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Sunak is Being Rejected by His Own Party


Sunak is turning his own MPs against him as they scramble to avoid an electoral wipeout.

The hapless Sunak can’t even unite his MPs, let alone the country. On issue after issue he has betrayed conservative values, enraging Tories who hoped for strong leadership.

These failings include countless policies and reforms, from taxes to immigration, that have tarnished Sunak’s standing and image with the Conservative party and with the people of UK.

Tories now see him as a liability who must be removed before it’s too late. And as usual, the conflict-averse Conservatives care more about avoiding an ugly coup than saving their rotten party.

But don’t expect the spineless Tories to act decisively – they want Sunak to slink away quietly to avoid bad headlines, not face the justice he deserves.

The justice that every British Individual deserves to see through when Sunak is running rampant hurting the homeless people in favour of housing immigrants.

How long will the British people tolerate the absurdity and chaos of the Conservative party? Will they possibly implode before people have the chance to vote them out?

Sunak and his position as Conservative leader are becoming increasingly untenable as MPs lose faith in his weak and directionless leadership.

A former minister has revealed that Tory backbenchers are secretly lobbying the 1922 Committee to push Sunak out, seeing him as an electoral liability.

He is now seen by many Tory MPs as an electoral liability who needs to step down or be removed for the good of the party.

Showcasing to the world, and especially to the hard working people of the UK, that the conflict-averse Tories seem more interested in discussing the possibility of avoiding an ugly coup rather than addressing the real rot at the heart of their party.

Their weakness and complacency has doomed them. Only Reform UK stands ready with the bold alternative Britain needs.

For Tory MPs, Sunak has been a grave disappointment since becoming Prime Minister. They hoped he would steer a steady conservative course and revive their floundering electoral fortunes. Instead, he has alienated them with his flip-flopping leadership and abandonment of core Tory values.

On the economy, Sunak’s failures have infuriated fiscally conservative Tory MPs. As Chancellor he built a reputation for prudence, but as PM he has hiked taxes to their highest despite a cost-of-living crisis.

His only solution to rampant inflation has been higher taxes and more borrowing – anathema to MPs who hoped for conservative economic management.

Immigration is perhaps the biggest area of Tory backbench discontent.

Under Sunak’s watch illegal Channel crossings have reached record highs as he refuses to take robust action. His inertia and foot-dragging on the issue angers MPs who see him as betraying Brexit promises to ‘take back control’ of borders.

They hold Sunak in contempt for ignoring their concerns. His vague gimmicks solve nothing while arrivals surge.

They see Sunak as a flip-flopper with no convictions, bent and swayed by media and opposition pressure. His ditching of promises on key issues like tax and immigration has shattered belief in his leadership among MPs who feel he misled voters.

Sunak lacks their support or trust, and it is starting to show.

While some Tory MPs still back Sunak simply to avoid further upheaval, a growing number now see him as a liability in the face of the growing support for the Labour party and the not so shocking rise of Reform UK.

“Quite a lot of moderate MPs now agree with the traditional anti-Rishi types to say that the best course of action is not for us to remove him, but for him to stand down voluntarily, and they’re speaking to Graham Brady about it. That’s why you’re not hearing much noise about it.” is one of the quotes that the former minister recalls.

More Mps may be persuaded as they await May’s local elections to take into account exactly how condemned Sunak is and if he will suffer yet another big loss.

Some Tory MPs hope Sunak can be persuaded to fall on his sword to avoid an ugly coup.

But this ignores the rotten culture at the heart of the Conservative party. Swapping leaders yet again will achieve little without wholesale reform.

They have abandoned conservative voters flocking to Reform UK’s clarity of purpose and principles. However long Sunak clings on, the Tories are finished as a credible party of government.

Sunak appears oblivious to the rising backbench discontent, surrounded by loyalists who insist everything is fine. Some MPs see this as very arrogant, considering his position and his popularity.

But Tory MPs contacting 1922 Committee chairman Graham Brady to push Sunak to resign shows his position growing more precarious.

