatives the largest party in a hung parliament. But who could it possibly be?

Well, the Tories would know soon enough that candidate “X” was none other than former secretary of state Suella Braverman.

The hardline former Home Secretary had recently resigned in disgrace, yet apparently her right-wing, anti-establishment positioning was exactly what voters were looking for.

The party is in such disarray that they did not recognize what they wanted before it was very much too late.

Sunak manages to cling to power very well through backroom machinations and by stubbornly protecting his own position while blocking any sort of change or personality that would overtake his rise; personalities like Miss Suella Braveman.

Sunak has ensured and continues to ensure chaos within the party.

So on one hand you got Tories infighting and plotting to topple Sunak down, and on the other hand you got unhappy Tory voters fed up with Sunak and his cronies and are attempting to vote him out.

And it is not just simple outrage or fiction as the tories may want you to believe, but it is the reality that Rishi Sunak has to come to terms with.

When a shocking 71% of all voters blame Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt for plunging the UK into recession, including a staggering 61% of those who voted Conservative in 2019, then it is time to be afraid of the inevitable crumbling of the Tory regime.

Despite desperate pleas from Sunak to give him a chance to deliver stability, the voters he needs most have lost faith entirely.

This public repudiation by Tory supporters is merely the latest chapter in a long saga of Conservative incompetence.

The botched handling of Brexit, the pandemic, the cost of living crisis – it all adds up to a damning indictment of a party that has lost its way.

Voters have witnessed the Conservatives’ internal disarray and lost what little faith they had left.

So Tory MPs can’t help but privately admit that the coming election will be a wipeout unless something drastic changes. Even though the cabinet is paralyzed by indecision and internal feuding.

And Sunak is on top of all this noise where he has proven to be a weak leader unable to unite the warring Tory factions or articulate a coherent vision.

He is so weak and spineless in fact that he can’t even get his party in check and enforce something as simple as a suspension.

He failed to take any action against Liz Truss for welcoming disgraced MP Lee Anderson to a Tory fundraising event.

Earlier, Sunak had grandly proclaimed he would stand up to extremists and promote unity. Yet when put to the test, he cowardly looked the other way as Truss openly defied him.

By neglecting to reprimand Truss, Sunak shows he is all empty talk and no action.

In another embarrassing example of Sunak’s cowardice and weak leadership the MPs trample all over, disgraced MP crispin Blunt, who was arrested over allegations of sexual assault and drug possession and was ousted from the party, was seen in the parliament floor voting on a bill.

It is as if no one could spare a crumpet of respect to Sunak’s word and order as the party’s leader and the UK’s prime minister.

It is the epitome of weak, directionless and unrespected leadership.

Once again, we see starkly that Sunak is beholden to the hardliners who put him in power. He lacks the courage or conviction to discipline them.

For all his lofty speeches about integrity and dignity, he fails to uphold any principles when they become politically inconvenient.

So what do you do? When your party doesn’t respect you enough to have trust in you and your word? What do you do when the people you govern wish for you to go away and for all your weak and corrupt policies to be instantly repealed after you are finally gone for good?

You try to make quick changes that will be extremely harmful down the line in hopes to desperately appeal to voters as much as possible, failing to realise this exact scenario is how you got there in the first place and why people are rejecting your rule.

Well, it doesn’t matter what is right or wrong, cause Sunak and his chancellor Jeremy Hunt are now considering further slashing public spending, even at the cost of crumbling Britain’s foundation, in order to boost tax giveaways days before the budget.

Despite making fiscal responsibility a keystone of his premiership, Rishi Sunak evidently approves of maxing out the nation’s credit card for some pre-election tax giveaways.

Years of austerity have already left public services in a state of crisis after Conservative cuts to the bone.

Now Hunt wants to double down on this failed approach by restricting spending growth below inflation. More cuts and neglect are surely on the horizon.

This reckless, short-sighted move will only hamstring vital services like the NHS for years to come.

All so Sunak and Hunt can deliver tax cuts that wouldn’t even last long after the general elections.

If not for the politics, Chancellor Hunt would not be proposing any tax cuts at all given the perilous state of the public finances.

But worried about their election prospects, the Tories feel compelled to hand out pre-election giveaways, despite lacking the means to responsibly fund them.

As the Institute for Fiscal Studies director explains, the dire condition of services like the NHS indicates taxes should be rising over the next five years, not falling. But Hunt is set to slash taxes anyway in a desperate bid to shift the polls.

The Tories are so detached from reality that they think slashing healthcare and writing policies to pay for temporary tax cuts will be a rewarding political strategy.

The Tories are like a rudderless ship, without direction or purpose.

As the country cries out for competent leadership during this cost of living crisis, the government is too distracted by its own internal feuds and mindlessly giving out hollow promises.

This country needs a party that puts service over self-interest. The Tories have proven they are not that party.

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