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Sunak is Caught Wasting Campaign Money on Social Media


Social Media Game is Exposed

Get ready for some hilarious digital disaster as Rishi Sunak and the Tories desperately flail about on social media.

Watch the party of fiscal responsibility waste hundreds of thousands of pounds on futile Facebook ads targeting seats they’ll never win. You can’t ever hope to reach this level of delusion.

And while Sunak and his cronies chase 2019 ghosts and waste large amounts of money on failed strategies, the Labour party are already seizing the opportunity to beat them at the social media game.

The prime minister comes across as a clueless grandpa on the internet, unable to connect with modern voters. And you can easily see that in any of his awareness campaigns and embarrassing PR videos. At least his buffoonery will provide some laughs as the Tories stumble to electoral oblivion.

Sunak Wastes Money

Something quite interesting and related to the current vicious election race between Sunak and Starmer has been happening lately across several social media platforms.

Sunak and the Tories are trying their very hardest to gouge out a winning strategy for the general elections. How would they do that, you may ask? By chasing 2019 phantoms and rehashing old approaches that have no basis in winning and triumph any longer.

Want me to be more specific? Just ask, and you shall receive.

Sunak has been reportedly using Facebook ads to pursue an “ostrich strategy” or an “80/20 strategy”. Which basically boils down to the Tories wasting their money away to pursue certain seats that may or may not fall in their favour. Pretty genius and reliable planning from Sunak isn’t it?

This ostrich strategy, sticking their heads in the sand and pretending the political winds haven’t dramatically shifted, shows the Tories and Sunak have learned close to absolutely nothing from their botched leadership contest and turmoil through the past couple of years.

But it is a pretty fitting name for a party running away from responsibility and accountability, while pretending it is somehow 2019 again and living through a misguided and undeserved nostalgia for what they deem as the good old days.

So, how are the Tories living through the past exactly? What is their plan to secure the general election after years of corruption, lies, and scandals everywhere? Throwing away over £100,000 since January on Facebook ads in seats they have virtually no shot at taking of course.

The 80/20 strategy can be explained as the Tories and Sunak focusing most of their funding, campaigning, and advertising specifically towards a number of 80 Tory seats that they came very close to losing, alongside another 20 Labour seats that they feel – or project – that they could easily snatch in the next election.

We are talking more than 50% of the conservative party’s general campaign spending on social media and since January of this year, going directly into social media adverts targeting those specific seats.

Sunak is Desperate and Stumbling

This social media data can tell us a few stories about Sunak and the Tories running their advertising campaigns. First and foremost, it tells us that the Tory party is desperate for any win or support that they can latch onto for the general election to the extreme point of delusion.

You can easily tell how delusional and desperate they are, because the party that likes to claim competence and forward thinking, didn’t stop and think for a second before investing a fifth of the Scottish Conservatives’ ad money just to advertise taking down an impossible SNP stronghold. I guess they haven’t caught up with reality and the polls yet.

This is a stronghold that they would need to win by a huge miracle of a vote swing. The data and the polls show a complete rejection of the Tory party in the region. Yet they still hope for a silver lining and waste all their efforts on the impossible instead of tabling good policies and actually turning things around. It is like Sunak is allergic to success in politics.

Even staunch loyalists like Theresa Villiers and Greg Hands face uphill battles in their once-safe seats. But the Tories continue funnelling money to prop up old talentless faces rather than offering real solutions or a forward-looking vision.

But you know what else this social media clown show from Sunak and the Tories have shown us? It has shown us that – despite the large amounts of money pumped into social media advertising campaigns, they are absolutely unaware or unbothered about how badly they are operating in the new digital age. So much so, that it pains me to admit that Labour has got them beat on that front as well.

Sunak are the Tories are approaching social media like every other platform, as in they are fumbling and stumbling their way into a last position at the finish line. While they struggle to adapt and connect with young voters and general social media users, the Labor party is tapping into every niche and jumping on the Tory embarrassment bandwagon, by posting funny and creative videos that succeeded in catching enough eyes and interest.

Both Parties Play the Game

The problem here is that online discourse reduces complex issues into simple bullet points or generalised statements. Which dare I say is exactly in the Tories’ playing field when it comes to tackling major issues and problems with the U.K. It is quite amusing to see them supposedly fail and falter at their own game with their own rules.

But what do you expect from a party that is run by a complete buffoon that sees nothing wrong with posting stuff like the awareness campaign regarding using phones in schools.

This is a man that has no social awareness and is unbothered by the common people’s problems, so of course he fails to personally connect to any voter through social media. The man is a charisma vacuum.

And when he does get the chance to speak his mind and show us a true British individual, or even a human being for that matter; we are met with the most embarrassing display of a politician trying to fit in.

Both parties rely heavily on paid online advertising but as we can see here; only one party is capable of seizing the presented opportunity while the other party is wasting money away by the millions, chasing ghosts and triumphs of the past.

The Tories’ hopeless flailing on social media encapsulates everything wrong with the party – out of touch, intellectually bankrupt, and stuck firmly in the past. Their lame attempts at digital engagement are as pathetic as their policies.

Let their digital incompetence be the final nail in the coffin of this self-serving old boys club masquerading as a political party. The UK deserves better.

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