Unlike what happened with Boris Johnson, there is no die-hard ‘cult of Sunak’. Most MPs support him only until they see a better alternative. Their patience is running thin.

Now you might be asking in a sarcastic tone, Why would the backstabbing tories try to backstab one of their own in Rishi Sunak? Well, backbench discontent has been simmering for months, but the recent by-election defeats, alongside several factors like dwindling popularity, have brought it to a boil.

By-election defeats for the Tories, one of many issues and subsequently the result of many issues plaguing the Tories, should be a wake-up call to Rishi Sunak and the out-of-touch Conservative establishment.

The strong showings by Reform UK demonstrate a hunger among traditional Tories for real conservative policies on issues like immigration.

Reform’s surge to 13% in Wellingborough proves traditional conservatives are abandoning the weak establishment Conservatives in droves.

The out-of-touch Tory leadership is drawing all the wrong lessons, ludicrously proposing they tack further right to recapture these voters. But this betrays a total misunderstanding of Reform UK’s appeal. Reform represents a decisive break from the tired old Tory brand. Only a bold new party built on integrity and clear conservative principles can unite Britain’s patriotic majority now.

While the Tory apologists downplay Reform’s result, there is no denying the significance. It showcases in broad daylight how quickly Reform UK can eclipse the fading Conservatives when it builds support and momentum.

But of course the Tories want to undermine and ignore the Reform UK threat. They fear strong competition from a party that actually believes in conservatism – controlled immigration, low taxes, free speech. But every vote for Reform is a nail in the Tory coffin. The public wants change, not weak establishment politics.

And If you still think everything is fine and dandy for the Conservative party, then think again because it’s not.

Sunak has proven incapable of getting a grip on the major crises facing Britain. The time has come for him to stand aside for new leadership that can deliver the reform Britain needs.

The Tories wish, but they have no answer to Reform UK’s positive patriotic vision.

A vision that is slowly but surely consumed and accepted by the UK folk. The Tories are shedding voters to at least four rival parties – their crumbling voter base reflects the exhaustion with years of chaotic non-governance.

This is reflected quite frankly through a recent “Sky News” voter panel.

Sunak is failing to inspire any strong form of loyalty or enthusiasm among once-stalwart Tory voters.

They see a directionless party that has lost its way after years of lies and broken promises as only 33% of Tory supporters plan to stick with the Conservatives – a shocking collapse.

The rest are looking for a new political home in Reform UK, which has seen 20% of Tory voters choose it, and elsewhere.

Voters highlight the lamentable state of public services after Tory neglect institutions like the NHS, and schools which have all suffered from austerity and mismanagement.

One thing is on everyone’s mind when thinking of the Tories, failure in their core duty when it comes to providing the basics of functioning government.

And failed indeed they have, when taxpayer’s money goes to immigrants sleeping in cosy hotel rooms instead of everyday British citizens struggling while sleeping in the street.

Innocent British folk that have now unfortunately drawn the ire of Sunak with his latest insane and out of left field policy reform that comes when he is under pressure.

A “draconian” policy, as described by the enraged critics, that will give police sweeping powers to harass homeless people simply for existing. It shows a nasty, authoritarian streak unbecoming of a civilised country.
Giving police arbitrary powers to move on rough sleepers deemed a “nuisance” for simply making noise or smells is the core of this atrocious policy. As if the homeless should apologise for their poverty.

Rather than show compassion, the Tories demonise the destitute to win cheap applause from reactionaries.

They would rather criminalise homelessness than build more social housing or fund support services. It is a national disgrace and it adds onto the long list of issues proving that the Conservatives have utterly lost their moral compass.

The stale Tories have no vision for Britain’s future, in fact they are actively harming it.

But they would rather picker between themselves than face accountability for their actions.

But their failings in the eyes of the people grow by the minute and that’s why they will be yesterday’s news.

Reform UK represents the Clarion call that traditional conservatives and patriots are craving.

Come the local elections, Reform UK can sweep aside the bickering Conservatives by uniting patriotic Britons. The Tories have run out of road – only radical reform can revive Britain now.

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